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Audiobook for Searching for Love by Melissa Foster


Searching for Love

The Bradens & Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls, Book 6)

By: Melissa Foster

Narrated by: Virginia RoseBrian Pallino

Series: The Bradens & Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls) Series, Book 6

Length: 13 hrs and 33 mins

Release date: 08-13-20


Publisher's Summary

Discover the magic of New York Times best seller Melissa Foster's writing and see why millions have fallen in love with the fiercely loyal and sassily sexy characters in the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. 

Love in Bloom novels are written to stand alone or may be enjoyed as part of the larger series, so dive right into this fun, sexy romance. 

In Searching for Love: Zev Braden and Carly Dylan have known each other their whole lives. Their close-knit families were sure they were destined to marry - until a devastating tragedy struck, breaking the two lovers apart. Over the next decade, Zev, a nomadic treasure hunter, rarely returned to his hometown, and Carly became a chocolatier and built a whole new life across the country. When a chance encounter brings them back into each other’s lives, can they find the true love that once existed, or will shattered dreams and broken hearts prevail? Find out in Searching for Love, a deliciously sexy, funny, and emotional second-chance romance. 

Love in Bloom novels feature alpha male heroes and smart, empowered women. They're flawed, funny, passionate, and relatable to those who enjoy contemporary romance and women's fiction.

©2020 Melissa Foster (P)2020 Melissa Foster


My Thoughts…

Audiobook Review…I had just read the ebook format of Searching for Love at the beginning of September 2020 and now it is the end of September 2020 and I have just finished listening to the audiobook format.   Usually, I would say read the book!   Always read the book!   But with this one, I say LISTEN to the book!   The narrators, Virginia Rose and Brian Pallino did a phenomenal job bringing the story to life.   I loved the emotions that they brought to life as they told Zev and Carly’s story.    I found myself walking one more block just to listen to a little more of the story.    

eBook Review…Let me just say the names…Zev Braden and Carly Dylan. Doesn’t that sound perfect together? Guess what, they are perfect together. They’ve been together since they were in elementary school, dated in high school, and then as they grew into young adults and life threw them some curveballs that they didn’t know how to handle so they fell apart. Yet, their love for each other never left them and when they meet again as adults, with their lives in order, the love they share comes shining through. Now, I say their love shines through but holy heat! The sparks were flying when their eyes met across the room and no matter how hard they tried not to recognize what was still between them the heat never let up.
I really enjoyed that they had a happy history together. That they loved each other and had many happy adventures and memories. This helped them rebuild their relationship because they had such a strong friendship base. They did not forget what had happened in the past, but they talked about it, argued about it, and then realized that the past did not have to stop them from finding the happily ever after.

Pick up this book, meet these amazing characters and their wonderful friends, and love the town of Pleasant Hills-Oak Falls. Searching for Love is the perfect book to fall into and never want to leave. 


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Q&A with Michelle Moore Author of A Mother’s Grace: Healing the World One Woman at a Time

Michelle Moore Christian Q&A

1) Why did you start A Mother’s Grace organization?

Moms are truly the backbones of their families and they need a community to lean on. I was in a crisis dealing with my own cancer and child with a life-threatening illness. I was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as two other friends (moms my age) and they both died within a year. I could not for the life of me figure out why I was spared. They were both such wonderful women and way more wonderful than I. In some ways I felt like I needed to earn my spot on this Earth and do something good with my time.


2) How did God keep knocking on your door to get you to write this book?

Oh my gosh over and over. I would work on my manuscript and then put it away for a year. I would give up for lack of faith, self-confidence, time, etc., and something or someone would come back and just re-open the door. For example, when I put the project on hold, a journalist came out of the woodwork and said, “Hey, you should write a book and if you can’t get it all done I will help you.” Then an agent that revisited me from 7 years prior emailed me out of the blue, wanting to send it to a publisher who was convinced. It was never anything that I did---it was always a nudge from outside. 


3) How did God get you through your challenges—your cancer and your son’s illness?

When I was experiencing cancer, I would see signs of hope every day. People were sent to me and met me on my path--they got me to take the next step. You really have to quiet yourself and surrender and then you’ll find that the signs and support are literally everywhere. But, that means being fully present in the moment—without a screen—to listen and discern the signs. You also have to take the help that appears--you can’t shrink from it.


