Monday, December 9, 2019

Release Blitz for Sweet Vengeance by Danielle Norman

Danielle Norman's SWEET VENGEANCE is out now! Find out more about it below and grab your copy today!



The handoff of an orchid colored card was all it took to call the Iron Ladies, a whisper network of women.
They specialized in bringing abusive men to their knees.
Men who abused women and abused power, men like the Camden’s.
Sunday Prescott was a tech goddess, cyber espionage was her specialty.
During her latest assignment, she uncovered more than she ever hoped for: Bo Camden.
He was just like his father, right?
But the butterflies in her stomach told her something different. And the touch of his lips left her breathless.
She was torn between sleeping with the enemy or getting vengeance...Sweet Vengeance.
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“Mr. Camden, they're boarding your flight." Bo looked up at the woman who'd helped him earlier. "Thank you." He grabbed his carry-on and headed toward his gate. When he arrived, most of the area had already cleared out. He scanned his boarding pass and headed down the gangway. "Welcome aboard," a flight attendant greeted him. "Thank you." When he saw who was sitting in two d, against the window where she would be locked in by him once he sat, he smiled. This flight was going to be interesting. Sunday saw him and ducked as if that could possibly hide her. Finding entirely too much joy in her rather pathetic attempt, he stowed his carry-on and took his seat. "Fancy seeing you here." "What the hell? I thought you were headed to New York." "Yeah, and I thought that my dad was going to New York so I invited you along, guess you were laughing at me the entire time." "No. After you left, I went to book my flight for New York, but before I did, I wanted to find out what time your dad arrived so I checked the executive airport and discovered that he was going to the Caymans instead." "You could have called me and let me know." "How? I only know you as the crazy stalker who followed me home. I don't exactly have your cell number." Sunday looked smug. "Really? You can find my dad's flight times, don't tell me that you couldn't have found my number." Bo smiled wider. Mental hash mark, one to him. "By the way, do you even know where you're going once you get on the island?" Sunday raised one brow in challenge. "If I can find a flight plan, then I can find a reservation." “Yet not a cell phone number," Bo mumbled. "It wasn't intentional. Besides, why are you bitching? Obviously, you lied about New York because you're on this flight too. And to answer your other question, I'm going to the Ritz." "I'm only on this flight because I saw you coming through TSA and texted my mom to let her know that you would be out of town with me in New York. She's who told me you were going to the Caymans." "Well, aren't you a regular Sherlock Holmes." "Listen, I know that we got off on the wrong foot, let's start over." Bo held out one hand. "Truce?" Sunday stared at it and debated. "Sure, now because you want it? I tried this yesterday." "You did, and I acted like an ass. Truce or not?" "Fine, truce." Sunday shook on it. "So, why PI work?" Bo turned in his seat so that he could get a better view of Sunday. “It wasn't originally what I wanted, but I met the other three my third year of college and we became best friends. Olivia and Adeline were studying criminal justice, Melanie was working on a degree in psychology, and I was studying cyber forensics." "Does Melanie analyze the clients, watch for body language and stuff like that?" Bo asked, totally enthralled. "Sort of, Mel studies their patterns and habits. You know, like a profiler." "That's kind of cool. Tell me about cyber forensics. What is that like?" "Have you ever watched a movie where they confiscate someone's computer?" "Of course." "It is a cyber forensics team that goes through the hard drive and can recover, rebuild, or decipher everything that device has done.” “And that's something you like to do?" Bo questioned. "It is. I can get lost behind a computer." "I like that, I used to like my job as well." Bo leaned back. He couldn't get over how relaxed he felt with her, the two of them just talking. All it took was calling a truce then in a blink of an eye they went from enemies to . . . what . . . what were they? "You don't like your job anymore?" Sunday appeared genuinely concerned. "When you spend all your time watching what your own father is doing and making sure that he isn't trying to screw the company or your mother over, it sort of takes the fun out of it." Sunday placed one hand on top of his. "I hate this for you. You should be able to trust your parents more than anyone else." "Oh, I trust my mom. She'd do anything for me." Bo and Sunday fell quiet as the flight attendant came to a stop next to them. Her smile was warm as she glanced between them before asking, "Would you folks like a mimosa?" “Sure, thank you." Sunday accepted her drink first, and then Bo took his from the attendant. "A toast?" Sunday smiled and lifted her glass. "Here's to getting lucky in the Caymans." "Okay, I guess that I can drink to that." Bo chuckled. "Oh, I didn't mean like lucky as in lucky, lucky. I meant as in getting lucky and getting exactly what we need for your mother." "Okay, sure. I'm good either way." Bo clinked his glass to Sunday's. "Oh, you shush.”  

About Danielle Norman

Before becoming a romance writer, Danielle was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, she spends her days playing keep away from Theo James who won’t stop calling her just to ask her out. Of course, all of this happens before she wakes up and faces reality where in fact she is a 50 something mom with grown kids, she’s been married longer than Theo’s been alive, and now get her kicks riding a Harley. As far as her body, she owes a special thanks to Ben & Jerry’s as well as gravity for that. And according to her she could never be Adele’s backup since she never stops saying the F-word long enough actually to sing. Danielle’s books are about kickass women with even better shoes and the men that try to tame them (silly silly men).

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