Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Book Review for Find Me in California by Kerry Lonsdale

 Find Me in California by Kerry Lonsdale 

Published June 11, 2024 by Lake Union Publishing 

Genre:  Women’s Ficton, Magical Realism 



Taken from Goodreads:  An achingly romantic novel about chance meetings, buried secrets, and the multiple facets of love and family bonds by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale. 
Raised by her fiercely passionate and free-spirited grandmother, Julia Hope has never gone without love. But as she tends to her only living relative during her final days, Julia struggles to overcome her fear of being alone. 
A thousand miles away, Matt Gatlin has managed to avoid the coldhearted grandmother with whom he once lived. But after twelve years of her being blessedly out of sight, she needs him. His resentments still raw, Matt packs up his car and reluctantly heads to California to confront a bitter past he thought was long gone. 
Over the next six days, Julia’s and Matt’s fates intersect. An old diary exposes the tragedy of a long-lost love. A history of secrets in two families comes to light. And on a lonely back road, Matt picks up an unusual yet captivating hitchhiker with a secret of her own. 
For Julia and Matt, something heartbreaking and heartwarming, mysterious and beautiful, will touch their lives—with neither of them realizing that maybe they’re destined for each other. 


My Thoughts:  Find Me in California is a story of family drama.  Matt and Julia both have grandma’s who are in an assisted living center.   I knew they were connected somehow and could not wait to see it all come together.   


Kerry Lonsdale wrote a great book about family drama, finding self-worth, and opening up to love.   I was so invested in this book and the characters.  I found myself needing the characters to find their way and hoping for the best outcome.   I love that neither character was perfect but they were not so flawed that they could not find their way to happiness.    


Find Me in California is a phenomenal book of Alzheimers, elder care, and childhood abandonment.   Yet, with all these tough topics I found myself smiling and enjoying every word.  


Thank you Lake Union Publishing for a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  


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