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Release Blitz for Heartfelt Lies by Alexandra Christopher

Title: Heartfelt Lies
Series: A Healing Love Novel #1
Author: Alexandra Christopher
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: September 12, 2019

Ella Jones is no stranger to lies. After spending most of her childhood caring for her unstable mother, she’s learned to simply do as she’s told and keep to herself. When tragedy strikes, an intricate web of deceit spanning years begins to reveal itself, changing her life forever.
She starts over in a new town and seems to find happiness like she’s never known before. But deceit is never far from Ella and when she realizes just how tangled her life has become, she just might lose the joy she’s fought so hard to gain.
Kohl Kingsley spends his days diligently working at his family’s construction business and his nights playing hard with the crew he grew up with. When he meets the new girl, who moved to his small town, an instant attraction draws him straight to Ella. Closed off and mysterious, she becomes the person Kohl cares about the most and he’ll do anything to keep her.
His protective instincts want to shield her gentle heart, so when Kohl realizes the fateful way their pasts have crossed, he keeps a secret knowing it would tear her apart.
Kohl will fight for his new love, but a lie of omission is still a lie and Ella has to learn to forgive herself before she can ever forgive him.

Alexandra Christopher has been an avid reader of romance for years. With countless stories residing in her head, she decided to try her hand at writing.
Alexandra lives in a small southern town. She's the proud mother of two beautiful children and is married to the love of her life.
She's a lover of football, Sephora, and all things chocolate. When she's not playing in the yard with her son, or watching her daughter cheer, you'll find her snuggled on the couch with her nose in a book.


Review for The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier

Paperback, 272 pages
Published September 10th 2019 by Lake Union Publishing

Two estranged sisters reunite in an emotional novel of family, forgiveness, lost hope, and new beginnings.

They had a forever bond, until a sudden tragedy thrust them apart. Now, each at a crossroad in her own life, two sisters’ paths are about to intersect.

Broadcast journalist Julia Frank has it all: a career, an ambitious fiancé, and the hard-won respect of her peers. Until a ruinous decision destroys her reputation, puts her job at risk, and sends her reeling toward the only soul left to turn to: her estranged sister, Ginny.

The owner of a clandestine supper club hidden in the Arizona desert, Ginny Frank has a lot on her plate. The last thing she wants is more drama—or the burden of nursing her younger sister’s wounded ego. But family is family. Besides, Ginny can use the help in more ways than one, and she’s going to make sure Julia pulls her weight.

As a tenuous reunion reopens old wounds, Julia and Ginny have no choice but to confront the pain and betrayals of the past. Will working to keep the secret supper club running be just what they need to find common ground and a path toward forgiveness, or will the increasing stress push them even further apart?

My Thoughts…

It has been a while since I’ve fallen into a book as quickly as I did The Second Chance Supper Club.    From the very beginning, I was intrigued by how Julia was going to handle to upheaval in her life, how as Ginny going to accept Julia’s unexpected visit, and how as Olive going to fit into the story with them.  

The relationship with Ginny and Olive was so real.    Olive is Ginny’s daughter and the bumped heads at every turn.   It was probably because they were so much alike, but just as much that Ginny was doing everything could to keep her head above water that she couldn’t see what it was doing to her daughter.   Olive was wanting to help her mom as much as possible, but she is old enough to have her own life too.   There is a fine line when working with family and that line was blurred even more since they lived together also.   

Julia had her own issues.  I feel that she worked so hard to be successful that she feared losing her success.   She made a poor decision and ran from it instead of staying and dealing with it.   Her fiancé called her out on that but this time the running worked, and she found something that she really didn’t know she was missing.   

The family dynamics in this book are real to many families.    There are happy times, stressful times, and sad times but together they make an amazing story.  

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Cover Reveal for A Game Changer by Nikky Kaye

Today we are celebrating the cover reveal for A GAME CHANGER by Nikky Kaye. This is a sports romance, standalone novella that will be releasing on September 26th. Join Nikky's reader group for more details about this title, and all of her upcoming releases.


A GAME CHANGER by Nikky Kaye

Coming September 26 | Standalone novella

Book Blurb:

It’s always a bad sign at an interview when your would-be employer orders you to strip—especially if the job is as the nanny to a grieving little girl. It’s even worse if you’re tempted to do it. Zach Pennington is a star quarterback and now, suddenly, a single dad to a niece he barely knows. He’s also the most arrogant, clueless, vulnerable, sexy, stubborn, big-hearted man I’ve ever met, but Payton needs me, and I know what it feels like to be orphaned. I just have to remember Rule Number One. Zach might be a great player, on the field and off, but I know better than to fall for your boss. By the way, I’m proud to say that I didn’t strip for him—then.

