Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Remingtons: A Texas Kind of Love by Melissa Storm

Published May 21, 2015 by Kindle Words

Louise Stark left her small Texas home town during high school and vowed never to look back. Unfortunately, she has no choice when she is called in to settle the estate of a great aunt she hardly knew. With her best friend Siena Remington in tow, she reluctantly takes a trip across the country and back into her past—planning to return to her fast-paced Manhattan life as quickly as possible.

Brady Williams leads a life filled with adventure, danger, and fame as the star bronco rider in a traveling rodeo. Proud of his reputation as the sexiest bad boy in Texas, he knows he can have any woman he wants. So why can’t he get his mind off straight-laced Louise, the girl he shared his first kiss with back in elementary school? And, more importantly, how can he convince her to stay in Jefferson long enough to give him a chance?

Louise and Brady are about to find out that no amount of distance can stand in the way of two hearts that fit perfectly together. So saddle up and get ready to fall in love with this sweet Western romance inspired by Melissa Foster’s Remington series.

My Thoughts…

If you are not familiar with the Remington’s from Melissa Foster’s series I recommend checking it out, but it is not necessary to love this novella.     This is part of the group of authors that wrote as part of the Kindle World Remington series.   

A Texas Kind of Love is a fun and wonderful novella.     There are amazing characters with strength and honesty that are found throughout the entire series of books.    Brady and Louise were middle school boyfriend and girlfriend.  In true middle school fashion their relationship did not last.    As soon as they saw each other again, having not talked in years, the sparks flew.    They did not give into past feelings and worked to discover if the feelings were still there.    I loved that they did not just fall into bed to feed the fire.    They went out, they rediscovered each other, and they worked to get to a place where they could be together again.   

This novella is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Remington series.  Please check out Melissa Storms take on them.   

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