Thursday, February 11, 2021

Review for The Love Proof by Madeleine Henry


The Love Proof by  Madeleine Henry 

Publication: February 9th 2021 by Atria Books

Genre:  Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chic Lit


A brilliant physicist studying the nature of time embarks on a journey to prove that those we love are always connected to us, leading to surprising revelations in this fresh and unique love story.

Sophie Jones is a physics prodigy on track to unlock the secrets of the universe. But when she meets Jake Kristopher during their first week at Yale they instantly feel a deep connection, as if they’ve known each other before. Quickly, they become a couple. Slowly, their love lures Sophie away from school.

When a shocking development forces Sophie into a new reality, she returns to physics to make sense of her world. She grapples with life’s big questions, including how to cope with unexpected change and loss. Inspired by her connection with Jake, Sophie throws herself into her studies, determined to prove that true loves belong together in all realities.

Spanning decades, The Love Proof is an unusual love story about lasting connection, time, and intuition. It explores the course that perfect love can take between imperfect people, and urges us to listen to our hearts rather than our heads. 


My Thoughts… Sophie is a young prodigy.   She feels things that most of us pay no attention to.   She sees time, she feels time, and she craves to understand time.  When she heads to college, she meets Jake and her whole world changes.   She has always been the little bit odd person in a class, the one who did not quite fit in.   As she spends more time with Jake, she learns what it feels like to fit in, to be understood and her outlook on life changes. 

I enjoyed the romance between Sophie and Jake.   I thought Jake was wonderful in the way that he took the time to utterly understand what made Sophie tick and what she needed in her life.   He did not question when things were different than what was “normal”, he embraced it and made it feel “normal” for them.    Their relationship worked because they did not pay attention to the norms, they did things their way and it made them happy.

The rest of the story I skimmed over more than I read.   There was a lot of science talk in the book, scientific words that I did not quite grasp, concepts that I did not understand.   Many of the paragraphs were not ones that I read entirely and hopefully I did not miss out on anything that would have made a difference in the story.    

 I enjoyed the book, it was fun and quick for me to read. 


**Thank you Isabel DaSilva at Atria Books for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


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Meet Madeline…Madeleine started her career at Goldman Sachs. While working in finance, she became moved by yoga philosophy and left the field to write.

Her novels incorporate yoga, Zen, and New Age ideas across a variety of genres. Madeleine has appeared on NBC, WABC, and The Jenny McCarthy Show. She has been featured in the New York Post and Parade. She graduated from Yale in 2014. She shares more information about her life on @MadeleineHenryYoga and about her upcoming third novel on @FoodFightBook.  Follow on Instagram HERE




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