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Nikky Kaye likes to read and write feverish, fearless books for your funny boner, such as A Model Fiancé and the Billionaire Book Club series. A former college professor, she has worked with movie stars and the United Nations—but prefers happy endings. She has young twin boys, loves living where there are four distinct seasons but loathes getting out of bed, has a terrible addiction to diet cola, and hates talking about herself in the third person.


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Review for Into Thin Air by Kristina Beck with a Giveaway

Title: Into Thin Air
Author: Kristina Beck
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2019
Cover Design: Okay Creations
Fed up with the endless demands of her job, Ellie seeks solitude from the chaos. As if by magic, she finds herself all alone in an exotic hotel. That is, until she meets the gorgeous guest next door. As time melts away, Ellie falls hard for Sam. Then he vanishes into thin air, taking his love with him. When he suddenly reappears, he isn’t the Sam she once knew, but her aching heart tells her otherwise.
Sam finds himself at a crossroads in his soccer career when a permanent injury forces him to make a difficult decision. He thinks seclusion in a luxury hotel is what he needs, until he sees the fiery redhead, Ellie. She has no idea who he is and becomes the woman of his dreams.
Like any vacation, it must come to an end… just not in such a tragic way. Sam thinks he’s responsible for Ellie’s death, and when he discovers she’s alive, she doesn’t greet him with open arms. The relentless fight for her dignity and career threatens to end their passionate reunion.
They said their love was infinite, but anything can change when reality comes crashing down.

My Thoughts…

I love an easy to read romance book.   Into Thin Air sounded like just the book.   It was.   It was easy, it was fun, and there were unique twists to the story.   I love how it started with the characters meeting and feeling an instant attraction but were still cautious enough not to just let it all go and jump into bed.   They both told what they were looking for at the time and both understood that the vacation they were on was to get away from the stresses of everyday life.    Of course, their feelings got stronger and their relationship developed and then the twist happened. 

The twist… what a twist!   It was a unique happening in a book that could have been like so many others.    Sam and Ellie stood by what they knew had happened and didn’t let others sway their thoughts, but they were also cautious with moving forward.   They had to understand, respect, and figure things out in their own time.   

From the synopsis, I thought there would be a little bit more magic in the story.   There wasn’t anything magic or paranormal about the story really.   Now that I’ve finished the book, I am not sure that I would want to change anything.   

I cross my arms. “Can you change your past? That’s about the only thing that could save us, and we both know that’s impossible.” “Wow.” He steps away from me, shock and disappointment mixing with the tears on his face. “I can’t believe you said that, that you’d throw my past in my face. Whatever happened to always look forward, never back, Ellie? You’re such a hypocrite,” he snaps. “I guess I am.” I remove his apartment key from my key ring and place it on the table. “Throw my key out. I don’t need it anymore.” I walk toward the door, but he steps in front of me. He cups my face gently and kisses me like it’s our first time again. His love transfuses through my veins and gathers in my heart where it’ll always stay. The taste of our tears mix with the fear of letting go. He leans his forehead against mine. “You’re my first and my last love, Ellie. Our love is infinite. We’ll find our way back to each other. We’ve done the impossible before; we can do it again. Go find your peace. I hope it leads you back to me.”
Kristina Beck was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, and lived there for thirty years. She later moved to Germany and lives there with her German husband and three children. She is an avid reader of many genres, but romance always takes precedence. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, power naps, and eighties movies. Her hobbies include writing, reading, fitness, and forever trying to improve her German-language skills.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Blog Tour for Heart in the Right Home by Lisa Hill

Book blurb:
Wedding bells are chiming in the village of Clunderton, but will it be happy-ever-afters all around? Rebecca Cavendish thinks not. All she’s feeling is shame and remorse since her affair with property mogul, Edward Hardwicke, whilst in another corner of the village, Louise Edwards is slowly coming to the conclusion she might not be in love with husband, Johnnie, anymore.


A wave of limestone-muddy ditch water washed over the window screen. Lottie Hardwicke flicked the wipers as the Land Rover rocked unsteadily from side to side along the long, uneven driveway which led to the Old Rectory, her eyes concentrating on the property details on the passenger seat instead of the frequent potholes extending out in front of her.

It was her first Saturday back at Hardwickes estate agents since the New Year and Lottie usually relished the challenge of getting her teeth stuck into finding someone a new home. But a fortnight at home curled up in front of the wood burner with her husband, Drew, playing charades with the kids and eating her way through her own body weight in roasted peanuts, had left Lottie with a trace of reluctance about escaping Church Cottage this morning. Especially when her skirt was pinching from all her festive over-indulgence and a brief encounter with Jack, her father, on the driveway had allowed the icy January winds to sculpt her long blonde locks into hedgerow-frizz.

