Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review for The Perfect Son by Lauren North

Paperback, 368 pages
Expected publication: August 13th 2019 by Berkley Books

A disturbing and shocking debut novel of psychological suspense about a recently widowed mother, her young son, and the lengths she'll go to in order to keep him safe...

When Tess Clarke wakes up in the hospital the day after her son Jamie's eighth birthday, she's sure of these things: She's been stabbed, her son is missing, her brother-in-law and her grief counselor are involved, and no one is listening to her. A few months earlier, Tess's husband, Mark, died suddenly in a terrible accident. The only thing keeping her together is her young son, Jamie. As she and Jamie struggle to make sense of their new life without Mark, they find joy in brief moments of normalcy--walking to school, watching television together, going to the beach. Although some things may be difficult--like paying back a loan to Mark's increasingly impatient brother, Ian, and appeasing the grief counselor, Shelley, whom Tess's mother sent to check on her--Tess has Jamie, and that's what matters. But there in the hospital, confused and surrounded by doctors who won't listen, everything Tess has tried so hard to cling to begins to fall apart. If she wants to save her son, Tess must piece together what happened between Mark's death and Jamie's birthday, but the truth might just be too much for her to bear...

My Thoughts…

I don’t know that I’ve ever written a review where I start with the ending, but I am for this one.   I finished the book and thought what did I just read?   How did the story get to that point?   I was excited to talk to someone about what I just read and if they were as surprised at how it ended as I just was.    The ending is wonderful, surprising, and ties the whole book together perfectly.   Everything I thought was going to happen did not and I loved it.

On to the rest of the book.     Lauren North is a new author for me.   I was hoping for a twisted, suspense story that I couldn’t put down.    I got just that.    I started The Perfect Son and just kept turning page after page.     I was pulled into the story by the sometimes creepy characters, the unexpected happenings, and the wonderful plot.     I kept hoping for the best for all involved and most of all for Tess to be able to keep Jamie safe.    

Looking back at the book I can see clues that I totally missed or just didn’t want to follow as they led a way that I didn’t want to go.    I am so excited to share this book with my friends and see what they think.  

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Lauren North studied psychology before moving to London, where she lived and worked for many years. She now lives with her family in the Suffolk countryside. The Perfect Son is her first novel, and she's working on her second.

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