Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pre-Order Blitz for Disciplined by Lenore Ashwood

Today we have the excerpt reveal for Lenore Ashwood’s upcoming DISCIPLINED! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Disciplined

Autor: Lenore Ashwood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 29th

About Disciplined:

$5,000 per “engagement”?!? At that price, Anya can stay in med school, her late grandmother’s only wish. Sex with strangers is still just sex. Right? Wealthy Cavendish Club partner, Dimi, is ready to move on from the affluent escort service he helped build. His lifelong business dream is ready, and he’s itching to pull the trigger. Then Anya shows up… She’s the key to the Cavendish owners’ ultimate plan—a deadly game of revenge against a powerful, evil man. Anya unlocks Dimi’s fierce protective nature. Instead of executing his business plan, he’s breaking every rule to keep her safe. Keep her close. She’s the bait and the stakes rise with every “engagement.” How long can he protect her? How long will she let him? Read Disciplined today! Find out if they’ll find a way to trust each other, or lose everything trying. Welcome to Cavendish Club, a secret playground for billionaires where science and technology combine to fulfill tailor-made sensual fantasies. It’s also the place where one woman will seek the ultimate revenge.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today:

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Exclusive Excerpt:

   He was a mountain; she could think of no other way to describe him. His brown hair was cut in a perfect fade, wavy on top and extremely short on the sides, showing a little silver at the temples, which made it hard to pinpoint his age. Definitely over thirty, she’d guess. His brow was strong and shadowed his eyes, but his shoulders took her breath away. They were so wide he couldn’t have fit through the car window if he tried. His mouth was straight and stern, although his demeanor was friendly. It set off no alarm bells, and she completely trusted her instincts when it came to threats. Her brain was weird like that. It existed in a state of calm, and the one time she’d been in a dangerous situation, it had jumped into action. It had analyzed the situation, calculating the best move to safety, resulting in her dragging a screaming Jenn away from the knife fight that had broken out in Jenn’s favorite club. This last week of money problems had introduced her brain to a new state: stress. It could be the only rational explanation as to why the sight of this man had put her on edge. Not stress, exactly. Or any danger. More like a low hum of tension. Twice, she’d had to keep her hands still when they’d wanted to tuck a stray hair behind her ear or adjust her glasses. And now he was speaking, and she had no idea what he just said. “I’m sorry—what was that?” she asked, covering her embarrassment with a brisk tone. He held his very large palm out, hovering it over her door, and said, “I’m going to need Trevor’s card back first.” “Oh. Of course.” She dug into her raincoat pocket and pulled out the metal card, placing it in his hand. His fingers closed over it, hiding it completely from view. “How did you know I had it? Does it have a sensor in it?” “I think I can help with your request,” he said, ignoring her question. “But I have to advise you that you’re on private property, and that covers all information you learn or hear. This is a type of verbal NDA. Can I get your agreement on that?” Her pulse skipped at the words “I can help,” her imagination running away with all the ways he could help her get an escort job. She conjured her grandmother’s face telling her to Prekrati eto, or knock it off. It worked. “I understand and I agree,” she said. She looked to the house, a Spanish-style mansion, and back to the man, wondering what would happen next.  

About the Author:

Lenore Ashwood is a steamy contemporary romance author who believes if you’re not squirming in your seat, she’s not doing her job. She lives in the U.S. but considers herself a global citizen. She believes in sex positivity, human kindness, and the kind of girl power the Spice Girls sing about. Lenore is best known for her wildly innovative Cavendish Club series, featuring stories of the ultra-affluent who seek unusual services at an elite escort agency. But Cavendish Club is different—it combines science and technology to create experiences guaranteed to more than satisfy their billionaire clientele and the consultants they “engage” with.

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