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Jagger (Broken Doll #2) by Heather C. Leigh & GIVEAWAY

NEW DARK ROMANCE by Heather C. Leigh 

 Meet Miri (Junkie) and Jagger (Boss) in the Broken Doll Series!


 Jagger (Book Two) Amazon US   |   UK   

Junkie (Book One) Amazon US  |    Amazon UK

 Jagger Book Summary 

 I sell drugs. Heroin to be specific. And I'm fucking good at my job. Enough to fight my way to the top position, controlling all of Austin's supply. So what if I had to kill the previous boss to do it. I do what has to be done. Never cared about consequences because I never had anything to lose. Until I met Miri. My doll. She's my weakness and somehow, my enemies found out about her. If they hurt her, they will regret the day they ever heard my name. Boss. They call me Boss for a reason. What I say goes, including the price on the heads of anyone who dares to fuck with what belongs to me. My Miri. 

My Thoughts…

Oh My Jagger!   I knew that he was a good guy, even with his tough guy exterior and his drug lord ways.     In Junkie, book one of this series, he showed that he could be ruthless if he has to be but in reality he has the biggest, strongest heart.     When Junkie ends Miri is in a horrible situation that is caused by Jagger’s role as a drug lord.    Jagger picks up right where Junkie ended.   Jagger is willing to go to the end of the world to save and protect Miri.   There is no one off limits, no place to hide her, and nothing he won’t do to get her back.   I love how he doesn’t let anyone get in his way to protect what is his.   MINE! is definitely what Miri is to Jagger.   
 The dual points of view are perfect for this story.    It was wonderful to get both Miri and Jagger’s view on the happenings in their life.    Miri tells the tale of being held captive and how she fights to work through it just to get back to the man she loves.    Jagger tells the story of how he fights to get Miri back and what he has to do to keep her safe.     Neither of the stories are easy to read.   Heather C. Leigh holds nothing back.   This story is not easy to read, it is rough, it is brutal, and it is vicious to read.  

I recommend this book and this series.   It is definitely not what everyone will enjoy but I loved every word, chapter, and page.

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Meet Heather C. Leigh 

 Heather C. Leigh is the author of the Amazon best selling Famous series. She likes to write about the 'dark' side of fame. The part that the public doesn't get to see, how difficult it is to live in a fishbowl and how that affects relationships. Heather was born and raised in New England and currently lives outside Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 kids, and French Bulldog, Shelby. She loves the Red Sox, the Patriots, and anything chocolate (but not white chocolate, everyone knows it's not real chocolate so it doesn't count) and has left explicit instructions in her will to have her ashes snuck into Fenway Park and sneakily sprinkled all over while her family enjoys beer, hot dogs, and a wicked good time. My favorite authors are Dan Wells, Ken Follett, and Stephen King.

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