Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Release Blitz for Taking Her Chase by Danielle Pay with a Giveaway

Today we have the release day blitz for Danielle Pay’s contemporary romance, Taking Her Chase! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Taking Her Chase

Author: Danielle Pays

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Taking Her Chase:

He's in love with his best friend. She's dating his number one suspect. What could go wrong? Harmony Brose can't stop fantasizing about her best friend. After a few drinks, she took a risk. She asked Chase to kiss her. It was the best kiss of her life. Until he jumped up and left, breaking her heart. Officer Chase Harvey had thought about kissing Harmony for years but never crossed that line until that night. Fearing Harmony was drunk, he had to cut it off until he was sure she truly wanted him. Apparently she didn't, because Harmony just started dating the new man in town. Chase doesn't have time to waste on regrets. A woman vanished from their small town and he'll do whatever is necessary to solve the case. When evidence points to the new man, Chase must follow the lead. It has nothing at all to do with the fact the man is dating Harmony... Now he has to decide. Is he willing to risk losing the woman he loves in order to protect her?

Exclusive Excerpt:

Harmony answered her phone. “Good afternoon.” “Hey, sexy.” Even through the phone, this man’s voice caused her to squeeze her thighs together. “Will you be working all night?” “Actually no. That’s why I called. I’ll be done in about two hours. Do you want to hang out?” Yes! “That sounds good,” she said casually. “All right. I can swing by and pick you up.” “I’m at Lauren’s. Can you pick me up here?” He chuckled, and she could imagine the lines by his eyes when he smiled. “You two having happy hour?” “Yep.” “All right. Just don’t get too carried away. I have plans for you later, and you’ll need your energy.” “What plans?” She took a drink of wine to keep from laughing. She knew what he was thinking but was curious what he would say when pressed. “Plans that involve my head between your thighs.” She spat out her wine. “Holy shit, Chase.” He laughed. “Too much?” She grabbed a napkin off the table and cleaned up. “No, just unexpected. I guess I never really knew this side of you.” “Just thinking of you brings up so many dirty thoughts.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. And I can’t wait to share every one with you.” “You want to share some more now?” He chuckled. “I never knew you liked dirty talk.” “There is a lot you don’t know about me,” she said, hoping her voice sounded sultry. “Mmm. Is that so?” “If you play your cards right, I might let you get to know more.” He growled. “Tonight, I’m going to get to know you really well, babe. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” “I’m looking forward to it.” She ended the call. “Damn that man!” “Someone has it bad.” Lauren walked into the room, carrying a bowl. “Yeah. I do.”

Danielle Pays writes steamy romance novels with a touch of suspense. When not trying to write her characters into some kind of trouble, she can be found guzzling coffee at her kids’ soccer games. Black coffee is a requirement as she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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