Thursday, January 17, 2019

RELEASE WEEK CELEBRATION for The Tiger's Tale by Kelle Z. Riley

Bree’s orderly scientific life turned upside-down the day she discovered her first body…learned her co-worker was a spy…and accepted the mission of tracking down an international terrorist.

Out January 15, 2019 – The Tiger’s Tale by Kelle Z. Riley
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Title: The Tiger’s Tale
Series: The Undercover Cats Series
Author: Kelle Z. Riley
Genre: Cozy Mystery with Romantic Elements
Publisher: Curtis Brown Unlimited
Length: 350 Pages
Release Date: January 15, 2019

Is she hitting her stride? Or going nowhere fast?
Fresh from a successful undercover operation, scientist/spy-in-training Bree Watson should feel on top of the world. Instead, the ground is shifting under her feet. When her handler abandons her to follow a lead with his sexy ex-partner, Bree must choose between a normal life, or proving her worth as a spy. Not an easy choice, when she factors in:
  • A police detective’s amorous intentions
  • Her handler’s mixed signals
  • A teaching post at a university filled with intrigue
  • A dead administrator with a sordid past
  • A timid tiger and her tenacious trainer—both being framed for murder
Combined with fanatic football fans, beatnik poets, an orphaned monkey, a demanding boss, quirky colleagues, and her angry cat, the result may be a recipe for disaster.
Can she take the heat? Or will she get burned?

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Early Praise for The Tiger’s Tale
With unique, intelligent and captivating storylines, and best of all, relatable characters who you find are quite easy to develop an emotional attachment to, I can’t turn the pages fast enough.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“How—” James paused and rubbed his forehead, wincing as his fingers dug into the inflamed sinus area. Across his desk, Bree sat, notebook in hand, looking at him with an expectant gaze. “How on earth do you get involved in these things? You’re like the angel of death, finding murder wherever you go.” He mentally kicked himself for the accusatory tone in his voice.
“I thought you weren’t supposed to assume it was murder until after a thorough examination of the evidence.” Bree lightened the mood with a wink and a smile.
James grunted. “A man is found dead in his office with claw marks on his chest and a dented skull. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an accident.”
“You do know Lucky isn’t responsible, don’t you?”
“The tiger?” That’s what she was worried about? She and a student were found with the body and her first thought was for the tiger? “I doubt malice aforethought is part of a tiger’s attack plan, if that’s what you mean. Even so, we’ll probably have to put the cub down.” He reached across the desk and covered Bree’s hand with his own. “I’m sorry. For both you and Ning.”
Bree gripped his hand with her free one, tightening her fingers in a demand for his attention. “No, you won’t have to put her down. Lucky is incapable of producing those claw marks.”
“I know you think the girl had her under control, but the scratches are consistent with—”
“With something else. James.”
Shit. After listening to Bree’s explanation, his hopes for a quick resolution to the case disappeared faster than witnesses at a mugging. James pulled his hand from Bree’s grip and opened a steno pad. “Things are not always what they appear to be,” he murmured as he scribbled.

Author Bio:
Kelle Z. Riley, writer, speaker, global traveler, Ph.D. chemist and martial artist weaves bits of her real life into the Undercover Cat Series books. The series features a scientist-turned-sleuth who juggles mystery, romance and the search for a perfect cupcake recipe.
By day Kelle is a full time chemist working in water treatment with multiple U.S. patents. At night she turns into an author whose accolades include finals in the RWA Golden Heart and numerous chapter contests. More information on her workshops can be found on her website.

You can also visit her online at the following places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BookBub | Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest

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