Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Everywhere It’s You by C.B. Salem

Kindle Edition, 170 pages
Published March 2015 by Existence Press

How do you find someone you see everywhere you look? 

Legal investigator Kristina Andersen has been drugged.

It started when she came into work and was tasked with finding the firm's biggest client: the intense, enigmatic pharmaceuticals billionaire Landon Tatum.

She'd just had a sexy encounter with him while working a birthday party undercover at a seedy strip club the previous night. Now he's missing, and she needs to find him.

Problem: the drug coursing through her veins makes it so every man she sees looks like the man she's searching for.

And that's just the start of it.

My Thoughts…

Sometimes a short story can leave a reader wanting more.     Everywhere It’s You left me wanting more but not because I didn’t get enough of the story in this book.     There is everything a full length novel has and more within these pages.     There was a story, great developed characters, and an ending that left the reader in need of more.      I am always amazed when an author can tell an entire story in such few pages.   C.B. has the talent.

This story is a sci-fi, futuristic detective story.    Kristina Andersen is working for a big company looking for their top client.   The problem?   She is seeing him everywhere.   At least she is seeing his face everywhere.    The character of Kristina was interesting.   She is a strong woman, which I love, who knows what she needs to do to continue her job.     She is not intimidated by the FBI or her boss and holds her ground when questioned.     A good strong female character is something I always enjoy in the books I read.  

There is a sneak peak of a possible budding romance happening, but it was not prevalent in the storyline.    I’m interested to see where that could head and hope that both characters involved stay strong.      A storyline where the romance comes from working for it not from ease of access is something I enjoy.    

I am looking forward to checking out the next part of this story.  C.B. Salem is now on my must read list.    I recommend checking out this story. 

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