For example, if you have been praying for guidance and someone calls you and you confide in them and they say, “Well, I think this book might help you or this podcast or a session with this therapist…” Take the help. All of these things are one step in the journey and you never know where it will lead next. 


4) Were there any times that you questioned your faith and how did you get back on the path?

I questioned my faith a lot but never gave up. Start by praying. If you don’t know any prayers, just Google the theme or topic and you will find the right ones for you. Most of the time, it doesn’t have to be formal; it can just be a conversation with God like you would have with a friend. In addition, take action.

When you can barely get out of bed, reach out to a trusted confidante and put it all out there. Get up and move your body. Journal. Go to a church service or a support group.  Do things that you know are good for you, even if you don’t think you can manage in that moment. Do them anyway--even one small little thing. Just make one phone call, one small step.


5) What lessons do you have for women philanthropists who want to start their own entities?

Surround yourself with women who are givers, doers, and who have no personal agenda but to help others. Capitalize on each woman’s individual gifts and you will have the puzzle pieces to make something beautiful. It is truly who you surround yourself with. One lesson I learned is that you cannot do it all yourself. You need a cohort of strong and assertive women to support and take a piece. If you trust them and they know their “stuff,” let them run with it. No micromanaging needed at all. 


6) In your book A Mother’s Grace, you pose the question What is your Grace?  What is grace, and how can women call upon grace to inspire them and get them through difficult times?

Grace is that magic that comes from surrendering to God’s plan for you. So, for example, if I am in crisis and I am riddled with anxiety and trying to figure out what I am going to do and just ruminating over and over to the point of paralysis, grace comes when you pray, let go, and surrender to God’s plan. Grace is what happens next…things happen out of the complete blue that you had no hand in and beautiful favor in your life, the way God has planned for you.


7) What lessons have you learned from your hardships?


I am a glass-half-full person so during a hardship I always always look for the “lemonade” or what I am grateful for.  As we get older, there is a wisdom that comes from the understanding that things work out the way they are supposed to if you let them. I look back on my deepest hurts and hardships and wish sometimes I knew what I know now--that they all work out in the right timing, not always the way we wanted at the time but the way it is supposed to be.


Also, more importantly than anything, I have learned how to be there for others. I have been through traumatic loss, horrific illness, crippling anxiety, paralyzing worry, and monumental change and disappointment. Some days I feel like there is nothing I can't relate to when talking with another--and more important--“listening to another.” My presence, my consideration, and, many times, action without being asked is the most important thing you can do for another. It is definitely not “all about me.” I get that now, and that is the most important lesson I think we can all learn.


8) How can we teach our children to be empathetic and giving?


Expose your children as young as possible. I take my kids everywhere and always have. I took them to NOLA to help clean up after Hurricane Katrina and to Africa to work in an orphanage. However, even more important than anything on a large scale, is doing small things consistently in your own community. Model, model, model.


Adopt families during the holidays, have the kids work at soup kitchens, have them give up part of their allowance to donate to their favorite charity. Have your kids write thank-you notes. This manifests gratefulness and accountability.  Keep them involved in a spiritual community. Take them out into nature and teach them to respect it. I think having kids be responsible for a pet teaches such compassion and responsibility. I ask my kids this question all of the time, and they answer that watching what I did influenced them and they all practice empathy and giving in their own ways (I could not be more proud). Let your children give in the way that resonates most with them and it will take on a life of its own. 


9) How can women be change agents in their own communities?

Women do not have to start a 501c3 to be change agents. You can bake cookies for an assisted living facility, take homemade food to a family that is dealing with crisis, be a sponsor, or write a lovely email to someone who is experiencing grief. Do something. If we all did one small thing for someone once a month, the world would be a different place. 


10) This is a time when hope is scarce; what can your book show women about hope?

Well, if we can’t muster a little hope from women who have faced the loss of a child, a storm that leveled their town, life-threatening illness, or financial devastation…we are surely in a bad place. Each of the stories in the book reveal women triumphing over devastating circumstances on families, individuals, and communities.


