Thursday, November 30, 2023

Release Blitz for Breaking Through To You by Alyssa Milani


Breaking Through To You by Alyssa Milani is now live!

Ophelia Jones, a strikingly beautiful and confident blonde, has reached her limit with the world of dating. Despite the admiring looks from men and her fair share of one-night stands, she's bewildered by the fact that, at twenty-three, she's only had one serious boyfriend.

As Ophelia finds herself at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles for the blind date, she quickly realizes she's been stood up. Battling a mix of disappointment and self-pity, she decides to drown her sorrows in the most lavish steak on the menu.

Just when she's resigned to her evening, her attention is seized by a charming waiter named Treyton Spencer. Their connection is instantaneous, but she won't dwell on it too much, she's done with dating.

But fate has different plans. Their friendship ignites and it takes her by surprise, quickly evolving into a head-over-heels romance. But as her luck would have it, Treyton doesn't believe in girlfriends.

Despite challenges in her love life, Ophelia begins dating Henry, the man that stood her up, which causes a strain in her friendship with Treyton. Yet as time goes on, their bond deepens, and it becomes evident that they're meant to weather any storm side by side.

Ophelia and Treyton navigate the highs and lows that life has thrown at them. As they find strength in their shared experiences and develop an unbreakable bond realizing true love will always find a way to bloom.

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Meet Alyssa Milani

I'm an Italian-Canadian mom of two who studied at Concordia University obtaining a Major in Creative Writing and a Minor in English Literature. I independently published my first novel in 2014 of all the works I wrote at university. I now have twelve independently published novels under my belt, and forty-three total novels written.


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