Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All the Difference by Leah Ferguson

Published September 1, 2015 by Berkley

New Year’s Eve. A time for resolutions. A chance to make a change. And for thirty-year-old Molly Sullivan, a night that will transform her life forever…

All it takes is one word—yes or no—to decide Molly’s future. As the clock counts down to midnight and the ball slowly begins to drop, Molly’s picture-perfect boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She knows she should say yes, especially considering the baby-sized surprise she just discovered she’s carrying. But something in her heart is telling her to say no…

Now, Molly’s future can follow two very different paths: one where she stays with her baby’s father, despite her misgivings and his family’s unreasonable expectations, and one where she ventures out on her own as a single mother, embracing all the hardships that come with it.

And by the time the next New Year is rung in, Molly will know which choice was right—following her head or listening to her heart…

My Thoughts…

All the Difference takes the reader on a journey of two options of how Molly’s life could turn out if she accepts or refuses Scott’s proposal of marriage.   I found it interesting how different Molly’s life could be with just a choice of the word yes or the word no to a question asked by her boyfriend.    While the outcomes are so very different, Molly’s feelings are consistent no matter which option she chooses.  Both options open her eyes to the true Scott and how her life will be with or without him.   Add to the pressure of the answering the fact that Molly has just found out that she is pregnant.   

I knew which option I wanted to her take.   I could see the writing on the wall onto which way she would go.   Yet, I doubted myself.    Would she accept?   Taking on a life as a stay at home mom, Scott’s wife, and a homemaker.   Would she say no?   Starting life with her child as a single mother trying to do her best to make her child happy without any needs.   It could have gone either way.   Both ways would be big changes, extra stress, and eye opening discoveries about herself.   

Leah Ferguson wrote a fun book with some tough questions and some facts of life.    Check it out, I guarantee it will keep you entertained.  

Book Links

Advance Praise for ALL THE DIFFERENCE:

“Ferguson offers women’s fiction a fresh new voice with her first novel, a delightful tale about the roads we choose in life….This is a unique take on a familiar plot!”
—RT Book Reviews, 4½ stars!

“An honest, compelling, heartfelt debut about the many paths to happiness.”
—Meg Donohue, USA Today bestselling author of Dog Crazy, All the Summer Girls, and How to Eat a Cupcake

“Clever, emotional and heart-warming—a wonderful read!”
—Mary Ellen Taylor, author of The Union Street Bakery

“In ALL THE DIFFERENCE, Leah Ferguson gives readers a surprising and fresh take on ‘what if’ in her page-turning debut. Molly Sullivan is a strong main character who knows exactly who she is—even when she's not sure exactly what she wants. Ferguson deftly illustrates how choices shape our lives, and how it's never too late to change course and head in the right direction. Leah Ferguson is a charming new voice in women's fiction.”
Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor

“Sweet, sassy, and heartfelt, ALL THE DIFFERENCE is a clever take on the road not traveled, one that will leave you contemplating the power of destiny and the joy of unexpected second chances.”
— Kimberly Belle, author of The Last Breath

“Leah Ferguson's fresh storytelling allows her characters to do what the rest of us can only achieve in hindsight: live out alternate destinies. Molly is at once so insightful, clueless, and laugh-out-loud funny that you'll be cheering for her like you would your best friend. A thoughtful, highly entertaining read! Fans of Emily Giffin will not want to miss this!”
—Kathryn Craft, author of The Far End of Happy

“Anyone who's ever wondered about the road not taken will relate to this heartwarming novel about life's little surprises. Readers will identify with Molly Sullivan as she struggles to find direction in her career, love, and family life, only to discover that all paths lead to a better understanding of herself.”
—Susan Gloss, author of Vintage

“With witty dialogue and great insights into human nature, Leah Ferguson tells the story of Molly's unusual year and her path to happiness and realizing what is important. Leah Ferguson is a stirring new voice in women's fiction, writing a story that is both highly entertaining and moving.”
—Anita Hughes, author of French Coast

ALL THE DIFFERENCE is an enchanting, beautifully crafted debut about the road not taken. You will find yourself turning pages compulsively until you learn which path pregnant P.R. executive Molly Sullivan takes. Does she say yes or no after her seemingly perfect boyfriend presents her with a huge diamond ring? I loved the premise of this novel.”
—Barbara Claypole White, award-winning author of The Unfinished Garden and The Perfect Son

“With intelligence and heart, Leah Ferguson puts a fresh twist on the concept of the road not taken. ALL THE DIFFERENCE gracefully explores the meaning of family, love, and friendship and cleverly addresses the question of whether a single decision can change our destiny.”
—Dana Bate, author of The Girl’s Guide to Love and Supper Clubs and Too Many Cooks

“We gobbled up this refreshing debut. Molly is a character everyone will love--smart, quirky with just the right amount of sass. In ALL THEDIFFERENCE, Leah Ferguson has crafted a novel filled with dynamic characters and real-life problems. You'll be rooting for Molly as she navigates parallel destinies, ultimately making a powerful choice that will leave readers applauding.”
—Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, authors of Your Perfect Life

“In ALL THE DIFFERENCE, Leah Ferguson’s thoughtful and heartfelt debut, I found myself drawn into the parallel lives of a heroine struggling to navigate the thorny ground between following her heart and living up to the expectations of others. With a refreshingly down-to-earth style, Ferguson offers us a front row seat to an emotional tug of war as Molly Sullivan wrestles with clinging to the less than perfect life she knows, and trading that life for one that will require sacrifice, change, and ultimately, growth. I devoured every word, and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Molly journey.”
—Barbara Davis, author of The Wishing Tide

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