Friday, February 12, 2021

Review for The Love Hack by Lauren Helms

The Love Hack was previously published as Innocent Princess.   The Love Hack features the same loveable characters and the same wonderful story. 

The Love Hack by 

Published May 18th 2020


This year is all about discovering who I really am. A road trip to a place seven hundred miles away, might not seem like much, but to me it means freedom. I set out looking for adventure, I never expected Ryker would help me find it.

I'm no prince charming, but I may just be her knight in shining armor. First, captivated by her ridiculously long blonde hair, I soon find out there is so much more to Zella then her hypnotizing locks. Turns out those hacking skills I've been practicing are about to come in handy.

A straight-laced good girl meets a bad boy is this modern fairy-tale retelling full of first love, music, a road trip vacation, and just a little illegal hacking.

Note: this book was previously published as Innocent Princess. The Love Hack features the same loveable charters and the same wonderful story. 

My Thoughts…

A girl sheltered her entire life, heads to college with her best friend.   She stays pretty calm while adjusting to college life.   She doesn’t go crazy with partying, drinking, or just doing wild things with her new found freedom.   Instead, she meets the bad boy on campus, tries to help him pass his classes, and falls in love with him. 

I love Zella’s bucket list.   Go bowling, cut her hair, color her hair, get a tattoo… these all seem like things every teenager gets to do.   Ryker jumps right on board with helping her cross things off her list and adds new things to her list.    These two were fun.   They lived such different lives, but they enjoyed each other, complimented each other, and helped each other find the balance their lives needed.     Zella embraced her naivety while Ryker did not hide his wild side.   

The Love Hack is a fun young love story and the perfect addition to the Modern Princess Collection.   

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