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RELEASE BOOST for A Taste of Passion by Chloe Blake

A Taste of Passion by Chloe Blake Release Boost
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“4.5 Stars! This book had me ALL in my feelings.” —Goodreader Reviewer on A Taste of Passion

Author Chloe Blake is back another Deliciously Dechamps novel, A TASTE OF PASSION.
Featuring exotic locations, opposites attract romance with a sexy,
millionaire hero you’ll want to run away and find your own French vineyard.
Fans of Brenda Jackson and A PRINCESS THEORY by Alyssa Cole
will devour this sensual yet humorous read.

About A Taste of Passion
Title: A Taste of Passion
Author: Chloe Blake
Published: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
Series: Deliciously Dechamps #3
Genres: Romance
Page Count: 226 pages


The exquisite night Maya North spends with a seductive stranger is the perfect prelude to her new life
in Paris as co-owner of a French vineyard. Until she discovers that her mystery lover is her
new business partner, Nicolas Rayo—and he’s trying to buy her out.
That’s when the LA corporate consultant decides it’s war—even if her heart says Nic’s the one…

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Copyright @ 2019 Harlequin, Chloe Blake
Jesus, Nic thought as he took the elevator down to the basement. His powerful attraction to the
American came as a surprise to him; the minute she’d taken his hand in the elevator he’d had an
instant hard-on.

Sex with guests was not good PR for the hotel. He had a serious conversation with himself as he
walked into the wine cellar—think of the Yelp reviews. But his next thought had to do with which wine
she would enjoy and what her red lips would look like closing over the glass. Not exactly the voice of
reason he was trying to sustain.

He moved to the reds and chose a fruity Loire Valley Pinot Noir that would look beautiful against her
red mouth. He’d get one of the porters to take it up, not trusting himself to knock on her door again.
There had been a moment where he was hoping she would invite him in, offer him something to
drink from the mini-bar, kiss him. He ran a hand over his mouth and made his way back to the
first floor, intent on finding someone in the kitchen to take the wine to her room.

The music pumped louder as more and more people filed into the lobby, waving their masks and
drinks in the air. A crush, she’d called it. That was how he felt as he pushed through to the back of
the bar and skirted in between the bartenders to find the good crystal. One perfect sparkling glass for
the goddess upstairs. He heard a glass break across the room—the cleanup was going to be

Nic moved from the bar, allowing the bartenders their much-needed space, and waved over a
young porter. “Nic?” he thought he heard mixed into the music. Couldn’t be—then again, his name,
louder this time. A woman’s voice, one he recognized. Nic brought the porter close so he could hear
him. “Is there a redheaded woman behind me calling my name? Don’t be obvious.”

“Oui, patron.”

Daphne. Merde. “Never mind,” he said to the porter. “I’ll take it myself.”

Nic took the private elevator to eleven, thinking more about getting away from Daphne than what he
would say to Mademoiselle North. What had she said her name was again? God, he was horrible
with names. He got to her door and hesitated, wondering if he looked creepy or desperate,
realizing the longer he talked to himself outside her door, the more creepy and desperate he looked.
He knocked lightly, then more forcefully when no one answered.

“Mademoiselle?”he yelled out. The lock turned and there she was again in her bare feet, still wearing
the strappy dress that accentuated her body. Her eyes widened and she smiled. Breathtaking.
He held up the bottle of wine and a single glass. “As promised.”

Her surprised gaze touched the bottle, then his eyes. She seemed to debate for a moment, then
stepped back. “Come in. Maybe you can open it for me?”

“Of course.” The moment he stepped inside, she closed the door and came toward him, so close
he could smell the vanilla scent of her hair. Then she kissed him, sweetly at first, her lips testing his,
then bolder, their mouths fusing perfectly. She pulled back slowly, his lips following before he let hers
go. There was a wicked gleam in her eye.

“I told myself I would do that the next time I saw you,” she whispered.

He licked his lips. “I’m happy you did.”

“Will you stay and have a drink with me?”

“I would love to,” he said, staring at her mouth. He gave her the glass and moved to her small kitchen
for the bottle opener.

She inspected the crystal in the light. “You only brought one.”

He popped the bottle with a graceful flick of his wrist, then came toward her with a grin.
“We can share.”

About Chloe Blake

Chloe Blake can be found dreaming up stories while she is traveling the world, or just sitting on her
couch in Brooklyn, NY. When she is not writing sexy novels, she is at the newest wine bar,
taking random online classes, binge watching Netflix, or searching for her next adventure.
Chloe has published two erotic novels under the pseudonym Chloe Blaque.

Readers can find out more about Chloe and her books from her website at

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