The women in this book have all faced issues that mirror the crises facing our world today: fear, loss, financial ruin, depression, anxiety, uncertainty.  Take a look at what these moms have overcome---and they have not only overcome their adversity but they found joy again through helping others.  It was one step out of hell for all of them and now they are not just surviving, but thriving. That does not mean there are still not horrific days filled with pain but they have felt the hand of God and paid that forward.


11) What is your favorite scripture at the moment?

John 16:23--24

23In that day you will no longer ask Me anything. Truly, truly, I tell you, whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. 24Until now you have not asked for anything in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.


12 Women Turning Adversity into ACTION

Advice for Women on Becoming Change Agents in Turbulent Times & Starting Side Hustles with Heart


“This is a book for our times. Women are being empowered to be change agents, and have the power for exponential change...this book will leave women wanting to make a difference in small and global ways but mostly will allow them to believe they have the power to do so. “ - Michelle Moore


About the Book:

As women everywhere are dealing with unprecedented trials and stress in their lives, A Mother’s Grace: Healing the World One Woman at a Time shares remarkable true (and inspiring) stories from female change-makers with advice about turning adversity into action. 

Author Michelle Moore shares how her adversity became a global movement when she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer at the same time her son faced near fatal complications from juvenile diabetes. Grateful to be alive, she was compelled to make changes in her life and in the lives of others. Along with her own personal story, Moore shares the stories of 10 women and how their lives serendipitously came together in the most unique ways so she could continue to grow this movement and partner with these women in quite miraculous ways.


Buy links:




About the Author:

By day, author Michelle Moore oversees the COVID-19 testing response as a senior vice president for Laboratory Corporation of America; by night, she is the founder of Mother’s Grace, a nonprofit organization that has raised more than $5 million for families in acute crisis, assisting more than 6,000 mothers in the state of Arizona and throughout the world. Mother’s Grace addresses the critical needs of mothers and their children in the midst of tragic life events by helping them with housing costs, medication, meals, housekeeping, childcare, transportation, and a host of other immediate needs. Through mentorship and seed grants, Mother’s Grace also assists women in starting their own nonprofits, with the goal of producing a new generation of women leaders.


Michelle is the recipient of MASK Unity’s Moms Making a Difference Award, the highly coveted Hon-Kachina Award and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Philanthropy in Action Award. In 2019, Moore was awarded the Phoenix Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business award and was granted a State of Arizona Commendation by First Lady Angela Ducey for her extraordinary service to the people of Arizona.

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Cover Reveal for Maiken & Quinn by S.B. Alexander





Maiken and Quinn

A Maxwell Family Saga Collection

A Sweet Young Adult Romance Boxset

Meet Maiken Maxwell and Quinn Thompson, as they stumble through high school, experiencing all their firsts from puppy love to true love and everything in between. The complete collection is a wild and emotional ride filled with angst, anticipation, sweetness, and so much more.

If you love sweet romances, family, friendships, high school drama, and characters you can root for, you’ll love Maiken and Quinn’s story.

Books in this collection:

1. My Heart to Touch

2. My Heart to Hold

3. My Heart to Give

4. My Heart to Keep

Bestselling author S.B. Alexander writes young adult and new adult romances that span the sub-categories of coming of age, sports, paranormal, suspense, and military fiction. Her writing is emotional, angsty, and character driven. She’s best known for The Maxwell and The Maxwell Family Saga series.

S.B. or Susan as she likes to be called is a navy veteran, former high school teacher, and former corporate sales executive. She’s a lover of sports, especially baseball, although nowadays you can find her glued to the TV during football season.

When she’s not writing, she’s a full-time caregiver to her soul mate of twenty-one years who got a bad deal in life when he was diagnosed with ALS. Her motto: “Life is too short to waste. So live every moment like it’s your last.”

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Cover Reveal for Under the Southern Sky by Kristy Woodson Harvey

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to share this cover with you.   Kristy Woodson Harvey is an author that I met 2015 when I reviewed her first book, Dear Carolina, and have read every book she has written since then.   She is so very talented in her southern charm stories with wonderful characters and beautiful settings.    In April 2021 her next book, Under the Southern Sky, will be released and today I get to share her beautiful cover. Pre-order your copy today using the links below. 

