Thursday, February 21, 2019

REVIEW for Watermarked by Danielle Butler

Kindle Edition, 234 pages
Published January 28th 2019

Eyes like a storm…

Surrounded by ocean, terrified of water, Cam’s new life on a tiny island is her version of hell. But at 16, abandoned by her father and with a mother struck by a devastating illness, Cam is forced to live with the reclusive grandmother she’s never met.

But it’s nothing to cry about—not for the girl who never sheds a tear.

Isolated off the coast of Maine, Cam is drawn to Macon, the boy from the other side of the island. But his mother—and most others in the tight-knit community—looks upon her with suspicion.

When she learns about her family’s unsettling history, Cam is plunged into ancestral mystery and the magic of the sea.

And what she discovers could be the key to changing everything.

My Thoughts…

Cam is forced to go live with her grandmother after her mother gets sick and can’t take care of her.  At 16 she lives in the house behind her grandmother, has no real adult watching out for her, and can feel that there is something “wrong” with her.   
There is so much that I liked about this book.   I liked that there are friends who care about Cam, who stand by her, make her feel welcome, and do what is needed to help her when she needs it.    I liked that Cam questioned everything.  She didn’t accept things at face value and she pushed for answers even when no one wanted to tell her them.     Yet, there were times I felt the book left part of the story hanging.    There was more to the story about Bridgette, Anne, and some of the other characters and their reactions to Cam.    I wanted those storylines to be more developed the fact that they weren’t left the story feeling choppy to me.  

I enjoyed this book.  It isn’t long and is perfect for YA, older readers, and everyone in between.   I have hopes that there will be more to come about these characters and their island.   Maybe that will tie it all together for me.

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