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Destined for Love AUDIOBOOK by Melissa Foster

Destined for Love: Love in Bloom, Volume 5 (The Bradens, Book 2)

·         Written by: Melissa Foster
·         Narrated by: B.J. Harrison
·         Length: 8 hrs 
o    Series: The Bradens, Book 2
o    Series: Love in Bloom, Book 5 Unabridged Audiobook
·         Release Date:01-08-15
·         Publisher: Melissa Foster

A long standing family feud is keeping Rex Braden and Jade Johnson from the happy ending they both deserve and want. Rex’s dad and Jade’s dad grew up as best friends and continued that friendship into adult life. Then one day it all fell apart and they no longer would even acknowledge each other. The rules were set to the kids of the Johnson and Braden families to not have ANY contact with the other family. But love comes flying above the feud. Rex and Jade have circled around each other since they were teenagers, now as adults they cannot keep their feelings in check. Their hope is that their families will come together and support each other, or their only option will be to move out of their hometown so they can find the happy ever after they need.

My Thoughts…

Destined for Love is book 5 of 9 in the Love In Bloom series. I cannot say it is my favorite, since I have loved each of the stories for their own tale, but it is definitely one of them. 

Rex is hot from the minute he is introduced to the reader in Book One of the Bradens stories and I could not wait to know what would come of him. I knew and hoped that his true love would come riding in and turn his life upside down. My favorite part of this story is certainly the hot and steamy scenes where there were no holds barred and the love and sexiness shined between Rex and Jade. But this story also showed how two adults, who love their respective families, can stand up to their fathers and make them realize that they had made mistakes and that forgiving was part of living in order to be able to live their lives together. 

I easily give this book five stars, more if that is possible. There are some extremely sexy and hot scenes that are not suitable for all readers. Once you start reading Destined for Love you will not be able to put it down. I highly recommend you read all the books in this series, but it is not necessary to enjoy this book.

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