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Release Blitz for Dark'n'Deadly by Tee O'Fallon with a Giveaway

Today we have the release blitz of Dark ‘N Deadly by Tee O’Fallon! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Author: Tee O’Fallon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Dark ‘N Deadly:

They’d never so much as kissed, but Tess McTavish never forgot the handsome, dangerous agent, Eric Miller, who vanished in a shroud of mystery. Now the last thing she needs is an ATF agent with his own agenda. Doesn’t matter that Tess and her brother are innocent. If Eric learns the truth of their past, they’ll never be free. Eric’s drive for revenge against the man who targeted him and his colleagues in a deadly explosion still burns hot inside him. Another bomb is about to be detonated and he’s sure there’s a connection between that man…and Tess’s family. But Eric and Tiger will do everything they can to protect the woman he’s falling for from what’s coming...

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Book One

Lock ‘N Load

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Exclusive Excerpt:

With each clash of their hips, his gaze was drawn to Tess’s khaki shorts, and the sleekest, smoothest, prettiest sun-kissed legs he’d ever seen. A snug green tank top that he guessed would match her eyes perfectly, contrasted with the orange, red, and yellow scarf drawn through her belt loops. As she danced and swayed, sunlight pouring through the window glinted off the purple polish on her toes and fingers, and the long, beaded earrings. Slurping drew his attention to the kitchen floor by the cooktop. Tiger eagerly licked up what looked like a mixture of scrambled eggs and melted cheddar that had fallen onto his once-clean floor. He opened his mouth, about to say something along the lines of what the hell? but stopped, and instead, crossed his arms and leaned against the door jamb. “Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good,” they shouted so loudly he cringed, although in reality they were pretty good at holding a tune, and he was… What? Envious. They were having fun, something he and his sister had never been able to do as kids. There’d never been music or laughter in his family’s kitchen. If he and Maggie had ever been caught doing the Karaoke-thing, they would have gotten their asses paddled so hard they wouldn’t have been able to sit for a week. Excited by all the noise, Tiger barked, insinuating himself between Tess’s and Jesse’s legs. She turned to give the dog a pat on his head when she caught sight of Eric. Her eyes went wide, confirming his thoughts on the color of her shirt, then she grabbed the phone and turned off the music. Jesse ruffled Tiger’s ears, which his dog seemed to love, judging by the way he leaned into the kid’s hand and groaned. “I’m sorry. I hope we didn’t—” Tess gasped. “Holy shit, dude,” Jesse whispered. Eric pushed from the door with one singular thought singing in his head: caffeine, then reached for the clean mug she’d set on the counter and poured a cup. Tilting the mug, he downed half of it before coming up for air. When he turned, Tess and Jesse were staring at him. More specifically, at his chest. While he’d been drowning in caffeine, Tess had come closer and now stood only inches away. She smelled like the honeysuckle shampoo his sister had left behind in the guest bathroom. With her mouth half-open, she touched her fingers to his left pec, grazing one of his scars. Her fingers were warm and gentle, and his pectoral muscle twitched as if it had a life of its own. She dropped her hand, her green eyes soft and brimming with compassion. Compassion he didn’t want, but it was his own damn fault for waltzing down here without putting on a shirt. Something else he’d have to get in the habit of doing. “My god, Eric.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “What happened to you? How did you get all those scars?” “Dude, you look like you got peppered with shrapnel, and that one on your back…” Jesse whistled. “That musta hurt like a bitch.” It had. Not nearly as much as losing his friends. The scars all over his torso weren’t raised and red anymore, and they were gradually fading, day by day. The pain of losing his friends, however, would always be there. Along with the survivor’s guilt that shadowed him every day of his life.  

