Friday, September 18, 2015

The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly

Published September 15, 2015 by Grove Press

Single mother Roz has a reached breaking-point. After the dissolution of her marriage, Roz’s business has gone under, debts are racking up, the rent is late (again), and she's struggling to provide for her nine-year-old son, who is starting to misbehave in school. Roz is in trouble. Real trouble.

When Roz returns home from work one day and finds an eviction notice, she knows that it’s time for action—she has two weeks to find a solution otherwise they will be kicked out of their home. Increasingly desperate, Roz doesn’t know where to turn. Then the perfect opportunity presents itself. At her sister’s fortieth birthday party, Roz meets Scott Elias—wealthy, powerful, and very married. But the impression Roz leaves on him is indelible. He tracks her down and makes Roz an offer to spend the night with him—for money. He wants no-strings-attached intimacy and can guarantee total discretion. Could it be as simple as it sounds? With that kind of cash, Roz could clear her debts and get her life back on track. But as the situation spirals out of her control, Roz is forced to do things she never thought herself capable of. Can she ever set things right again? 

My Thoughts…

Everyone has had that time that they wish they had more money, whether to pay a bill, buy a present, or just as a cushion.   Roz is desperate.   They have reposed everything they can, the landlord is evicting her, and there is no funds available anywhere for her to save herself and her son, George.   Then Scott comes into her life.   Everything changes.  

The struggles Roz has are real, especially for a single mother.    The love she has for her son and all the things she wants for him are what any good parent would want  for their family.  I felt sorry for Roz.   She was at her breaking point.    To save her family and keep a roof over her head she has to consider an indecent proposal.     

While this is a thriller, there is so much humor.    The interactions of Roz with her patients, Roz’s sisters reaction to her friends and their wealth;  there was just so much that had touches of humor in them.   There were also serious scenes.    Between both the humor and the seriousness, this book was real.   It happens.    People are in positions where they consider what can be done to just stay safe.   Paula Daly wrote the perfect book. 

This is my first Paula Daly book (yes, I must live under a rock) but certainly not my last.    Check out this book, you won’t be sorry  

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