Thursday, December 12, 2019

For the month of December, I am going to post about some of my favorite books, favorite authors, and books I just can't forget about.    These are all books I'd recommend purchasing for Christmas gifts or for your own enjoyment. 

Melinda Leigh is my go-to thriller author.   Each books she writes pulls me in, keeps me on the edge of my seat, and has me guessing at what will happen next.    I'd recommend her to any thrill reader.   She is guaranteed to keep you turning page after page.   Here are some of my favorite books by this wonderful author. 

My Thoughts

I love these characters and this series.   While the characters are familiar, the story changes with each book.    Each book is its own complete story, so it doesn’t matter if you do not read them in order or read them out of order you will enjoy each book. 

While trying to plan their wedding, Morgan and Lance find out their friend Olivia is missing.  Olivia is also in a relationship with Sharp.  All of this make this case much more personal and important to solve.  There are twists and turns that take the reader on a mysterious path of who-dun-it.  

I love that there are touches of romance between Lance and Morgan.   The scene with Lance and Morgan’s children is one of my favorite and shows how amazing her really is.  The romance is not the main part of the story, but it is something I love reading about. 

Please pick up your own copy of this book, meet these wonderful characters, and fall into this amazing storyline.  

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My Thoughts…
Morgan Dane is back with a new case to solve and she is taking no prisoners.   I love Morgan Dane.   She attacks each new case with a resolve to solve it no matter who gets in her way.    While Morgan doesn’t work against the police, she doesn’t do things the same way they do.    Her gut leads her down paths that are dangerous, her heart doesn’t let her ever give up, and her brain takes the clues she finds and put them in an order that let her find the answers that she needs.  
The case is the focus of the book but the relationship between Lance Kruger and Morgan Dane is a part of the story I look forward to.   The love between them is sweet, strong, and perfect.    Lance lets Morgan be Morgan, he supports her, helps her, and guides her when needed all while helping her be the best mom, daughter, and lawyer she can be.     He loves her three young children and makes their family complete.      Morgan has a good life but with Lance it makes it even better.   They work perfectly together but their love makes their personal lives just as perfect. 
Melinda Leigh writes fast past, crime novels that show that things are not always what they seem.    With each new release, I am excited to see what will happen next.

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My Thoughts…

A novella is not always easy to read.  Sometimes it seems that you only get part of the story or the story seems unfinished.    With A Bone to Pick there is a complete story.   There is a definite ending and no cliffhangers or to be continued.  

A gruesome murder takes place and Tessa must solve the crime while taking care of her aging mother.  Luckily there is help on the island for her.    It was amazing how much they could do when they are such a small community with limited resources.    It helps that Tessa comes from a larger department and she brings in the FBI to help.    I liked how much she relied on Logan Wilde, a local park ranger.   Tessa uses all the resources available to her while keeping her cool to solve the murder.

I am new to the Widow’s Island series and not familiar with the underlining story of Samantha and didn’t feel that this novella gave many clues as to what was going on with that part of the book.    I am intrigued enough to want to go back and read the first book and continue reading the series to learn more.   

This is a quick and fun novella by Melinda Leigh.   Pick it up, read it, and meet some intriguing characters.

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About the Author: Melinda Leigh

Melinda Leigh abandoned her career in banking to raise her kids and never looked back. She started writing as a hobby and became addicted to creating characters and stories. Since then, she has won numerous writing awards for her paranormal romance and romantic-suspense fiction. Her debut novel, She Can Run, was a number one bestseller in Kindle Romantic Suspense, a 2011 Best Book Finalist (The Romance Reviews), and a nominee for the 2012 International Thriller Award for Best First Book. She is the author of the Midnight Novels, including Midnight Exposure (a finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense) and Midnight Sacrifice.

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