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Release Blitz for Naughty All Night by Jennifer Bernard

Today we have the release day blitz for Jennifer Bernard’s Naughty All Night! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Naughty All Night

Author: Jennifer Bernard

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Naughty All Night:

A standalone novel in the sizzling Lost Harbor, Alaska series   Kate Robinson has had a talent for trouble since she was a young teen in Lost Harbor, Alaska, during summertime visits to her grandmother’s peony farm. It’s the only true home she’s ever known, so it’s where she retreats when REAL trouble chases her out of California, her legal career in ruins. Upon arriving, Kate finds her eccentric grandma has rented out her home! First order of business—eviction. So what if it’s a move that could get her shunned by the locals? She’s not known as Naughty Kate for nothing.   Fire Chief Darius Boone doesn’t need to add landlady troubles to his already busy plate, despite how fun it is to battle with C. Robinson, Attorney-at-Law. A series of small fires have been breaking out around Lost Harbor. Nothing harmful. Yet. But the number of blazes is steadily growing. The only thing taking his mind off this latest town drama is fiery Kate, who makes Darius want to be naughty with her…in all the best ways.   Trouble is one thing, but nothing has prepared Kate for the likes of “hottie fire chief” Darius Boone. Why not have some harmless naughty fun while she figures out her next move? But she never expected the heat the two of them would generate—or to fall so hard. The next time trouble strikes, everything she loves is on the line.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Exactly one minute ago, Kate Robinson had been speeding merrily toward town; one curve in the rutted road later, she was stuck in the mud with her wheels spinning uselessly. And if that wasn’t a perfect metaphor for her entire life, she didn’t know what was. She was supposed to be in Los Angeles right now, winning over juries and having brunch with friends—not fetching fertilizer for her grandmother’s peony farm in tiny Lost Harbor, Alaska. Movement at the side of the road caught her attention. A porcupine trundled toward the trees, half its quills raised in defense mode. She must have startled it with muddy disaster. With a sigh, she pressed the accelerator again, just in case something had changed in the past ten seconds. Whir. Spin. Nope. If anything, the car had sunk deeper into the mud. Maybe she shouldn’t have been dictating an email as she drove. It was a bad habit from her LA life. When you spent that much time stuck in traffic, you learned ways to use the time productively. Which was better, gridlock or a mud bath? At least with traffic, you knew you’d get moving eventually. On the other hand, the view from this particular mud bath was definitely better than a zillion brake lights. Spruce trees loomed on one side of the road, and a view of Misty Bay on the other. Against the backdrop of a slate-gray April sky, snowy peaks shone like jagged white teeth. Even though the mountains across the bay still had plenty of snow, at this elevation things were starting to edge toward spring. This was “break-up” season in Alaska, when the snow melted and the ground thawed, and mud swallowed up everything. Including the old Saab her grandmother Emma was letting her use. Maybe she could push the car out of the mud. She put her hand on the door handle, then remembered that she’d left her mud boots back at the farm. She’d been so excited about a drive to town that she’d put on her cute purple suede half-boots with the chunky heel. Suede didn’t like mud. If she was going to free the car by pushing it, she’d have to do it barefoot. A sound caught her attention, the low rumble of a vehicle coming from behind her. Potential rescue? Possible kidnapper? Since this was Lost Harbor, odds were on rescue, but she was taking no chances. She rummaged in her bag for the bear spray Emma had made her bring. The vehicle slowed to a stop behind her. It was a large crew cab truck with so much clearance it could probably drive right over her little Saab. The man who jumped out of it was equally large. His long legs came first—clad in work pants and mud boots. AKA what she should have been wearing. Then came the rest of him—broad and tall and muscular and a little intimidating, considering that she was alone in this forgotten spot on the side of a remote Alaskan road. He wore a weathered work jacket unzipped over a gray Henley. With easy strides, he made his way through the mud to her car. She kept her hand on the can of bear spray next to her on the seat. He noticed that move, and his lips quirked. They were very appealing lips, she noted. Firm and full, with a sensual curve to them. “If I help you un-muck your car, will you promise not to mace me?” His deep voice fit the general oversize nature of his physique. She relaxed enough to allow herself to smile at the stranger. “Do you think you can get me out of this? It’s a mess. I swear, that mud came out of nowhere, Officer.” One corner of his mouth lifted, indicating that he’d gotten her joke. But he maintained his serious expression. “You have to pay attention this time of year. No cell phones while driving.” Ah, so he’d spotted her phone on the seat next to her bear spray. “Are you planning to help me or lecture me?” “Maybe a lecture would help you.” His reasonable tone made her teeth clench. “I can guarantee that it wouldn’t. No one likes to be lectured.” “I said it might help you, not please you.” The word “please” in his deep, rumbling voice sparked a surprising little thrill deep in her belly. Oh no. None of that now. “If you want to please me, you could tell me what you recommend here. Do I need to call a tow truck?” He took a step back and surveyed the muddy ruts that had claimed her tires. “What have you tried so far?” “Not much. Just a little cursing and whining and regretting the fact that I didn’t bring my mud boots. I tried powering out of it, but that made it worse.” “Yes, that would make it worse. The tires can’t get any purchase on the mud, so they just dig the tracks deeper and deeper the more they spin. They need something solid to grip onto. I’m surprised you haven’t encountered this situation before. It is break-up, after all.” “I’m not from here.” She bit off each word as she spoke it. This was sounding suspiciously like that lecture she’d told him she didn’t want. “I’ve never seen break-up before. Not this kind, anyway. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my love life.” She could practically hear the “ba-da-bum” after that lame joke. He was watching her closely as she spoke. His eyes were two shades of blue south of gray, a surprisingly soft color in the midst of all that masculinity. They looked almost silvery in the misty light. Heat came to her cheeks under his scrutiny. “Sorry, dumb joke.” “Eh, it was all right.” He shrugged one massive shoulder. “A little obvious, but not bad.” For a murderous moment, she wondered how bad it would be if she used her bear spray on him right now. Surely someone else would come along to rescue her. “Can we get back to the main event here? Car. Mud. Stuck.”  

