Monday, February 27, 2017

Unstrung by Laura Spinella

Even as a violin prodigy, Olivia Klein courted trouble. But when her marriage to high-stakes investor Rob Van Doren takes another wrong turn, Olivia acts out once too often. A night of bad behavior results in community service hours. Time is to be served with Theo McAdams, an inner-city teacher whose passion for music eclipses Olivia’s. As she inches toward a better place, life surprises Olivia in the form of her first husband—baseball legend Sam Nash.

Years ago, Olivia fell in love with Sam. Their impulsive marriage imploded with a fateful car crash and harsh parting words. Olivia never expected to see him again. But now Sam is back, and he wants her forgiveness. He also wants to recapture their volatile love affair. Olivia is torn between rekindling romance and saving her marriage. To her surprise, it’s the presence of the young music teacher—and the lessons from a reckless past—that may bring harmony to Olivia’s off-key life.

My Thoughts...

Laura Spinella wrote an amazing story about Olivia, a brilliantly talented violinist who struggles to embrace her talent.    Olivia has some anger issues, mostly brought on by husband’s misuse of their money.    The book starts with Olivia in court for destroying Rob’s, her husband, Porsche with a baseball bat.      As the story continues we learn more about her history and the reasons for her anger and pain.     While this does not excuse her behavior it gives cause for it. 

The story has so many twists and turns that it keeps the reader on the edge of their seats.     There is people from Olivia’s past that come back to visit, a person she has kept a secret from everyone, and her odd mother who does not seem to support her at all.     Add to that her husband who pushes her trust with his secrets and her best friend, lawyer, who also keeps secrets.      It may sound like there is too much going on, but this story is perfect and wonderful.      

Unstrung is a story of a women’s journey to find her true self.     I highly recommend this book.   

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Laura Spinella is the author of the #1 Kindle bestseller Ghost Gifts, soon to be a trilogy. Book two is coming in 2017! In addition to her latest work, Unstrung, she’s penned the award-winning novels Beautiful Disaster and Perfect Timing. She also writes romantic suspense, featuring the Clairmont Series Novels, under the pen name L. J. Wilson. Spinella currently lives in the Boston area with her family, where she can always be found writing her next novel. She loves to hear from readers; visit her at and 

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