Monday, April 19, 2021

Release Blitz for Book of Love by Erin Satie


Erin Satie is joining us for the release blitz of her historical romance, Book of Love! Check it out and be sure to get your copy today!

Title: Book of Love

Author: Erin Satie

Genre: Historical Romance

About Book of Love:

She's trying to make ends meet. He's out for a bit of fun.   Cordelia Kelly is busy, focused, worried about the future of her fledgling bookbinding business. When a handsome man stops her on the street to pester her with questions, she gives him the consideration he deserves: none. That handsome man happens to be the Duke of Stroud, and he finds Cordelia's hostility hilarious. He gives chase, if only for the pleasure of provoking her again.   He thinks life is a game. She doesn't play around.   Within days of meeting Cordelia, Stroud sets a marching band on a matchmaking mama, defaces a local monument, and ropes Cordelia into a round of his favorite game. In that same time, Cordelia stitches together the complete works of Mary Wollstonecraft, enthusiastically devotes herself to a petition demanding expanded legal rights for married women, and beats Stroud at his own game.   She defies all expectations. So does he.   Most people dismiss Stroud as a fool--himself included. When Cordelia sees past his lighthearted facade, he's terrified and also... in love? Stroud barges into Cordelia's life, offering her all the material and sensual temptations she's learned to do without. She usually has willpower to spare, but turning him down takes all of it, and then some. He's oddly irresistible. Or maybe they're perfect for one another.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

The dog stood about eight inches tall and half as wide, exquisitely detailed, with shiny black eyes and a little pink tongue lolling out from its open mouth, painted toenails peeking out from a fringe of fur. Cordelia picked it up and, finding the statuette fairly light, turned it upside down. A scroll of paper poked out from the hole in the base. Ruby swore under her breath. “Have we fallen into one of your novels?” Cordelia asked, not entirely in jest. She plucked the paper from the dog’s belly and returned the sculpture to its spot—slowly, giving herself time to gather her courage—before carefully unrolling the note. Rules of the Game
  1. You have one week to deliver Homer the Roamer to a new owner.
  2. You may employ any and all means at your disposal.
  3. Do not get caught!!!
  4. If you are caught, you must try again.
  5. Each attempt must be unique. Once a delivery attempt has failed, you must devise a new scheme.
  6. Once you are successful, you may enter his new address into the Official Register at Stroud House.
A picture of two hounds rampant stamped in red wax marked the end of the letter, in lieu of a signature.”

About Erin Satie:

Erin Satie is the author of the dark and elegant No Better Angels series, historical romances set in the early Victorian period. She’s currently hard at work on her upcoming series, Sweetness & Light, which should be just as elegant but not quite so dark.   Erin is a California native who’s lived on the coasts and in the heartland, in tiny city apartments and on a working farm. She studied art history in both college and graduate school—research is always her favorite part of starting a new book.   Her favorite part of finishing a book, whether reading or writing, is the happily ever after.  

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