Wednesday, April 5, 2017

From Ant to Eagle by Alex Lyttle & GIVEAWAY

Paperback, 224 pages
Expected publication: April 1st 2017 by Central Avenue Publishing
My name is Calvin Sinclair, I'm eleven years old and I have a confession… ...I killed my brother.

It's the summer before grade six and Calvin Sinclair is bored to tears. He’s recently moved from a big city to a small town and there's nothing to do. It’s hot, he has no friends and the only kid around is his six-year-old brother, Sammy, who can barely throw a basketball as high as the hoop. Cal occupies his time by getting his brother to do almost anything: from collecting ants to doing Calvin’s chores. And Sammy is all too eager - as long as it means getting a "Level" and moving one step closer to his brother's Eagle status.

When Calvin meets Aleta Alvarado, a new girl who shares his love for
 Goosebumps books and adventure, Sammy is pushed aside. Cal feels guilty but not enough to change. At least not until a diagnosis makes things at home start falling apart and he's left wondering whether Sammy will ever complete his own journey...

From Ant To Eagle.

My Thoughts…

Oh My…. A book about a young child, Sammy,  with cancer is never the type of book I like to read.   Yet for some reason I could not pass on this book and I have never been happier that I read a book.    

From Ant To Eagle should have been a sad story.   This should have been story that would devastate me with the idea of a child suffering through cancer but I finished and I thought how amazing of a story.     I was sad, I had tears but more so I was amazed at how a child, not the one with cancer but his brother, could see what adults could not.     Cal, the older brother of Sammy, is the type of brother that protects his sibling, puts up with him when he would really rather do his own thing, and realizes that he knows what Sammy needs to have whatever happiness he can have.      

While this is a cancer book, it is a story about family and sibling’s.   This is not a story of Sammy, the boy with cancer.  It is a story of Cal the boy who has a brother with cancer.    This is Cal’s story on how he feels, how he deals, and how cancer affects him.     From Ant To Eagle is a story that will pull at your heartstrings from the beginning to the end.  

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