“Sometimes the key to new love lies hidden in old friendships. In Under the Southern Sky, Kristy Woodson Harvey stirs up a warm-hearted mix of hometown charm and the sort of thoroughly modern problems that bring us back to the people who know us best and the places that remind us of who we really are.” – Lisa Wingate, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Before We Were Yours and The Book of Lost Friends.

Back Cover Copy:
Two childhood friends discover that love—and family—can be found in unconventional ways in this timely, moving novel from the USA TODAY bestselling author of the “beautifully Southern, evocative Peachtree Bluff series” (Kristin Harmel, internationally bestselling author of The Winemaker’s Wife). 

Recently separated Amelia Buxton, a dedicated journalist, never expected that uncovering the biggest story of her career would become deeply personal. But when she discovers that a cluster of embryos belonging to her childhood friend Parker and his late wife Greer have been deemed “abandoned,” she’s put in the unenviable position of telling Parker—and dredging up old wounds in the process.

Parker has been unable to move forward since the loss of his beloved wife three years ago. He has all but forgotten about the frozen embryos, but once Amelia reveals her discovery, he knows that if he ever wants to get a part of Greer back, he’ll need to accept his fate as a single father and find a surrogate.

Each dealing with their own private griefs, Parker and Amelia slowly begin to find solace in one another as they navigate an uncertain future against the backdrop of the pristine waters of their childhood home, Buxton Beach. The journey of self-discovery leads them to an unforgettable and life-changing lesson: Family—the one you’re born into and the one you choose—is always closer than you think.

From “the next major voice in Southern fiction” (Elin Hilderbrand, #1 New York Times bestselling author), Under the Southern Sky is a fresh and unforgettable exploration of love, friendship, and the unbreakable ties that bind.

Pre-order from Amazon or


Celebrating ten years of On Toby's Terms!


Celebrating ten years of On Toby's Terms!

When Charmaine and her husband adopted Toby, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, they figured he might need some adjusting time, but they certainly didn’t think he’d be a holy terror, beset by severe anxiety and destructive behavior that would take a miracle to curb. Turns out, Toby routinely opened and emptied closets, turned on water taps, and pulled things from the bookshelves. Oddest of all was his penchant for locking himself in the bathroom, and then push the lid of the toilet tank onto the floor, smashing it to pieces. After a particularly disastrous encounter with the knife-block in the kitchen—and when the couple discovered Toby’s blood and paw prints on the phone—Charmaine decided Toby needed professional help. 

"Readers Favourite” GOLD Award -- An Amazon #1 International Best Seller 2x -- Finalist, Alberta Exporting Award -- Global eBook Award Winner Finalist -- Hollywood Book Festival Finalist -- Indie National Book FINALIST -- Finalist Great Southeast Book Festival Finalist -- Runner up in Southeast Book Festival Awards

Available to buy from...

Simply a beautiful book about life, love, and purpose.” — Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series 

"What a beautiful story about life with an extraordinary dog who was bound and determined to live his life on his own terms." — Miki's Hope, Amazon reviewer

"His work with patients, as well as young students, bring joy, hope and unconditional love. I admire Charmaine and Chris for not giving up on Toby's potential....For believing in new beginnings.A beautifully written story of love and devotion." — Debby Denny, Amazon reviewer

Also available in audio!

The Team Toby PAWsitively improved lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect. Team Toby accomplished the mission through professional speaking and corporate training, presentations to schools and organizations, through the Team Toby Global Speakers team, our books and products, philanthropy and causes projects, and philanthropy efforts.

2015 - A Million Acts of Kindness Tour across North America!
Charmaine and Toby Sr., and their new Toby, have presented to more than 30,000 students across North America, raised more than $10,000 for charities, and have donated books and presentations to schools and organizations to support healthy character development in children.

Enjoy this excerpt!

Other Toby Books!
Toby the Pet Therapy Dog and His Hospital Friends (A CHILDREN'S DOG STORY)

Toby is a big, brown, happy dog. Every week his owner takes him to visit and comfort children who are in the hospital. Follow Toby the service dog for a day and see how he makes friends, and makes others happy. Beautifully illustrated, this simple story sends a positive message about community and the importance of kindness and being helpful to others.

