Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Scholars by D.F. Roberts PROMO POST

Published September 17th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform it  
1873 - Johanna is on academic probation at the University of Berlin for her stubborn refusal to follow the prescribed path for a woman. Eduard is a stuffy assistant professor, slowly dying of tuberculosis. When fate brings them together it's hate at first sight! But the collapse of Johanna's bold research scheme, and the reclusive Eduard's unexpected recovery, lead to an unlikely alliance. They travel to Florence to study a unique Aztec history that has languished in the storied Laurentian Library for two centuries. As they labor over musty manuscripts in the library designed by Michelangelo, the young scholars begin to develop a mutual respect - and an unexpected friendship. When they stumble on a coded document that Eduard is unable to decipher by himself, he begins to understand just how much he needs Johanna. As the scholars struggle to learn Montezuma's true fate, unseen danger lurks from others who believe the mysterious monograph holds the key to a vast fortune. Will Eduard and Johanna find Montezuma's lost treasure - or something even more valuable - before it's too late? 

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