About Tee O’Fallon: where you can also sign up for Tee’s newsletters.
Tee O'Fallon is the author of the Federal K-9 Series and the NYPD Blue & Gold Series. Tee has been a federal agent for twenty-three years and is now a police investigator, giving her hands-on experience in the field of law enforcement that she combines with her love of romantic suspense. Tee's job affords her the unique opportunity to work with the heroic men and women in law enforcement on a daily basis. When not writing, Tee enjoys cooking, gardening, chocolate, lychee martinis, and all creatures canine. Tee loves hearing from readers and can be contacted via her website

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Release Blitz for Most Ardently by Susan Mesler-Evans with a Giveaway

Today we have the release day blitz of Susan Mesler-Evans Most Ardently! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Most Ardently

Author: Susan Mesler-Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Most Ardently:

Elisa Benitez is proud of who she is, from her bitingly sarcastic remarks, to her love of both pretty boys and pretty girls. If someone doesn’t like her, that’s their problem, and Elisa couldn’t care less. Particularly if that person is Darcy Fitzgerald, a snobby, socially awkward heiress with an attitude problem and more money than she knows what to do with.   From the moment they meet, Elisa and Darcy are at each other’s throats -- which is a bit unfortunate, since Darcy’s best friend is dating Elisa’s sister. It quickly becomes clear that fate intends to throw the two of them together, whether they like it or not. As hers and Darcy’s lives become more and more entwined, Elisa’s once-dull world quickly spirals into chaos in this story of pride, prejudice, and finding love with the people you least expect.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Charlene had gotten stuck dancing with Colin again. Well, maybe “stuck” was the wrong word. He’d been very polite about asking, and he was actually a pretty good dancer. And they’d been right next to a speaker, so the music was able to drown most of his latest speech out. She had ducked into the bathroom, and was about to leave her stall to wash her hands when the door opened again, and three sets of feet walked in. They all stopped at the mirror, doing their makeup. And gossiping. “I can’t believe Bobby has been talking to her all night,” a familiar voice said. It was either Cora or Louise, but Charlene had no idea how to tell them apart. “It isn’t her birthday.” “I know. And she’s not even as pretty as his last girlfriend,” the other twin said. “And her family.” “God, I know. I’m embarrassed for them. Even the one that’s not actually related to them.” “The middle sister is so boring. And ugly.” Charlene felt her chest tighten on Maria’s behalf. Option 1: Burst out of the door and scream at them both for being judgmental brats, and probably prove their point. Option 2: Stand here and do nothing. Ugh. This is bullshit. “And the youngest… God, what a train wreck, am I right?” Both twins laughed. “She’s a teen pregnancy waiting to happen. I hope Bobby gets over Julia or whoever soon. Then he can go back to girls actually worth his time, right, Darcy?” That explained who the third girl was. “I don’t do gossip,” Darcy said. “Oh, come on, we’re alone.” Charlene barely repressed a snort. “You can be honest.” “Yeah, didn’t you get stuck dancing with the fat one?” the other twin asked. “Her name is Elisa,” Darcy said, voice suddenly sharp. “And I wasn’t stuck. I could’ve said, no.” “We saw her screaming at you earlier.” Oh, Elisa, what did you do now? “She wasn’t screaming. It was just a disagreement. Very mature.” “She looked really pissed off.” There was a pause. “What are you thinking about? You have that look on your face.” It was a moment before Darcy answered. “Not much. Just the… joys of a spirited girl and a pair of fine eyes.” One of the twins snorted. “Man, you’re weird. Who talks like that?” “I knew getting her that word-a-day calendar was a bad idea,” the other said. “Come on, Cora, let’s go dance. I think they’re back to good music.” Cora and Louise left, and Darcy was quick to follow. Finally free, Charlene popped out of the stall, and washed up as quickly as possible so she could find her friend. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d overheard. She had a bad vibe from Cora and Louise right from the start, but she’d tried not to judge too much. (Leave that to Elisa.) But it looked like in this case, her first impression had been correct. Darcy, however, had been a surprise. Not only did she not participate in the Benitez family trash-talking, she’d even kind of stood up for them. Well, for one of them. And Charlene was willing to bet all the money she had that she knew exactly who that spirited girl was, and who those fine eyes belonged to. She paused, going back-and-forth in her head. She’d never meddled in Elisa’s love life before, but that was mostly because she had no love life to speak of. Her first instinct was to let her know she had an admirer – but given that the admirer wasn’t her favorite person, was that really wise? But they did have a lot in common. Those two dating would be kind of amazing. Or it could lead to the end of all human civilization. Win-win.  

