Thursday, February 28, 2019

REVIEW for Beshert by Erin Gordon

Kindle Edition, 244 pages
Published November 28th 2018 by BookBaby

On a bus in Tel Aviv shortly before Shabbat, Chelsea, a tourist from Colorado, is about to make a grave error. Noam, a local on his way home from work, spots what’s happening. Though he helps avert the disaster she’s set in motion, their lives are forever altered.

Recovering from a trauma back home, Chelsea has traveled to Israel hoping to restore her shaken faith. A scientist and a proud secular Israeli, Noam is working through his own traumas, which include a dead girlfriend and a phobia he’s ashamed to face. Though Chelsea and Noam hail from opposite sides of the globe, they find something in each other they’ve never experienced before. But how can an atheist Jew from Tel Aviv and a Christian from Colorado Springs create a life?

Hitting the sweet spot between novelty and familiarity, Beshert will appeal to fans of Emily Giffin and Sarah Jio. With a novel premise and a vivid Middle Eastern setting, the story is told from two perspectives and explores what happens when your core identity is challenged. 

My Thoughts…

A book about a young Christian woman traveling alone to Israel to renew her faith and find herself is intriguing.   I was interested in what she would find, would she find herself and the peace she was looking for or would it just lead her to question herself even more.   I loved the details that went into the places she visited, the hotels she stayed in, and the people she met.    It was easy to picture Israel through Chelsea’s eyes, feel the joy in her heart, and know that her soul was being fed by all that she was experiencing.  

Noam lives in Israel, is Jewish, and questions everything.   He doesn’t believe in faith or in God’s way, he doesn’t believe that things happen because God willed them to, yet he meets Chelsea on a bus in Tel Aviv and he begins to question all that he doesn’t believe.    I loved that he didn’t change his ways just to make Chelsea happy, he questioned her, he respected her, and he let her keep her traditions while also showing her his traditions.     

Everything about this book is wonderful.   The beautiful setting and the wonderful characters are perfect for this romance book.   

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