Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Review for Red Canvas by Andrew Nance

Red Canvas  by   Andrew Nance 

Published May 4th 2020 by Red Adept

In the seaside city of San Marco, Florida, private investigator Lise Norwood spends her days serving papers and her nights spying on cheating spouses. An odd career choice for a woman who studied art history while a student at San Marco University. When local police ask her to consult on a murder case in which the victim was posed to resemble a classic Greek sculpture, Lise dusts off her art history degree and joins the task force.

As the artistic madman known as Michelangelo continues to use the bodies of his victims to copy more works of art, Lise starts her own investigation into the gruesome killings. Homicide detectives accuse her of overstepping her role as consultant and she’s fired from the case, which only spurs her to dig deeper. Her inquiries take an ugly and personal turn when she learns that Michelangelo has chosen her to be his next bloody masterpiece. 


A man who is killing woman and posing them after works of art is targeting Lise.  As Lise helps the police in their investigation, she cannot help but think that Michelangelo might be someone she knows.    I really enjoyed figuring out how her brain was working.   She took clues, made them make sense, and was able to put together a who-dun-it.   She was not always right, but her reasoning made sense and she stayed true to who she thought Michelangelo was until it was proven she was wrong.     Lise had knowledge, skills, and the ability to think outside the box.  


I loved seeing how the case would unfold and how the clues all came together.   Andrew Nance did an amazing job of telling a story that stayed true to police work, kept the clues coming while not giving away the who-dun-it, and keeping the storyline intriguing.    I felt that the characters were realistic and easy to like.  The storyline moved quick enough to keep my interested but gave enough detail that I was able to make my own guesses that were not always right but were not way off course either.    


** Thank you Red Adept Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


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