About Susan Mesler-Evans:

Susan Mesler-Evans is a writer, college student, D&D enthusiast, theatre nerd, and horrific procrastinator. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Susan now lives in Florida, and can often be found reading, scrolling through Tumblr until 2 AM, overanalyzing her favorite fictional characters and relationships, bingewatching comedies on Netflix, thinking about writing, and even, on occasion, actually writing. Most Ardently is her first full-length novel. You can find her at

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Review for The Wishing Tree by Jen Gilroy

The Wishing Tree in Irish Falls

Published October 9th 2019 by Soul Mate Publishing

Sometimes happily ever after is only a wish away . . .

There’s a wishing tree in Irish Falls. The bits of paper tied to its gnarled branches hold the hopes and dreams of everyone in town . . . except Annie Quinn.

Single mom Annie has spent years rebuilding her life and trying not to have regrets. After giving up her dream of music stardom, she returned to her Adirondack hometown—and convinced herself she’s content with a simpler life.

The last thing she needs is a man to remind her of the heartbreak she left behind.

A divorced dad, Seth Taggart used to be a successful LA songwriter. But now his reputation is in tatters, he’s burnt-out, and estranged from his adult son. Inheriting a small-town radio station just might be the do-over he needs.

Although he always planned to go back to LA, when working with Annie turns into sharing music and more, Seth realizes second chances—and home—are where he least expects.

My Thoughts…

This small-town story is perfect.   The amazing characters, the wonderful setting, and the beautiful families all made me fall into The Wishing Tree and never want to leave.    The characters were not perfect, they had their problems but they also had incredible families/friends that support them when it was needed.   

Seth is finding an entirely different life than what he left behind.   Irish Falls is his second chance at life.   While he doesn’t expect to like or stay in Irish Falls, he finds a family he didn’t know that he was missing.   Seth also finds Annie.  Annie opens his eyes to all a small town can offer and she also opens his heart to the love he didn’t know he was looking for. 

Jen Gilroy wrote a wonderful book.  The family, friends, forgiveness, and love are all things that I love about her books.  I would certainly recommend this book. 

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Excerpt Reveal for See Me by Michele Arris

Today we have the excerpt reveal of See Me by Michele Arris! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: See Me

Author: Michele Arris

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Blitz: October 30th

About See Me:

