Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Faded Perfection (Beautifully Flawed #2) by Cassandra Giovanni

Paperback, 368 pages
Published June 14th 2016 by Show n'ot Tell Publishing


That’s all it takes to have everything ripped away from you.
No one knows this better than Adam Beckerson and River Ahlers.

Each is fighting a losing battle with the death of Bobby and the fallout it causes. Adam loses a brother; River her best friend.

And while Adam finds himself fading into the bottom of a bottle, River finds the only thing she can do is run away from everything-- including Adam.

Sometimes when you lose everything, you lose yourself. The important part is finding your way back again.

My Thoughts…

This is the story of how a trio of friends goes to only being a duo.   The dynamic is changed, the feelings are different, and the future is drastically changed.    River, Adam, and Bobby have been best friends forever.    Their friendship goes beyond just friends since Adam and Bobby both are in love with River yet River is in a relationship with Adam.   When Bobby dies both Adam and River must figure out how to keep living.    

The drinking, the lack of sleep, working long hours, and lack of communication are all things that are working against Adam and River.   Cassandra Giovanni did a great job of portraying the grief and how people react to the loss of someone they love.    For some relationships it would pull them together and some it pulls them apart.     While this is not an easy topic to talk about in this book grief is handled with care, truth, and realistically.    It is not pretty, it is not easy, and a person can’t know how they will handle it until they are in the situation.  

The twist… holy cow!  I didn’t see it coming.    Once it happen I was thrilled and am still happy with how the story went.    This is the perfect book to follow up to Flawed Perfection (book one). 

 I have hopes of how book three will continue the story but know that I will be surprised there too.    This is a series full of heart.    I recommend checking out the entire series, which should be read in order.  

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