Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Audiobook Review for Roses & Champagne Kisses by Stacy Eaton

Roses & Champagne Kisses

Heart of the Family, Book 2

By: Stacy Eaton

Narrated by: Lisa Beacom

Series: Heart of the Family, Book 2

Length: 7 hrs and 6 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 05-12-20

Language: English

Publisher: Nitewolf Novels


Publisher's Summary

Finley Parker loves working in catering but hates her boss and her life in Middletown. When Robin Landry steals her away to work for Heart of the Family Catering in Cricklewood Cove, Finley is ready to cook up a new life. 

An accident in the kitchen finds Robin laid up and Finley must take over the planning of a wedding for a nightmare bride. It doesn't help that sitting beside the spoiled woman is a tempting and tasty morsel of a man.

Roan Waterman is ready to take on life again after six years of mourning his wife. With his son about to head to college, Roan is looking for a woman to build a new life and his eyes are set on Finley. 

Misunderstandings, overheard secrets, and a major surprise from Finley's past will keep these two on their toes as they prepare for the upcoming wedding. 



Audiobook Review…I usually listen to books that I have read before so that I am familiar with the story.   I have not read Roses & Champagne so this was a new-to-me story.   Lisa Beacom did an amazing job of telling Stacy Eaton’s story and making it come alive as I listened.  

eBook Review…Love, friendships, new opportunities are some of the amazing storylines woven together to make one amazing book.  Abuse, death, and cheating are also found within the story but they are written in with care and respect.    The difficult topics make good things even more wonderful.   

Finley is a tough character.   She is all woman but she doesn’t need a man.   She does not even want a man but she has one.   She has Roan, whether she wants him or not.    Roan, he is all man.  Tough, sexy, protective, and alpha.   When life gets complicated for Finley, Roan steps in to keep her safe and of course falls in love with her.   I loved this.   They both needed someone in their lives who would respect and love them for who they were.  Both Finely and Roan had pasts that were holding them back and they needed to be able to get past that to find their HEA.    Together they showed that anything was possible and that all they needed was a good person in their life to make their world better.  


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