About the Author:

Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea. Sign up for her newsletter for book news and fun exclusives.

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Cover Reveal for Angel Face: A Life in the Crosshairs Novel by Author: Nicki Rae with a Giveaway

Title: Angel Face: A Life in the Crosshairs Novel
Author: Nicki Rae
Genre: Suspense w/ Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2020
Cover Design: Colbert Creative Design
It’s not often Jaide Winters hears her given name cross the lips of other’s. Although she’s often called “lethal,” “smart,” and “beautiful,” she’s Angel Face to most—the deadliest assassin in the world.

After spending weeks in the jungle tracking down the brother of the biggest drug lord in South America, Angel Face finally makes the kill. She knows big brother Cortez won’t take well to the news but isn’t bothered since he’s her next target.

Upon returning home to plan the last stage of the mission, she receives devastating news, propelling her into one of the most emotionally challenging missions she’s ever had to undertake—one that could end her career.

Uncovering details at every corner, she is led in an unexpected direction. The newly discovered information causes war between her mind and her heart, and it’s such a new feeling that she can only hope she’s able to stay alive. 
Nicki Rae is the author of Broken Minds, Lather: A Moore Love Story and The Date: A Moore Love Short Story, The Perfection Series: Damaged and Resisting Perfection. She’s a born Buckeye turned Hoosier who loves to spend time with her family. Along with being an avid reader, she also loves animals and the Indianapolis Colts. 

Review of The Request by David Bell

The Request


David Bell

 publication: June 30th 2020 by Berkley Books

When a man agrees to do a favor for a friend, he gets more than he bargained for as he becomes embroiled in a woman's murder in this new thriller from the USA Today bestselling author of Layover.

Ryan Francis has it all--great job, wonderful wife, beautiful child--and he loves posting photos of his perfect life on social media. Until the night his friend Blake asks him to break into a woman's home to retrieve incriminating items that implicate Blake in an affair. Ryan refuses to help, but when Blake threatens to reveal Ryan's darkest secret--which could jeopardize everything in Ryan's life--Ryan has no choice but to honor Blake's request.

When he arrives at the woman's home, Ryan is shocked to find her dead--and just as shocked to realize he knows her. Then his phone chimes, revealing a Facebook friend request from the woman. With police sirens rapidly approaching, Ryan flees, wondering why his friend was setting him up for murder.

Determined to keep his life intact and to clear his name, Ryan must find the real murderer--but solving the crime may lead him closer to home than he ever could have imagined.

Talk about taking the reader on a twisted, curvy, upside down, and right side up ride.   David Bell is the master of writing this way, but this book is his best at it so far.    I had no clue; I could not even guess.  Well I did guess, but I knew right away that I was wrong.    The Request is a book that is guaranteed to keep you guessing from the beginning to the end.  

How do you go about not helping a friend who was there for you when your dad died, when you got married, and throughout other important events in your life?  You cannot.   That is what Ryan decides and what a decision that is.   He had no clue all that his friend, Blake, was up to.   I got to the point that I was not sure if Blake would ever come clean with all that was happening in his life and how all of those happenings would affect Ryan and the others around him.  

