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Cover Reveal for Dangerous Descent by Evie Jacobs


Dangerous Descent 
by Evie Jacobs

Publication date: September 2nd 2024
by: The Wild Rose Press
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


The first rule of undercover work—don’t get attached…

Pilot Elise Hughes left the family business in the Florida Keys and now flies the rich and powerful to and from the Rocky Mountains. When she has to execute a by-the-book emergency landing, it’s no big deal. But being stranded in a small town with her handsome new colleague is something else entirely.

Obsessed with getting justice for his murdered father, undercover FBI agent Eric Erickson believes retribution is finally within reach. Until things get complicated. And dangerous. And he’s forced to face a few too many realities—including Elise’s connection to a well-known crime boss.

After Elise is kidnapped by the same man who took Eric’s father, he has a choice to make—find Elise or exact revenge. Meanwhile she has a choice of her own—trust the dangerous family she never knew she had or the man who’s been lying to her from the start.

Evie Jacobs loves words. As a child, she read constantly. And when she wasn't reading, she was writing. Not much has changed. By day she works in a library surrounded by books, and by night she writes steamy action/adventure romance. She lives in Colorado with her husband, two cats, and six bicycles.

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Series Re-Release Tour: True North Series by Aurora Wilding


Series: True North Series Books 1-3
Titles: Finding Home, Finding Us, Finding Now
Author: Aurora Wilding
(previously released as Allie Juliette Mousseau)

The North brothers were hell on wheels, adrenaline junkie, bad boys. You’d think they had a death wish – every one of them – but they didn’t really, they just got off on the thrill of pushing every limit, that gravity or any other force told them they couldn’t conquer. What they weren’t prepared for were the women that would conquer their hearts.

(Each book in the series can be read as standalone novels).


Book Blitz for Dark and Lovely Mermaids by Julie Catherine with a GIVEAWAY


Dark and Lovely Mermaids 
by Julie Catherine

(Broken Mermaids, #2)
Publication date: June 11th 2024
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Mermen. Monsters. And a lot of Manipulation. An at-odds prisoner (merman) and warden (mermaid) are about to set off to cross the deep ocean and end up running for their lives. Dive into the twisted waters of Dark and Lovely Mermaids, a forced proximity, enemies to lovers paranormal romance where the love is deep and the ocean is wild.

Ellara Merme made a bad deal. To save her friends and human sweetheart, she agreed to become a sea-slave, the lowest class in the mermaid world. It’s hell on earth, at the bottom of the ocean. A terrible choice. The only decision that’s worse, is the choice she’s about to make.

The leader of the mermaids has offered her an out: Deliver the merman prisoner to Neptune’s army and all will be forgiven. No problem. Should be an easy mission. Except…

… the deep ocean is full of sea monsters itching to make the mermaid their next meal.

… plus she might be catching feelings for the merman she’s supposed to be delivering. Could he possibly be so charming? Or are there other manipulations at play?

With danger crashing with every wave, Ellara has to decide: should she stick to the plan and save herself from sea-slavery? Or dive headfirst into the waters of romance? Can she outsmart the ocean and resist the merman’s charms? Or will she end up making an even worse bargain to survive?

Dark and Lovely Mermaids is a thrilling, loyalty-testing, romantic underwater adventure full of monsters, natural disasters and an army of mermen—an underwater story so enchanting you ­won’t want to come up for air!

Julie Catherine is an author, screenwriter and playwright.

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Release Blitz for The Sweet Spot by Bella Matthews


The Sweet Spot by Bella Matthews is now live! 

From USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author Bella Matthews, comes a hot new hockey coach, single dad, marriage of convenience, small town romance.

A fake marriage with a single dad wasn't on my dance card but there are worse ways to start the summer.

Our story didn’t begin the night I agreed to marry Deacon Kane to help him keep his daughter. It started ten years ago, with a hotshot hockey player I couldn’t wait to see each summer. He was big, broad, and filled out his board shorts so damn nicely. But holy hell… The memories of teenage Deacon don’t hold a candle to the man he is now, the one who makes me melt each time he says, "my wife."

What was supposed to be a marriage of convenience quickly spirals into something else. Something I can’t control. Because this man makes me feel alive in a way I haven’t felt in months, and I want more.

More sparks.
More life.
More time.

Can a relationship based on lies last… Especially when I’m the one keeping all the secrets?

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Meet Bella

Bella Matthews is a USA Today & Amazon Top 50 Bestselling author. She is married to her very own Alpha Male and raising three little ones. You can typically find her running from one sporting event to another. When she is home, she is usually hiding in her home office with the only other female in her house, her rescue dog Tinker Bell by her side. She likes to write swoon-worthy heroes and sassy, smart heroines. Sarcasm is her love language and big family dynamics are her favorite thing to add to each story.


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Release Blitz for Bright Lights & Summer Nights by Kat Singleton


Bright Lights & Summer Nights by Kat Singleton is now live! 

Summer nights can be full of surprises.

As a single, unemployed, and unapologetic twenty-five year old mess, I came to the Hamptons this summer for one reason—to focus on myself and work out my quarter-life crisis. I didn’t come here planning to sneak into a private party and meet a handsome stranger.

I definitely didn’t come here expecting for that stranger to be Preston Rhodes—billionaire and superstar quarterback for the Manhattan Mambas.

And that’s not even the crazy part.

He asked me to be his pretend girlfriend for a week while his family is in town. He needed a date for his sister’s wedding, and I’d never turn down the opportunity to be spoiled by a rich man.