Available to buy from...

Toby the Pet Therapy Dog says be a Buddy, not a Bully

When Toby steps into the path of a dog who bullies him, and shreds his beloved stuffed teddy-bear toy, we see the hurt feelings it creates. This beautifully illustrated book teaches children about the importance of kindness, acceptance, and being considerate of others, including pets. A wonderful story to start discussions in ages 3 to 10. Winner of the Gold in Global eBook Awards!

Available to buy from...

About Charmaine Hammond
Charmaine Hammond is a 4x best selling author of 5 books and is featured in 8 others. She has written in the personal development genre (GPS Your Best Life), memoir (On Toby's Terms), and has written two children's books in the Toby the Pet Therapy Dog series. Charmaine was most recently featured in a collaboration book, 4x international bestseller: Voices of the 21st Century. She has also been featured in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books. 

Charmaine Hammond, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker, entrepreneur, author and educator who teaches and advocates the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships and collaboration in the workplace. She has helped clients in many industries build resilient and engaged workplaces, develop high trust/high accountability relationships, and solve workplace issues that get in the way of success and profitability. She is respected as a "no fluff" and "rich content" speaker who delivers tangible tools to step into action immediately. 

This former Correctional Officer (yup! She worked in jails) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of collaboration, communication/conflict resolution and resilience. She also has an extensive background facilitating process to help collaborations when they go sideways. As a former mediator she has helped facilitate some of the most complex collaborations and partnership arrangements. 

Her corporate clients have included all 3 levels of government, oil and gas sector, trade associations and companies (health, nursing, engineering, safety, and more), technology businesses, human resources, community partnership departments, educational institutions, police/fire and rescue, non profit organizations and everything in between. She has presented to more than 300,000 people worldwide. Her extensive background in the corporate, small business and non profit worlds, her past role as a contract negotiation specialist for government, and a business owner, she has an interesting perspective of being on all sides of the collaboration table. She has owned several businesses over the past 21 years.  
She has a Master's Degree in Conflict Management & Analysis is a bestselling author (of 5 books & featured in 6 others), and CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional. Charmaine has been featured in renowned publications such as Inc., Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, and many others, as well as having appeared as a guest on numerous TV and Radio Programs.

Find the Author on the following sites...

Meet Toby Snr
A. Wells Photography
In an effort to get Toby’s behaviour under control, a K9 behaviourist worked with Toby on his behavioural issues and stated that Toby was a dog who needed a job, a purpose. Christopher and Charmaine found Toby a job as an Animal Assisted Therapy dog. After training and testing, Toby was approved as a volunteer with Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy and received a volunteer placement at an adult mental health hospital.

Wednesdays with Toby were life changing for the patients he visited, as well as for Charmaine and Christopher. While Toby was bringing unconditional acceptance and happiness to those he visited at the hospital, he was also becoming a teacher for Charmaine and Christopher, teaching them powerful life lessons, about patience, purpose, persistence, the power of unconditional acceptance, and showing up as your authentic self.

The patients that Toby worked with at the hospital and all of the children that he met in schools experienced the benefits of a therapy dog’s whose mission in life was to leave pawprints on hearts everywhere he went x

Toby Snr and Jnr even have their own Facebook!

Toby ready for volunteering
Toby ready for volunteering

toby and charmaine at booksigning
Toby and Charmaine at a book signing

Charmaine and Jack Canfield, who wrote an endorsement for the book

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Available NOW! She Gets That From Me by Robin Wells


She Gets That from Me

Quinn never expected that her best friend’s courageous decision to be a single mother by choice would end up transforming her own life in this poignant novel from USA Today bestselling author Robin Wells.

When Quinn Langston’s best friend unexpectedly passes away, Quinn embraces Brooke’s three-year-old daughter Lily and elderly grandmother Margaret as the family she’s always wanted. She’ll do whatever it takes to help them heal, but she didn’t anticipate Lily’s biological father would be part of the plan. Margaret is old-fashioned, though, and she has no compunction about finding a way to reach Lily’s dad, a sperm donor. After all, he's a blood relative, and she believes family should raise family.

