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Audiobook Review for For the Love of Whiskey by Melissa Foster

 For the Love of Whiskey

The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch, Book 3

By: Melissa Foster

Narrated by: Meg SylvanAiden Snow

Series: The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch, Book 3

Length: 11 hrs and 58 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 04-17-23

Language: English

Publisher: World Literary Press

Publisher's summary

Callahan "Cowboy" Whiskey is a natural-born protector, a Dark Knights biker, and a hell of a rancher. What happens when he falls for a woman who has no idea who she really is?

From New York Times best-selling author Melissa Foster comes The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch, a small-town, big-family series of standalone romance novels featuring fiercely loyal, insanely sexy bikers who give horses—and people—a second chance. Buckle up for a wild ride in Hope Valley, Colorado, as these big-hearted badasses and their sassy sisters wrangle in their forever loves. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and always a happily ever after.

When Sullivan Tate escaped from a cult, leaving behind the only life she’d ever known, she thought she’d already endured the most difficult things she’d ever have to deal with. She knew she needed to figure out who she was, but she hadn’t expected to fall for overprotective and sexy-as-hell Callahan “Cowboy” Whiskey along the way. How can she give her heart to a man who has always known exactly who he is, when she’s only just begun figuring that out about herself?


Audiobook Review:  Let me tell you that I thought I needed a Cowboy before I listened to this book, now I know I need one.   This book broke my heart and then put it back together with the help of the very special people at Redemption Ranch.  The narrators, Meg Sylvan and Aiden Snow, took a story that is full of heartbreak, hope, friendships, family, and love and brought it to life.   They were able to make Cowboy (Callahan) and Sully come to life as I read their story.   Listening to the book (I read it first) brought the book to an entirely new level for me.   I could feel the pain and the hope that Sully was living and I knew that Cowboy would move the world to make her find her best life. 


 eBook Review:  Sully disappeared when she was younger, and her sister has never given up hope for her.  When she ends up at Redemption Ranch, Cowboy cannot stay away.   His need to protect her is so strong but taking care of her is not easy.  He also must let her finally make her own decisions.

Sully and Cowboy are instantly drawn together.  Sully needs someone to show her how to live life outside of the cult and Cowboy is the perfect man for the job.  Cowboy can be intimidating but to Sully he is soft, gentle, sweet, and oh so sexy.   I enjoyed how gentle he was with her while not changing himself.   He stays true to his rough demeanor, stays true to his horseback riding, motorcycle riding self, protective self while showing his softer side to Sully.

For the Love of Whiskey made me cry a couple times but mostly it made me blush and smile.  I even laughed a few times.   This story is so sexy and steamy, but it is a story of being brave, finding yourself, and finding your soul mate.

I recommend ALWAYS finding a Melissa Foster book, For the Love of Whiskey included.  I have never been disappointed.


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