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Friendship on Fire: Love in Bloom, Book 6 AUDIOBOOK

Friendship on Fire: Love in Bloom, Book 6

Publisher's Summary
Friendship on Fire is the sixth book in the Love in Bloom series. While Friendship on Fire can be experienced as a standalone novel, for even more listening enjoyment you may want to hear the Love in Bloom series in series order.
Small-town overachiever Riley Banks has finally scored her big break - working in Manhattan as a fashion design assistant for her childhood crush, Josh Braden. She enters her new job hoping to make a name for herself and - just maybe - explore the romance that slipped through her fingers way back when.
Josh Braden has models at his beck and call, a staff that never says never, and an elegant clothing line for the holiday season. When he hires Riley Banks, he expects her to learn the business from the ground up. But the girl next door turns out to be much more than he remembered.
Josh and Riley's friendship heats up. Every steamy kiss and every erotic caress stirs a love they cannot deny. But when Riley designs a wedding gown that would cause even the most jaded fashion editors to swoon, Riley's mentor accuses her of stealing the design.
Facing indisputable proof and the mistrust of her lover, Riley is not sure she can take the heat of life in the fast lane of the fashion industry - and Josh is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the career he adores.
Content warning: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18-plus.
©2014 Melissa Foster (P)2015 Melissa Foster

My Thoughts…

Listening to an audiobook is like revisiting old friends.   I had read Friendship on Fire when it came out and couldn’t wait to listen to it.    BJ Harrison is amazing as a narrator.   He shares the emotions, the thoughts, and the love between Riley Banks and Josh Braden.    The characters come to life as BJ reads the words Melissa Foster wrote.  

Riley Banks has finally seen her dreams start to come true. She has a job as a fashion design assistant in Manhattan working for her high school crush, Josh Braden. Josh and Riley’s friendship heats up quickly once she gets settled into Josh’s sisters apartment and starts her new job. With steamy kisses and hot caresses their love blooms and they cannot deny their feelings. When Riley’s mentor, Claudia, accuses her of stealing a design from her, Riley’s is doubting her life as a fashion designer and her life with Josh.

Melissa Foster did not disappoint. With each book in this series I have seriously crushed on the leading men. Josh fell right into that crush area. He is sexy, rich, independent, and successful. He is also loving, faithful, and protective of those he loves. I love that each of the leading women in the books is also successful and strong willed. Riley does not let Josh walk over her, whether in their love life or in her career. She struggles with Josh’s love and how their relationship will be perceived in their work place.

This series of books are easy to read. Fun, easy, sexy, and oh so steamy. Friendship on Fire showed real life struggles, family values (standing by what you believe), and love. I highly recommend this book and the entire series to all chic-lit lovers.

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