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Cover Reveal for Baby Blue! by Leesa Wright


Today we’re joined by Leesa Wright for the reveal of her new historical romance, Baby Blue! Check it out and be sure to get your August 17th!

Title: Baby Blue

Author: Leesa Wright

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: August 17th

About Baby Blue:

The saga of the Corrington brothers continues from the heart of San Francisco to Woodstock. Baby Blue takes the reader from the hippy movement through the post-war trials of returning Vietnam veterans.   Captain Donall Corrington: A Naval fighter pilot recovering from the physical and mental wounds from his time as a prisoner of war. Sitting on the dock of the bay, Donall meets Anablue Baker: A quirky flower child, alone and lost in the world. The Daughter of a vengeful admiral who has no problem using her for his gain. Anablue grieves for her twin brother lost to the horrors of war. Torn from the arms of the man she loves, terrified for her life, and to save her lover, Anablue flees to face her future on the run.   Captivated by her sky-blue eyes, nothing will stop Donall from righting the wrong of forbidden love. Returning to his arms the one woman he’s waited a lifetime to find.   Leesa Wright has again brought her love of history to life in this new 20th Century Historical Fiction Romance. Baby Blue is available now.   Come and be swept up in this romantic saga set amidst the tumultuous sixties. When a nation at war cries for peace and star-crossed lovers go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Anablue stood on the dock next to Donall’s sailboat. The string of profanity coming from inside the cabin burnt her ears. A cloud of choking, acrid, diesel exhaust poured from the galley as Donall made an exit coughing, choking while waving his arms to clear the air. He stopped, his loud and descriptive curse dying on his lips.   Her eyes wide and a half-smile on her face. She bit her lip. “Hmmm. Engine trouble?” she ventured. Donall’s frustration was apparent as he snarled, pointing inside the cabin. “That beast. That beast should be taken out, shot, burnt, and sunk to the bottom of the bay.”   “Well. Let me look at it first,” she said.   “You? You want to take a shot at it? A girl.”   “You doubt me?” she asked.   Nodding his head, regarding her with amused skepticism. “Okay Baby blue. Take your best shot.”   Anablue set her things down. Buttoning up her pink painting shirt, she climbed down onto the deck of the boat.   Pulling her hair back and tying it into a messy bun. Taking the wrench from his hand, she walked into the cabin with a sassy “just watch me” swing to her hips.   The engine was tucked under the floorboards of the cabin. Lying next to him on her tummy on the floor, she worked while he handed her the various tools she needed.   “I didn’t know sailboats had engines,” she said. “Kind of odd, don’t you think?”   “I think the previous owner added it. You need one if you end up adrift somewhere. I would hate to have to paddle back to port,” Donall said.   “Oh yeah. That would not be fun.”   “So, tell me how a girl like you knows how to fix an engine?” Donall asked.   “It goes back a while. First, it’s time for a secret.”   Donall chuckled. “Tell away.”   “I’m afraid of horses,” she said. “They’re big and intimidating. Mind you, I lived on a ranch. I never quite mastered the art of horseback riding like my brother and just about everyone else did. For me, just getting on the horse was like a clown show, let alone getting the horse to go where I wanted it to go.   “Your secret is safe with me,” Donall said.   “Anyhow, when I was fourteen I was always tinkering on my Gram’s old tractor, along with old engines in the pole barn. I used it as an excuse not to ride. I was too busy. Eventually, I talked the old mechanic, Bud, into hiring me to work at the gas station in town.”   A wide grin split his face. “A mechanic, you’re a mechanic.”   “Don’t laugh. I started out pumping gas and changing oil. Bud finally let me help him work on cars and trucks. He was getting old, so he retired and sold the gas station. The new owner didn’t want a girl working for him. I lost my job. So, you see I’ve been dealing with sexism for a very long time.”   Donall nodded. “You’re right. I was out of line. I am sorry.”   She nodded her head. “It hurt at the time, but then I was off to “see the world” with a new job.   After a couple of years, Gram got sick and I couldn’t leave her alone, so I had to go home. Even after she died, I never went back. Being a woman mechanic, they didn’t want me back. I was a bit of an embarrassment for them. I am, however, a certified mechanic.”   “How did you manage that?”   “In high school, I took night classes. I stuffed my hair up into a hat and wore my brother’s baggy clothes. They thought I was a boy.”   “They had to be blind. Even covered in grease I can see you’re a girl.”   “My dream when I was growing up was to own that little gas station.”   “And now?” Donall asked.   “I don’t know right now. The funny thing is, dreams change,” Anablue replied.   Donall reached over and ran his finger down her cheekbone to her neck. Snuggling into her, he placed soft kisses on her neck.   “No canoodling the mechanic,” she said, with a shiver.   Donall’s muffled laughter as he nuzzled her neck sent desire coursing through her body. She dropped the wrench and turned to him. He pulled her into his arms as his lips found hers. Tasting, exploring, he plundered her mouth and her neck, moving to the hint of cleavage at the V of her shirt. His hands roamed her body. From the curve of her back to her waist, and up to cup her breasts. She returned his fervent kisses, lost in his touch, an unknown need grew inside of her.   “Eight bells, Anablue.” Capt. Jack’s call brought her out of her passion-filled trance. Sitting up, she traced his lips with her finger leaving a trail of grease.   “You’re a dangerous man, Donall with two L’s.” She rose to her feet and left the cabin.  

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About Leesa Wright:

Leesa makes her home in the Twin Cities metro area with her husband and her two dogs Rosie and Jax. When she isn’t writing she enjoys gardening, painting, and reading romance novels. She and her husband also enjoy movies, traveling, and entertaining their two grown children along with several beautiful grandchildren. Leesa’s favorite romance authors are Kathleen Woodwiss, Christine Feehan, and Johanna Lindsey. The book’s inspiration came one night from a dream about the characters, a song, and the story around them.  

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