Friday, January 11, 2019

REVIEW for Adored by MJ Masucci

Kindle Edition, 290 pages
Published November 15th 2018

Don't fall in love when someone else has claimed you...

Haunted by the tragic deaths of his family several years before, artist Julian Gennaro lives alone in a secluded cabin in rural Dutchess County, NY.

When Julian's accepted by a local school to teach a painting class, he can't avoid his attraction to a student, Nina Caro. Their connection is immediate, passionate and dangerous in more ways than one.

When she disappears one snowy day from the woods near the cabin, Julian is accused of her murder even though there's no evidence to suggest she's been killed. His life begins to unravel without her. Months later, Nina mysteriously returns. Julian can see she’s been starved, beaten and abused.

So many questions remain that Nina can’t answer, but it’s not over. ( From Goodreads)

My Thoughts…

I am new to the Beloved series and I am now hooked.   I picked up Adore after joining her newsletter and getting the novella Before from her for joining her newsletter.  From that novella, I met characters that I was excited to know more about and started Adore hoping that their amazing stories would continue.      It did, I am thrilled.

This is Julian and Nina’s story.   The story starts with the end and then jumps to the beginning, sound confusing?   It isn’t.   It was perfect.   The reader learns how their story, in the book, ends and then gets to learn how they got to that ending.   I loved it.   As I got to know Julian and Nina I could feel their love, feel the heat, and also feel their fear of losing each other.   I don’t know that either of them thought they could love like they did and it had to have scared them.    

Nina’s family is terrifying.   Julian is a brave man to be willing to go up against them for the woman he loves.    I do wish Nina had stood up for herself against her family more often but I also get that she was raised to do as she was told without question because it was always a matter of her safety.  I like that Julian called her out on how often she went running when her daddy said.   Her brothers are jerks.    They take big brother protectiveness to a new level and I didn’t like them at all.  I am interested to see how they change, or not, in the rest of this series. 

I am hooked.   This is a must-read series by a must-read author.      

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Before by MJ Masucci   

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