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For the month of December, I am going to post about some of my favorite books, favorite authors, and books I just can't forget about.    These are all books I'd recommend purchasing for Christmas gifts or for your own enjoyment.  

Kathryn R. Biel is an author that I have worked with for a long time.  I have read 11 of her books and have loved them all.   They are fun, quirky, and books I always recommend to my friends.

Seize the Day was released on November 7,2019 and while I have not read it quite yet I cannot wait to get my hands on it and enjoy every word Kathryn wrote. 

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Erin McAvoy is living her best life. A lover of tacos, witty T-shirts, and Pinterest, Erin is always ready to tell you about her favorite thing—the animals she tends to at one of the nation's best zoos. But then there's that other thing she doesn't like to talk about: how a supposedly-for-fun DNA test revealed that Erin has a strong genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer. She'd like to conveniently ignore that elephant in the room, except for the fact that unless she does something soon, Erin will miss out on her only chance to have a baby.

Up to this point, the only guy she's needed in her life was a sloth—the animal kind, not the lazy kind—named Barry. Turns out, if you want to have a baby, a sloth is not the right man for the job. Growing up in a conservative family, Erin's never even considered any other options, until now. She doesn't have a lot of time to wait, and online dating isn't for the faint heart. 

When co-worker Xander Barnes—foe—or friend?—or maybe even more?—comes up with a plausible solution to give her the baby she wants, Erin realizes this may be her last chance to grab the tiger by the tail. Her family may not agree with her choices, but Erin knows that if one leopard can change his spots, then she can too. And maybe, just maybe, this will be everything she's ever wanted. 

Plus tacos.

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My Thoughts…

From the start the idea of two sets of twins born hours apart, in the same hospital, and then they grow up together sounded intriguing.     The families could not have been more opposite each other.    Rio and Rianne had a father who left them and a mother who was more interested in her newest man than her own children.   Ian and Evan have two loving parents but Evan was born with a birth defect while Ian was born as a natural athlete and all around good child.  The girls were lucky that Ian and Evan’s mother was around to help raise them.   Too bad the good didn’t rub off on both girls. 

 I read this book in one sitting.    I could not stop and was invested in the characters and the storyline.     I was wishing that Rio would open up to Ian sooner and the secret between them would come out before it would explode in her face but hey… Kathryn Biel knows what makes a good story.    I am a fan of Kathryn’s read everything of hers that I can get my hands on.    She never disappoints and I always walk away satisfied with what I have read. 

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My Thoughts…
What did I love about this book?    The better question is what did I not love!    Kathryn R. Biel made characters that are so realistic.   Maryn was perfect.   She fell for a prince, a real live prince, yet pushed to stay true to herself.   Yet, she didn’t really know who she was.     The monarchy had rules that had to be followed and she pushed, shoved, and kicked her way out of those rules.   I love a strong woman character that is able to stand up for herself yet still be a woman. 
The storyline was fun.   I started the book and finished the book in one day.   I found minutes to sneak a few more pages, another chapter, and sometimes just a few words because I just wanted to keep reading.     I wanted to find out if Maryn would be able to find her happy ever after, would it be with Stephan?   
This is a true fairytale story.     The working girl from the wrong side of the track meets her prince and together they find their HEA.
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My Thoughts…
Once in a Lifetime is an interesting look at how being famous can change your outlook on life.    The 5 Sassy Cats were all young when they were touring and living the famous life.   Now they are grown up with families, lives, and careers that do not include singing or performing.   I thought it was very interesting to see how different their lives have become and how when they come together they have to work hard to get what they want.   
I loved that each chapter had the points of views of all 5 ladies.   Each Sassy Cat had her own perception of what was happening due to the circumstances of her life.  Yet, together they were going to make it work.  I could feel that each lady wants to be successful, that each lady was searching for what their future would hold, and that each lady wanted to find that fun, easy, friendship that was once there.   
Kathryn Biel is talented in her writing.   Her characters are realistic and easy to relate to, the storyline always pulls me in, and I am always thrilled when she releases a new book.    I would recommend picking up your own copy of Once in a Lifetime and enjoying a fun story about 5 ladies who use to be best friends coming back together to find their futures.
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