When a ruthless casino developer threatens everything she holds dear, bakery store owner Kennedi Chase cooks up an unconventional plan to protect her family legacy. She may despise Trenton Shaw’s plans, but why does he have to be so wickedly charming and sexy?   A brutal divorce has left developer Trenton Shaw with a bitter taste towards women and little patience for anything that disrupts his goals. The new parking garage on the Washington D.C. Wharf is essential to his casino. No little cake baker is going to get in his way, no matter how gorgeous, tenacious, or tempting he might find her kisses.   There’s no denying the sizzling hot attraction as professional entanglements become highly personal. But when Trenton confronts Kennedi with a secret that could destroy her family, she’s forced into a desperate choice. How can she make him see his ambitions could destroy her dreams? Can she teach him to see that sometimes the best way to win is to surrender?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Trent, I—” “What can I do to persuade you to tell me your name?” he cut in. “Perhaps we could discuss it more over dinner. For now, I’d settle for a dance. I like this song.” “I don’t—” “You don’t dance?” “Yes, but,” she looked around, “no one’s dancing.” “It’s just a dance…unless you need to get your boyfriend’s permission.” He delivered a playful wiggle of dark eyebrows. “Is that your way of asking me if I have a boyfriend?” “Precisely.” Boyfriend? What’s that? Twenty-eight and no prospects. Who has time for a relationship? “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” “Good to know.” His impish grin stretched wide. “One dance won’t hurt anything. And you look much too beautiful in that dress to not stand center stage.” Without waiting for a reply, he took her glass and set it along with his on the table, then rested a palm at the low vee of the dress at her exposed spine, the tips of his fingers stealing a graze of her skin as he led her just to the edge of the dance floor. Large, formidable hands fitted easily to the curves of her hips and drew her in close. With her black beaded purse pressed against his back in one hand, she planted the other firmly on his shoulder, setting and dictating the distance between them. Kennedi took a look around. “Trust me, this outfit offers no obscurity. I think I’m the only one here in red.” “You’ve made it my new favorite color.” She hooded her gaze just a touch and gave a slight, probing push. “Is this the charming side of you, Trent?” “Is it working?” He coaxed her in a bit more, their hips making contact as the melodious tempo of Jai Wolf’s “Like It’s Over” had them falling into a natural rhythm. Soon, others joined them, filling up the narrow parquet hardwood floor. “To think I almost didn’t show tonight. I would’ve missed out on something wonderful.” Kennedi regarded his smooth-shaven features and on up to eyes that appeared more gray than blue when the glimmer of chandelier crystals caught hold. “And what might that be?” “Cantaloupe-bacon cuisine.” He smiled a wickedly beautiful smile, that amplified his easy good looks. Laughter broke from her that couldn’t be contained as realization hit full force: she’d have to come up with another plan. “I tell you what, if you guess the first letter in my name, I’ll tell you what it is…but you can’t just trail down the alphabet.” “Okay. G for Ginger.” She drew back, brow raised. “You think I look like a Ginger?” “Hmm, you’re right. Not Ginger. More like C for Candy?” He laughed with eyes dipping to her breasts. “Just kidding.” “Real funny.” She grinned back at his cheerful expression and was quite surprised by jaunty demeanor as he lightly slipped a caressing hand up and down her bare back while trying out a few more names that didn’t stick.

About the Author:

Michele Arris is an award-winning author whose debut book, Devil’s Deal, won the 2015 Romance Writers of America, Golden Heart award in the Erotic Romance category. She has always had a fondness for romance and happy endings. Even when she’s not seated in front of her computer, shaping bad-ass alpha heroes who meet their match in strong, hardworking heroines, she’s plotting scenes in her head. She lives in the Washington D.C. area. Get to know more about Michele by visiting her website at Find her also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Connect with the Author:

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Teaser Reveal for The Edge of Reason by J. Saman with a Giveaway

Today we have the excerpt reveal of THE EDGE OF REASON by J. Saman! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!


Author: J. Saman

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Blitz: November 5th

About The Edge of Reason:

I have a certain set of rules I try to live by. Rules that have always served me well. Until now… Rule one: Don’t have sex with someone you work with. Rule two: Don’t have sex with your friend’s ex-boyfriend. Rule three: Don’t have sex with your best friend who also happens to be the same ex-boyfriend of your friend. Rule four: Don’t ever, under any circumstances, fall in love with your best friend. I guess it’s safe to say, I officially broke all four of my rules. Doctor Andrew Albright. Sexy, arrogant, insanely gorgeous, and eternally off-limits. Not only is he still in love with my friend, his ex, but he’s my rock. My perfect best friend. The one person I cannot lose under any circumstances. Especially when my life has a habit of falling apart on a regular basis. But one mercy kiss later, to save me from an awkward situation, and suddenly everything changes. He flirts relentlessly. Corners me in dark hallways. Throws me panty-melting stares that render me helpless. I crossed the uncrossable line. Broke every damn rule. Now our perfect friendship is falling apart. And he’s doing everything he can to keep it that way…

  THE EDGE OF REASON is a funny, sexy, and emotional best friends to lovers, STANDALONE romance.

