Monday, February 1, 2021

Available Today! Always My Girl by S. Herrera


Title: Always My Girl
Series: Always, Maybe, Never Book 1
Author: S. Herrera
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2021

Wren Nash-
My life has always revolved around two things, baseball and Charlotte Easton.

My dad jokes that I was born with a baseball in my hand, ready to start pitching. And Charlotte, well she’s been my girl ever since Kindergarten.

We’ve had our future all planned out- college and playing college ball, graduate and get drafted onto an MLB team then get married and start our family. Always that plan, always in that order.

Then life throws us a curveball. Now, we have to switch up our plan to fit a new future that neither of us were expecting. As life continues to throw us curveball after curveball, I wonder if our love will be strong enough to weather the storm. Or will the mistakes and choices we make be too much to come back from…


I leave her house, but I don’t get on a plane. I go to my parents and sleep in my bed the entire day with my phone turned all the way up in my hand. If there is a chance, she changes her mind, I want to be here.

I tell myself if she doesn’t call that I will leave the next morning. It’s a lie.

Knox comes over that morning, and we talk. He tells me that I should go if she doesn’t want me here. That way I can come back when she does. The team isn’t going to let me stay gone for too long, and the press is getting antsy.

He books me a flight that leaves tonight. I try calling Charlotte four times, hoping she will ask me to stay. She doesn’t even answer. I call her dad and let him know. He says it is probably for the best.

That night, I board the plane, leaving my broken heart here with her. 

S. Herrera developed a love for books early in life, reading anything she could get her hands on. Since then, her love grew to include a passion for writing her own stories. Growing up in small town America and marrying her high school sweetheart helped give her some inspiration to pen her first series, Always, Maybe, Never, starting with Always My Girl. Maybe My Girl and Never My Girl will be released in early to mid-2021.

S. currently resides in Oregon with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs. After a typical day of wrangling kids, folding laundry and making dinner, you can usually find her reading or writing with a strong cup of tea or the occasional glass of whiskey because sometimes life just calls for something stronger.


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