The only thing is, Preston’s not very good at pretending.

Now instead of discovering myself, I’m spending the week discovering what life would be like with him. Instead of focusing on me, I’m focusing on how he looks at me, how he touches me, how he wants me.

But now that neither one of us is faking it, I only hope that we can hold on to what we have through the bright lights and summer nights.

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Meet Kat Singleton

Kat Singleton is an Amazon top 5 bestselling author best known for writing Black Ties and White Lies. She loves writing elite banter and angst mixed with a heavy dose of spice. Kat strives to write an authentically raw love story for her characters and feels that no book is complete without some emotional turmoil before a happily ever after.

She lives in Kansas with her husband, her two kids, and her two doodles. In her spare time, you can find her surviving off iced coffee and sneaking in a few pages of her current read.


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Book Review for Jackie by Dawn Tripp

 Jackie by Dawn Tripp

Published June 18, 2024 by Random House

Genre:  Historical Fiction


Taken from Goodreads
:  In this mesmerizing novel about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, acclaimed author Dawn Tripp has crafted an intimate story of love and power, family and tragedy, loss and reinvention.

The world has divided my life into three:

Life with Jack
Life with Onassis
Life as a woman who goes to work because she wants to.

My life is all of these things, and it is none of these things. They continue to miss what’s right in front of them. I love books. I love the sea. I love horses. Children. Art. Ideas. History. Beauty. Because beauty blows us open to wonder.
Even the beauty that breaks your heart.

Jackie is the story of a woman—deeply private with a nuanced, formidable intellect—who forged a legacy out of grief and shaped history even as she was living it. It is the story of a love affair, a complicated marriage, and the fracturing of identity that comes in the wake of unthinkable violence.

When Jackie meets the charismatic congressman Jack Kennedy in Georgetown, she is twenty-one and dreaming of France. She has won an internship at Vogue. Kennedy, she thinks, is not her kind of adventure: “Too American. Too good-looking. Too boy.” Yet she is drawn to his mind, his humor, his drive. The chemistry between them ignites. During the White House years, the love between two independent people deepens. Then, a motorcade in Dallas: “Three and a half seconds—that’s all it was—a slivered instant between the first shot, which missed the car, and the second, which did not. . . . A hypnotic burst of sunlight off her bracelet as she waved.”

This vivid, exquisitely written novel is at once a captivating work of the imagination and a window into the world of a woman who led many lives: Jackie, Jacks, Jacqueline, Miss Bouvier, Mrs. Kennedy, Jackie O.


My Thoughts:  Jackie Kennedy is a historical person that has always intrigued me.  I love to hear her accounts of the life she lived.   I always thought the life she lived was charmed but the more I read the more I realize how much she was put through to get through the life she was living. 

I liked that while I was reading a historical fiction book, Dawn Tripp (the author) stayed very true to history.   I enjoyed reading another perspective of the Kennedy legacy.  It is amazing to me how much I am able to retain from reading a good historical fiction book vs. how little I retained while taking history courses in school.  

Jackie is a great historical fiction book.   There were a few times that I felt I was reading non-fiction and it got a little dull.    I felt some of the paragraphs were repetitive or out of sequence but maybe that is because I have read or listened to so many Jackie/Jack Kennedy books that I am so familiar with their lives.   

Over all, this is a great historical fiction book.   If you are a fan of the Kennedy’s I recommend picking up your own copy.

Thank you Random House for a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for you my honest review.


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Meet Dawn Trip (taken from her website):
 Dawn Tripp is the author of the novel Georgia, which was a national bestseller, finalist for the New England Book Award, and winner of the Mary Lynn Kotz Award for Art in Literature. She is the author of three previous novels: Game of Secrets, Moon Tide, and The Season of Open Water, which won the Massachusetts Book Award for Fiction. Her poems and essays have appeared in the Virginia Quarterly Review, Harvard Review, AGNI, Conjunctions, and NPR, among others. She serves on the board of the Boston Book Festival and on the board of Gnome Surf: A non-profit Surf Therapy Organization focused on creating a culture shift towards kindness, love, and acceptance for athletes of all abilities. She graduated from Harvard and lives in Massachusetts with her sons.


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Book Blitz for Crown of Wings and Thorns by Mary Ting with a GIVEAWAY


Crown of Wings and Thorns 
by Mary Ting

Publication date: April 4th 2024
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance


A fight for a throne that will rewrite history

The demon King Asmodeus has taken over the mortal world. The Order of Angel warriors have a mission to take him down, but many have died or joined the enemy. When Evangeline’s team is ensnared in a web of deception, she has no choice but to form an alliance with King Victus, a vampire ruler with a reputation for killing angels. Can the two set aside the past and take down Asmodeus? Or will they turn on each other first?

Michael is a half-breed angel who wants no part of the nonhuman world. However, his immense power makes him a target. King Asmodeus wants him to join his army, and so does Order of Angels, but Michael dreams of settling down, not going to war. He may not have a choice. When his family’s lives are at stake, he’ll have to pick a side or lose everything.

FREE for a limited time only!

Born in Seoul, Korea, author Mary Ting is an international bestselling, multi-gold award winning author. Her books span a wide range of genres, and her storytelling talents have earned a devoted legion of fans, as well as garnered critical praise. She is a diverse voice who writes diverse characters, often dealing with a catastrophic world.
Becoming an author happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother and inspired by a dream she had in high school. After realizing she wanted to become a full-time author, Mary retired from teaching. She also had the privilege of touring with the Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book: No Bullies Allowed.

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Twitter: @MaryTing

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