Pre-Order Today:

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Goodreads TBR | Goodreads November Vote

Exclusive Excerpt: I watch Margot stir on the sleep sofa in my office, which she affectionately refers to as her bedroom. In a way, I guess it is. I don’t do a whole lot of work in here and other than housing a desk and my laptop, it’s not much of an office. I shouldn’t be standing here. I shouldn’t be hovering on the precipice of the French doors, sipping coffee and watching my friend sleep. First, it’s fucking creepy. I know that. Second, it’s wrong. She’s not mine to watch. Last night at Jonah’s party, I lost control. I became a jealous, mindless fool. I watched as Margot laughed and smiled and flirted with that Rex asshole. I tried to give her space. I tried to continue to maintain the friends-only boundaries she created between us all week. I was all for it after running from her apartment last week. But the shots threw me. I assumed she’d flirt. Margot does that, whether she’s conscious of it or not. But I hadn’t anticipated the shots. Especially after I made the point to give her the glass of wine. Margot wolfing down shots used to equal meaningless one-night stands with awful random men. That was her standard. How she operated. And it sent me into a fucking panic. It’s one thing if she’s not yet ready to push past our friends-only zone. It’s another if she takes a guy like Rex home when she could have me. Maybe that makes me selfish. Maybe that makes me a cock-blocking dick. Either way, I don’t care enough to stop. I was protecting her as far as I’m concerned. That guy wasn’t nearly good enough for her. He doesn’t know her. Doesn’t know what she needs. How her mind works. What makes her smile…like she is now. Busted. “How long have you been watching me sleep, pervy mc-pervster?” “I wasn’t watching you sleep,” I lie. “I was bringing you coffee.” “You mean the one you’ve been drinking?” “I had to make sure it wasn’t too hot.” She laughs, shifting on the bed, stretching out like a cat as she opens her eyes. The morning sun shines in through the window and across her face. Her dark hair is wild and sexy, her cheeks still stained pink, her thin tee riding high up her smooth stomach as her arms reach above her head. My heart stops dead in my chest, and I have to look away before I climb on top of her and enter her body without a second thought. Sitting up, she draws her knees up to her chest, and I can finally take a breath again. She makes grabby hands towards my mug, and I slowly enter the room, sitting on the edge of the bed and handing it to her. “Perfect temperature,” she teases after taking a sip. I grin, running a hand across my stubbled jaw. “Sleep okay?” “Yeah. I always do when I’m here.” “But not so much at home?” I push because it sounded like there was something else to that. “No. I do. But I…,” she trails off, glancing toward the thin shade covering the window. “I guess I just sleep better knowing you’re here.” Christ, does she have to say things like that? It’s not only sexy and provocative, but it makes the man in me who wants to protect her endlessly pound his goddamn chest like a mindless barbarian. “What about you? You don’t look like you got a lot of sleep.” I chuckle. “Thanks. Is that your way of telling me I look like shit?” She smiles as she takes another sip of my coffee, her eyes locked on mine. “You always look good. I know you know that. I was talking about these.” Her warm fingertips glide along the purple bruises beneath my eyes. “I have a lot on my mind lately,” I admit. I’ve been hovering on the edge with her for a few weeks now. Stuck in the purgatory between friends and more. I know what I want, and I know what she wants, so yeah, we’re stuck. Doesn’t make for the most restful sleep. “Would you relax if you were on an island?” “What?” I laugh the word. “Is there a place where your mind isn’t always running incessantly. Where you could shut it off.” “Maybe Everest,” I tease. She rolls her eyes. “Because you’ll have reached the top of the world. How clever. I’m being serious.” “I know. And I’ll let you know when I find that place.” “Nothing is ever complete, Drew. There is always something else you’re going to want to accomplish. You need to find a calm place otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane.” I lay back on her bed, my hands intertwined behind my head, my elbows butterflied out. I stare up at the ceiling and let out a silent breath. “I have that with you,” I whisper, slightly afraid of the result of that truth, but it’s there and I won’t take it back. She’s home. She’s always been home.

  About The Author: J. Saman loves all types
of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She's addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. She's an admitted lover of picking at old wounds, second chance romances, love triangles and the perfect amount of angst . She writes smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.
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Review for How Fires End by Marco Rafala

About How Fires End

• Hardcover: 400 pages
• Publisher: Little A (October 15, 2019)

  A dark secret born out of World War II lies at the heart of a Sicilian American family in this emotional and sweeping saga of guilt, revenge, and, ultimately, redemption.