New Year, fresh start, Lottie had thought earlier that morning, pelting into Harrogate as fast as Jack’s clapped-out old four-by-four would allow, taming her wild hair into something resembling a ‘style’. This year things were going to change. This was the year she would make her career more than a border-line obsession with property and a weekly excursion into nosing around people’s homes.
Of course, all that changed five minutes after she’d arrived in the office. Finding Duncan, the rostered staff member, had called in sick, Lottie was faced with an impatient Rebecca Cavendish - Branch Manager and general nit-picker - drumming her fingers at Lottie’s punctuality. Lottie might be the wife of the Regional Director but that did little for her reputation. If anything, it meant she had to work even harder at proving her property prowess.

‘Drew’s scheduled an appointment in for ten at the Old Rectory, but he hasn’t made a note of the applicant’s name.’ Rebecca had said raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow. ‘There’s little else on today and seeing it’s raining buckets out there I’d rather not do it myself.’ Rebecca’s lip curled in distaste as she cast an eye over Lottie’s bird-nest chic.

‘That’s fine. I’ll do it,’ Lottie had said, reaching into Duncan’s bottom drawer and retrieving a hard hat.

‘You won’t need that, the builders have finished all the structural work,’ Rebecca snapped.

That was the problem with being married to the boss. You were meant to be abreast of every situation. Even if you only worked one day per week.

The wipers furiously smeared away the ditch water, leaving a brown, rainbow-shaped residue for Lottie to peer through as she navigated her way along the increasingly cavernous drive of the Old Rectory. The freshly rendered limestone of the grandiose Georgian building with its rows of gleaming arch windows stood like a shining beacon against the bleak, Yorkshire landscape. Lottie glanced at the clock; quarter-to-ten. Noting the builders had removed the scaffolding, she was keen to give the house a quick once-over, to check on progress inside and be ‘clued-up’ before the applicants arrived. It was important to know what you were talking about if you wanted to gain people’s trust.

Glancing again at the brochure Lottie scanned the post-it note in Rebecca’s scrawl, bringing herself up-to-date on when the house should be completed. Peering through the smidgen of windscreen not caked in mud, Lottie could see the blurry outline of a car parked in front of the house. Dammit. She’d hoped to be there first. It crossed Lottie’s mind how strange it was Drew hadn’t made a note of who was viewing the property. He was normally fastidious about staff taking names, telephone numbers, email addresses; anything to bombard people with information on properties new to the market.

Lottie’s foot eased off the accelerator as she recognised the black Mercedes casually parked at an angle as if it already belonged to the house and its estate. Her stomach lurched like a washing machine about to switch into spin cycle.

It couldn’t be. It must be a coincidence. After all there were plenty of black Mercedes up and down the country.

Pulling up in front of the waiting car, Lottie’s heart fluttered, and she gripped the steering wheel harder. Managing to let go, she picked up the keys for the property, gathered her file with the brochure and pulled the car key out of the ignition.

Deep breaths and count to three; this could just be an unhappy coincidence.

But even if her heavy breathing was rapidly steaming up the Land Rover’s windows she could still make out the unmistakable AGENT 1 registration plate as she slowly rotated her head towards the stationary car. And if that wasn’t enough confirmation, the presence of her father-in-law sitting with an expression to match the miserable day outside and her mother-in-law waving a property brochure, certainly was.


Not wanting to face her in-laws looking like a drowned rat and trying to avoid a big haven’t-seen-you-in-ages type embrace, Lottie dashed past Pamela and Edward Hardwicke’s car, up the steep York-flagstone steps and concentrated as her jittery hands fumbled for the right key to unlock the front door.

‘What a ghastly day, Lottie!’ Pamela Hardwicke’s voice sounded distant as the blustery winds carried her voice away across the fields. It was a shame that gale forces couldn’t carry Pamela in a similar direction.

Finding the right key Lottie nudged the door open with her shoulder. The calming stillness of the vast, bare floorboard entrance with its broad staircase swept over Lottie. It was tempting to shut the door behind her and stay cocooned from reality.

Author blurb:
Lisa grew up in the village of Bussage, near Stroud, in the Cotswolds until she returned to Cheltenham as a teenager. She is married to her very own hero, Matt, and has three sons, Hamish, Archie and Laurence. Her first encounter of a romance author was chats over the garden wall between her father, Godfrey, and Mrs Cooper from the neighbouring village of Bisley. It came as quite a surprise in later life to find that Mrs Cooper was in fact Jilly Cooper! Lisa's writing inspiration now comes from other Cotswolds authors including Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde.

Lisa writes contemporary women's fiction with a light-hearted tone. What interests her most is people, their interactions, emotions and relationships. It's probably why her career to date has been based in property; she confesses herself that she is 'naturally curious'.

When she's not busy writing, helping Matt run his electrical empire, or being her sons' taxi service, Lisa enjoys long walks with the family gundog, Sparky, and is training to be a counsellor where she hopes, one day, to be able to provide therapy in the form of writing to those who need it.

Lisa is a graduate of the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme and attributes this supportive and informative scheme to her career to date, including her debut novel, Meet Me at Number Five, and this year's perfect summer read Heart in the Right Place.