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Courtney Baker is ready to put small town life—and the man she can’t have—behind her. Years of secretly crushing on her best friend’s older brother have led nowhere and she’s finally ready to move on. It would have been a great plan had she not drunkenly blurted out all her feelings and kissed him. At least she’ll be able to forget all about it when she leaves town in less than 48 hours.
It takes a lot to surprise Dean Jones, but a kiss from the girl he’s been secretly attracted to for years does just that. All it takes it one kiss for him to realize he doesn’t want to let her go. But she’s his sister’s best friend and that’s a line he knows he should never cross. Never mind that she seems determined to leave their small town—and him—behind.
When a storm and a broken car stop Courtney from leaving town, Dean sees perfect opportunity to get her out of his system. But can one night ever be enough?

My Thoughts...

I love Magnolia.   The characters there are wonderful and fun.   The setting is beautiful.   Their stories are amazing.   With each new book in the series, I look forward to meeting new characters and catching up with my favorites from past books.

Courtney and Dean have been part of each other's lives forever but as the sister/brother type.    As they've grown up the attraction between them has gotten strong but neither was willing to put themselves out there and take their friendship to the next level.   With Courtney's life being unsettled right now she is looking to make changes and take risks that she wasn't able to take before.   Dean is there to help her make decisions that will affect both of them. 

Samantha Chase has a series of books that entirely standalone stories.    I recommend reading them all.  You can start with And Then One Day and meet Courtney and Dean. 

If you can’t remember it, how do you prove you didn’t do it?

Eva Hansen wakes in the hospital after being struck by lightning and discovers her mother, Kat, has been murdered. Eva was found unconscious down the street. She can’t remember what happened but the police are highly suspicious of her.

Determined to clear her name, Eva heads from Seattle to London—Kat’s former home—for answers. But as she unravels her mother’s carefully held secrets, Eva soon realizes that someone doesn’t want her to know the truth. And with violent memories beginning to emerge, Eva doesn’t know who to trust. Least of all herself.

My Thoughts…
So many secrets, so many lies, and I had no clue who to believe.   Every character in this book has a story to tell.   Each story had lies and truths that were told but it was tough to tell who to believe.   I enjoyed every word that I read.   I was excited to keep reading, looking for times when I could read another chapter.  
I loved that Eva worked to solve her own mystery.   She took what she knew and put the pieces together.   She was not sitting back and letting the police put the clues together.   I questioned who was helping her and who was working against her.   I was intrigued by Liam and Eva’s relationship.   I questioned if Jacob was a good friend.   Andrew was my biggest question as far as if he was a good guy or not.    It was fun to start putting the clues together and figuring out the answers to my questions as I continued reading.   
I am a fan of Christina McDonald having read The Night Olivia Fell and look forward to reading more of her books.  

She was my childhood friend. The one person outside of my family that I could always count on. Fate drew us apart, but when my life was turned upside down, it brought us back together. And, much like when we were kids, she made it right again.
Payton had a way of soothing more than just the wounds that were skin deep.
There’s one small problem, I’m not sure that I want to be just her friend anymore.

He was my childhood friend. The one who always accepted me for me.
For years, I didn’t realize my life was missing anything and, then Cody came back into it.
Just like when we were kids, he brought all the pieces back together. He made me feel things
I didn’t know I could feel. How can I be his friend when I want so much more?
I won’t be his buckle bunny.

Adjusting to very different lives, Cody and Payton need to decide if what is between them is
worth fighting for. From small towns to the big city, they’re not the same people they once were.

Can a childhood friendship become so much more?
Only time will tell.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

My Thoughts…

His Last Ride is a story of friends who have an attraction to each other but are afraid to take the jump in fear of losing their friendship.   Yet, how can two people who belong to each other, love each other, and need each other possibly fight the attraction?   

This is the story of Cody and Payton.   They were friends as children, always having each other’s backs.   Cody’s career as a bull rider has come to an end and his life is unhinged.   He has moved to the city, not knowing that Payton also lives there, to find a new life.    Payton is exactly what Cody needs and she doesn’t realize how much she needs him too. 

 I am entirely hooked on the 425 Madison Series.  Each book in this series is entirely a standalone book with their own characters.  The common thread is the setting of 425 Madison.   

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