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Blog Tour for COMING FULL CIRCLE by Bud Titlow



Following the fortunes and foibles of a multi-generational American family, this book explains how we took our country to the brink of both the Climate Crash and the Sixth Extinction and then back again. Chock full of tall tales—liberally blended with historic facts—the engaging text provides an entertaining and enlightening description of how our Nation’s natural history unfolded from colonial days through the present.

As an aside to the main story, readers will get to know the myriad “natural resource heroes” who spawned and nurtured our Nation’s bold conservation movement. People like John Muir, Harriett Hemenway, Roger Tory Peterson, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Ding Darling, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Bob Marshall, David Brower, and Gaylord Nelson—who instilled within us the courage and will power to do the right things. The end of the book will also feature the current leaders of the environmental battles against the climate crisis and biodiversity loss—including such luminaries as Bill McKibben, Al Gore, James Balog, Mark Jacobson, Elizabeth Kolbert, Naomi Klein, Naomi Oreskes, Katherine Hayhoe, Reverend Sally Bingham, and—yes—even Pope Francis.



Author bio:

For the past 50 years, professional ecologist and conservationist Budd Titlow has used his pen and camera to capture the awe and wonders of our natural world. His goal has always been to inspire others to both appreciate and enjoy what he sees. Now he has one main question: Can we save humankind’s place within nature’s beauty, before it’s too late?


Budd’s two latest books are dedicated to answering this perplexing dilemma. Protecting the Planet, a non-fiction book, examines whether we still have the environmental champions among us needed to accomplish this goal. Next, using fact-filled and entertaining story-telling, his latest book — Coming Full Circle — provides the answers we all seek and need.


Having published five books, more than 500 photo-essays, and 5,000 photographs, Budd Titlow lives with his music educator wife, Debby, in San Diego, California.






"An adventurous, passionate historical novel about an eco-friendly balance between humans and nature." – Kirkus Reviews


"Using a blend of historical fiction and poignant truths, the (book's) narrative delivers a spirited discourse on conservation, our environment, oneness, and chiefly, the concept of coming full circle. Overall, the authors' expertise in the topic of conservationism and their knack for storytelling is on full display, making for a highly recommended read." US Review of Books


“I recommend Coming Full Circle to fans of issues-focused fiction who also enjoy family sagas and tales of growth, learning, and self-discovery."Readers’ Choice

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