Zack Bradley doesn't know what to expect when he finds out he has a child. Sperm donors don't usually get to meet their...well, he's not sure what to call Lily yet, but he’s certain he wants to get to know her. There’s just one of problem: he’s about to move to Seattle with his wife, Jessica, who’s undergone multiple infertility treatments, desperately wants a family of her own and can’t stand the idea of Zack playing daddy to another woman’s child.

Together, they’ll all learn that the human heart is infinitely expandable and there are many different roads to family.

Add to your MUST-READ list on Goodreads
Purchase your own copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Meet Robin Wells

Robin Wells was an advertising and public relations executive before becoming a full‐time writer. She always dreamed of writing novels—a dream inspired by a grandmother who told “hot tales” and parents who were both librarians. Her books have won the RWA Golden Heart, two National Readers’ Choice Awards, the HOLT Medallion, and numerous other awards. She and her husband now live in Texas and are the parents of two amazing daughters.

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Release Blitz for Burning Ash by N.J. Walters


Today we have the release day blitz for N.J. Walters’ new release, BURNING ASH! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Burning Ash

Author: N.J. Walters

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Burning Ash:

No one is more surprised than Asher, one of the oldest vampires on Earth, that he's attracted to vamp hunter Jo Radcliffe. She's smart, a talented slayer, and she's gorgeous. Something about her pulls at him, like no one ever has before. For a man, whose name strikes fear in everyone––this is something new and intriguing. And quite possibly deadly, if she discovers his secret.   Jo has two things in common with the handsome Asher––they are both slayers and someone is messing with them in a very-much-trying-to-kill-them way. She's not so happy about joining forces with a dude she doesn't know. But he's sexy as hell and really good at his job as one of the Forgotten Brotherhood, whose business it is to execute misbehaving paranormals.   She knows she's bait in a larger plot to harm Asher and the Brotherhood. And there is nothing he won't do, no line he won't cross, to keep her safe––which may be the weakness that destroys them both.  

Get Your Copy Today:

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Exclusive Excerpt:

He might have just met her, but she captivated him. Plus, there was the whole mystery of them both being here at the same time. Call him paranoid but he didn’t believe in coincidence. Not when an email from an unknown source had brought him here.   If he wanted to figure out who was behind the missive, he’d have to stick close to Jo. What a hardship. He grinned at her retreating back. Her strides were long and sure, without hesitation. This was a woman unconcerned about walking alone at night. She’d be the same, maybe even more relaxed, if he wasn’t with her.   They walked for about five minutes without talking. Around them, the forest was silent except for the wind rustling the branches and the occasional scurry of a small animal through the underbrush.   The air was crisp and the moon bright. A perfect night for a romantic stroll through the woods. Too bad she was determined to outpace him.   Jo stepped over a fallen tree and skirted around a rock. A truck rumbled in the distance. They were almost at the road.   “I’m not giving you a ride.”   Still grinning, he picked up the pace until he was alongside her. “You’re going to let me walk home by myself. This late at night.” He heaved a sigh. “Chivalry is dead.”   Again, she gave a quick laugh before her lips pursed. “I’m sure you can manage. You had to get her somehow. Where’s your car?”   He shrugged. “I came on foot.” It would probably be better to lie but he stuck with the truth.   “Seriously.” She shook her head and ducked under a low-hanging branch. “You local?” “Nope, hitched a ride part of the way.” Not a lie but not the whole truth. He’d hitched a ride on top of a transport truck for part of the journey, mostly for the fun of it. The driver hadn’t even known he was there. It was a great way to see the countryside and the cold certainly didn’t bother him. The rest of the way, he’d run at top speed.   “You’re insane. You know that.”   “You’re the one who fought and beheaded a vamp,” he reminded her.   She whirled around, crossbow in hand. “And just what were you doing? Were you hoping to get turned?”   He placed his hands dramatically over his heart and shook his head. “After all we’ve been through together, you’re going to shoot me?” The odds were about fifty/fifty. Although given the glint in her eyes, it might be more seventy/thirty, and not in his favor.  

Catch up on the series:

Fury Unleashed

Amazon | Entangled | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

Arctic Bite:

Amazon | Entangled | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

About N.J. Walters:

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.  

Connect with the Author:

Website | Blog | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon