Monday, May 28, 2018

REVIEW of Echo Moon by Laura Spinella

When photojournalist Peter St John returns home after a two-year absence, the life he’s been running from catches up. For years his mother’s presence, coupled with Pete’s own psychic gift, has triggered visits to 1917. There, he relives battles of the Great War, captures the heyday of Coney Island on canvas, and falls in love with an enchanting and enigmatic songstress named Esme. Present-day Pete still pines for Esme, and his love endures…but so does his vivid memory of killing her.

When he discovers family heirlooms that serve as proof of his crimes, Pete will have to finally confront his former life. He also meets a young woman—who is more than what she seems—with a curious connection to his family. As century-old secrets unravel, can Pete reconcile a murder from his past before it destroys his future?

My Thoughts…

Echo Moon is the last book in the Ghost Gifts series.    I’ve read the first two and couldn’t wait to read this one.     Echo Moon finished off the series perfectly.     The attention to detail when describing Esme and her life, surrounds, and friends was so amazing that I could picture her hotel room, her friends, and even the costumes she wore when she was performing.    Pete’s life was also told in detail.   I could hear the pain in his voice when he came home to see his parents, the fear in what would happen when he closed his eyes, and the worry that he truly may have been Esme’s killer in his past life.    

Many times when there are two timelines in the same story they don’t come together easily.     Laura Spinella is wonderful in her writing.   She takes the dual timelines, intertwines them together, yet never leaves the reader guessing as to when they are reading about.      I loved when Pete would show up at a place the Esme was known to have been at.  

This trilogy is one of my all time favorites.     I’d definitely recommend reading all three books in order.   Start with Ghost Gifts, head right into Foretold, and finish it all out with Echo Moon.   

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About the Author: Laura Spinella

Laura Spinella is the author of the #1 Kindle bestseller Ghost Gifts, as well as the highly acclaimed Unstrung and award-winning novel Beautiful Disaster. She also writes the Clairmont Series novels under the pen name L.J. Wilson. She consistently receives reader and industry praise for her multifaceted characters, emotional complexity, and intriguing story lines. Foretold is the second book in her Ghost Gifts trilogy; the third and final installment is slated for release in 2018.

Spinella lives with her family near Boston, where she can always be found writing her next novel. She enjoys hearing from readers and chatting with book clubs. Visit her at

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