The Request is a book that even when finished will stay with you.  While reading, I kept thinking about what I had read and trying to put it all together to figure out what would be happening next.  Now that I am finished, I keep thinking about it. 

I have already discussed it with my book friends that they have to read this book, that I need to know if they figured it all out easier than I did.   If you love a good mystery, a good who-dun-it, and a good story with twists and turns or turns and twists The Request is a book that you have to read.  

 **Thank you Ann-Marie Nieves at GetRed PR for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Release Blitz for Disciplined by Lenore Ashwood

Today we have the release day blitz for Lenore Ashwood’s upcoming DISCIPLINED! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Disciplined

Autor: Lenore Ashwood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Disciplined:

$5,000 per “engagement”?!? At that price, Anya can stay in med school, her late grandmother’s only wish. Sex with strangers is still just sex. Right? Wealthy Cavendish Club partner, Dimi, is ready to move on from the affluent escort service he helped build. His lifelong business dream is ready, and he’s itching to pull the trigger. Then Anya shows up… She’s the key to the Cavendish owners’ ultimate plan—a deadly game of revenge against a powerful, evil man. Anya unlocks Dimi’s fierce protective nature. Instead of executing his business plan, he’s breaking every rule to keep her safe. Keep her close. She’s the bait and the stakes rise with every “engagement.” How long can he protect her? How long will she let him? Read Disciplined today! Find out if they’ll find a way to trust each other, or lose everything trying. Welcome to Cavendish Club, a secret playground for billionaires where science and technology combine to fulfill tailor-made sensual fantasies. It’s also the place where one woman will seek the ultimate revenge.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

   Dimi looked down at Anya, who glanced from where Yuki had disappeared to the card in her hand. She turned it over to check the blank back side and then looked up at him. “That was interesting,” she said, a smile in her words but not on her face. He liked her. He made it a policy to not have any feelings about the consultants, clients, or his business partners. Feelings and emotions had always derailed his goals, so those were two things he kept on lockdown. But Anya… well. There were a few things he liked about her, the easiest being that she spoke Russian. He missed hearing it, and so he allowed himself one last treat, since he’d probably never have a reason to see her again. “Ty gotov idti?” he asked, stepping back and gesturing to the wall where a quicker exit to the parking lot was hidden. “Da, dumayu, mne luchshe uyti,” she responded, standing. They were simple words. Are you ready to go? And her reply, Yes, I guess Id better. But they pleased him. The other thing he liked was her directness. She was smart, but she didn’t show it off with rambling statements or a complicated vocabulary. Other people told elaborate stories about why they joined Cavendish, as if justifying it to themselves, but she didn’t. She needed a job, she’d simply said. “Through here,” he said, pressing a panel on the far wall and watching her as she observed the hidden door recess and then disappear into the wall. A narrow hallway with white tile appeared as the fluorescents overhead came to life. She stepped inside without hesitation. Absurdly, that was the other thing he liked. Absurd, because he was wary of people who trusted quickly. She’d just met him, but she didn’t question him. Her slim body in her raincoat was maybe an inch taller than his shoulder. He could subdue her with one hand, yet she didn’t flinch when he stepped close to her, nor did she watch him warily. She’d looked him over head-to-toe in the driveway with those analytical eyes and told him to get in the car. Yes, he liked Anya Wilcott. Which gave him some relief that he wouldn’t see her again. “Here we are,” he said as he swiped his wrist near the gray box and pushed the door open to step outside. “There’s your car.” They were on the opposite side of the parking area, and he gestured to the black sports car that remained the lone vehicle on the far side of the gravel expanse. “Thank you, St-Pierre. I guess we won’t meet again,” she replied, looking back down at the card she held. “Probably not. Good luck, Ms. Wilcott,” he said. “Dyakuyu I udachi, St-Pierre,” she told him in Ukrainian, giving him one more surprise. She’d recognized his subtle accent and responded in his native language. She inclined her head without any expression and climbed the steps to walk across the gravel, not even pulling up her hood as the rain fell.    

About the Author:

Lenore Ashwood is a steamy contemporary romance author who believes if you’re not squirming in your seat, she’s not doing her job. She lives in the U.S. but considers herself a global citizen. She believes in sex positivity, human kindness, and the kind of girl power the Spice Girls sing about. Lenore is best known for her wildly innovative Cavendish Club series, featuring stories of the ultra-affluent who seek unusual services at an elite escort agency. But Cavendish Club is different—it combines science and technology to create experiences guaranteed to more than satisfy their billionaire clientele and the consultants they “engage” with.