 After soldiers vacate the Sicilian hillside town of Melilli in the summer of 1943, the locals celebrate, giving thanks to their patron saint, Sebastian. Amid the revelry, all it takes is one fateful moment for the destiny of nine-year-old Salvatore Vassallo to change forever. When his twin brothers are killed playing with an unexploded mortar shell, Salvatore’s faith is destroyed. As the family unravels, and fear ignites among their neighbors that the Vassallo name is cursed, one tragedy begets another. Desperate to escape this haunting legacy, Salvatore accepts the help of an Italian soldier with fascist ties who ushers him and his sister, Nella, into a new beginning in America. In Middletown, Connecticut, in the immigrant neighborhood known as Little Melilli, these three struggle to build new lives for themselves. But a dangerous choice to keep their secrets hidden erupts in violence decades later. When Salvatore loses his inquisitive American-born son, David, they all learn too late the price sons pay for their fathers’ wars. Written with elegiac prose, How Fires End delves into the secret wars of men; the sins they cannot bury; and a life lived in fear of who will reveal them, who will survive them, and who will forgive them.

  Social Media Please use the hashtag #howfiresend and tag @tlcbooktours, @sicilianaut, and @amazonpublishing.

My Thoughts...

As I started this book I was thinking that I was going to be reading about a Sicilian-family living during WWII, what I got was something so much better.  I got a story of a young boy trying to find his way in the world with a father that did not grow up in America.   I got the story of a father that had lost so much that all he wanted was to keep his son safe.   The secrets that the father was keeping are the reason that they left their home country to come to America and the reason that he fears he will lose all that he loves.   

How Fires End is an eye-opening look at how WWII not only affected those who fight in the war but those who lived in the towns that the war passed through.   It is a look at a Sicilian family that is torn apart by things out of their control and then left to try to continue living.  The story of two families who hold a grudge and have a rivalry that travels from their home country to a new country. 

I enjoyed meeting these characters, learning about their lives, and seeing how they manage to live after seeing what they saw, losing what they did, and having to start their lives over in a new country.   


Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

About Marco Rafalà

Marco Rafalà is a first-generation Sicilian American, novelist, musician, and writer for award-winning tabletop role-playing games. He earned his MFA in fiction from The New School and is a cocurator of the Guerrilla Lit Reading Series in New York City. Born in Middletown, Connecticut, he now lives in Brooklyn, New York. How Fires End is his debut novel.

For more information, visit Follow Marco on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

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Cover Reveal for Dangerous Game by LP Dover

Title: Dangerous Games: An Armed & Dangerous/Circle of Justice Crossover Novel
Author: LP Dover
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: November 20, 2019
Photographer: Sara Eirew
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser @ RBA Designs
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover comes the crossover fans having been waiting for! Beloved characters from her Armed & Dangerous and Circle of Justice novels come together in this tantalizing new series!

For years, my family was on top.
That all changed with the death of my father. As I moved into the position of power over the Corsino empire, enemies to the family tried to take over my city. They thought I would be weakened by my loss. They don’t know me.
My name is Dominic Corsino, and I have a ravenous appetite for money, power, and women. The last of which I pushed aside when Faith Hilliard, a close family friend, turned up in need of help. I’ve always wanted her, yet couldn’t bring myself to involve her in the dark savagery of my world. Now, she’s within my grasp once more. If I didn’t fear her running from my brutal truth, I would have already tasted her sweet temptation.
But the time for hesitation passes when a fighter in my underground ring is murdered. With my family name at stake, I can no longer hide who I am and what I’m capable of. It’s all coming down to a one winner-takes-all match. If I walk away with the prize, the threats against the Corsinos will be crushed. If I lose, our entire empire will crumble.
It’s a dangerous game … and I’m ready to play.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.
She loves to write, but she also loves to play golf, go on mountain hikes, and has a passion for singing. Her youngest daughter, who she’s also written a children’s book with, expects a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.
Dover has written countless novels in several different genres, including a children’s book with her youngest daughter, but her favorite to write is romantic suspense. However, she has found a new passion in romantic comedy, especially involving sexy golfers. Who knew the sport could be so dirty and fun to write about.