Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Remingtons: Crazy Love (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Calinda B.

Published March 2, 2016
Skilled “tiger whisperer” Kennedy Swift is on a mission to get her life on track and escape the people who want to do her harm. Running into Dante Vega isn’t on the plan. When her gaze lands on Dante, the same obsession and longing she experienced in her senior year comes roaring back to life. She simply can’t afford to let him in. End of story.

An unexpected, surprise encounter at a tiger sanctuary in the Bronx leaves mega-superstar musician Dante Vega reeling. Is the woman being charged by the tiger, about to lose her life, the same woman he crushed hard on at his exclusive private Manhattan high school before she vanished?

Each of their lives has been marred by tragedy. Each carries secrets, too dark to reveal. Will their secrets tear them apart? Or will they find the courage to come clean, risking all to find love?

Cameo appearances from Dex Remington, Ellie Parker, Mitch Anziano and Regina Smith, from Game of Love.

My Thoughts…

Crazy Love is a novella that branches off the Love in Bloom series by Melissa Foster, specifically Game of Love.     There are slight appearance from familiar characters which is so much fun.  It is great to see what old favorites are up to.     Know that you do not have to be familiar at all with Melissa Foster’s series.    This is a standalone book and really has no deep ties to the Remington’s other than their cameos.

While it is great to see old favorites I really loved the new ones.   The band mates, the siblings, the families, the friends, and, of course, Kennedy and Dante all became my friends by the time I finished the book.       Kennedy and Dante are the main characters but the secondary characters really made the story.    Dante’s band mates keep him in line, don’t let him lose his way, and support him no matter what is going on.     Kennedy’s brother, Simon, and her co-worker, Jim, are the stable ones in her life.   They help her fight the battle against addiction and send her on the path to a happy life.     

Crazy Love is not a long book, it is a novella.    While there are not a lot of pages to read there is a lot of story to enjoy.    Within these pages you have addiction, love, family dynamics, corruption, and a happy ever after.     I am thrilled that I got the opportunity to read Calinda B.’s book and look forward to checking out more of the Remington’s Kindle World books.         

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