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Cover Reveal for Finding Peace by Adelyn Zara with a Giveaway

Title: Finding Peace
Series: Tales of Resilience #1
Author: Adelyn Zara
Genre: Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2020 
Cover Design: Giselle Field of Wander Design
Struggling after the death of her husband and hindered by her inability to recover from cancer treatment, Lynn isn't expecting to find anything other than entertainment at an awards show. When she meets music exec Donovan Rue, there’s instant chemistry – and instant chaos.
Donovan faces lawsuits and complaints from disgruntled employees. Lynn’s fragile self-esteem and her recent personal tragedy make her leery of Donovan’s interest. As things heat up between them, their chemistry threatens to implode.
As outside tensions and pressures mount, Lynn breaks away, but Donovan refuses to give up on the strong, resilient woman he sees beneath the damage. Can these two people find peace?
An exhausted puppy was asleep in his crate near Lynn’s bedroom fireplace. Lynn and Donovan snuggled together, leaving the young people downstairs. “I hate when Christmas day ends,” Lynn declared as she stared into the fire. “It was such a nice Christmas. I’m glad that you and Dara could share it with us.” “Thank you for having us,” Donovan answered. He smiled softly and asked, “Are you ready for your present, Peace?” A small thrill ran through Lynn followed by guilt. “You’ve given me so much, Donovan! Fancy clothes, jewelry, a chair …” “But today is Christmas!” Donovan stood up, found new music on his playlist. He motioned for Lynn to join him in another dance. Ben Harper’s Forever played as they swayed gently in place. Lynn’s body grew warm, her heartbeat increased at an idea of what Donovan’s present might be. “Donovan,” she whispered as his lips grazed her cheek, their feet barely moving as he swayed her back and forth. His dark eyes sparkled, but he looked intense, needy. “Just let me talk, please,” he pleaded. He quit dancing. Taking a deep breath, Donovan took both of Lynn’s hands into his own. “Lynn, you totally captivate me.” His hand swiped through that raven hair again. “I can’t imagine being without you. I love you so much.” Donovan looked upward, closing his eyes tightly for a minute. “Shit! I can’t even put this into coherent words.” Lynn’s eyes widened in amazement. She was tongue-tied, too. Before she could find words to encourage or comfort him, Donovan was on one knee, still holding her hands. Lynn gasped, breaking her right hand loose from his hold, covering her mouth in surprise. “Lynn, would you marry me?” Now Lynn took back her left hand, bringing it up to join the other on her face. Tears sprung into her bright blue eyes; she still could not communicate. Donovan wasn’t sure what to make of a subdued Lynn. “I know we haven’t known each other long, but I know what I want when I see it.” Again, he ran his hand through his hair. “You see me for who I am, not the celebrity that the media makes up. You bring peace, happiness … shit, Lynn! I don’t care if I get sixty years with you or six minutes. I can’t live without you! I don’t know how to …” “Yes.” Lynn sucked in a breath after she said the one word. Looking down at the man she loved, she saw a mixture of surprise, then relief, then complete love. “Yes?” he whispered. “Yes!” Lynn repeated, then grabbed his hands, intending to help him off the floor. Instead, Donovan pulled her down, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her as if he was afraid the answer would change. “I was afraid you would say no, say it’s still too soon,” he said when he broke the kiss. “What’s too soon?” Lynn asked. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this since your first proposal. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that time does go quickly, and you’d better grab what you want when the opportunity presents itself. And enjoy every second you have.” Donovan pulled Lynn to him, surrounding her with strong arms. “Absolutely!” he agreed, then continued. “I mean it when I said the time thing. I need to enjoy every minute with you, whether it’s ten minutes or one hundred years.” Lynn leaned over to give Donovan another big kiss.
Adelyn Zara knew she wanted to be a writer after creating a paragraph about a snowman in 4th grade.
She taught herself to type when her grandfather brought home an old typewriter from his job in Chicago.
She loved working with international students but hated the pressure cooker of work. So, she retired! But she continues to belong to NAFSA, National Association of International Educators.
She has compassion for the mentally ill because of her daughter, joined NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness), taught Family to Family classes for them, and keeps learning more about it.
She has an ongoing battle with breast cancer and considers herself earning a Ph.D. in it, something she never wanted to do.
She’s been told she’s RESILIENT, and by God, those are the woman she admires most! Her stories feature men and women who are encountering problems in life and figuring out how to overcome them.
Curious? Give her a read.