Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Love's First Kiss by Stacy Claflin

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Love’s Kiss series is part of Melissa Storm’s First Street Church Kindle World that takes place in Sweet Grove, Texas.
Love’s First Kiss will be available July 19, 2017 along with twenty other books in the Kindle World! Love’s Second Kiss will be available in early 2018. Keep an eye out on this page for more details about the books!
About Love’s First Kiss

She’s burdened by guilt and tragedy. He wants to help her, but he has secrets of his own.

Madisyn Steele graduated college with no job lined up and no income of her own. She returned to her childhood home where her wealthy and overbearing father won’t wait for her to get her life in order. He’s continuing his domineering pattern and ruling her life, even going so far as to ignore her wishes by trying to arrange her marriage to Reese Rutherford, a man she despises—just to solidify his business prospects.
Nate Roberts is barely making ends meet. Despite his hardships, he plans to make it on his own and never return to the home he ran from years earlier. He’s begging friends for food the night he has a chance encounter with Madisyn and everything changes. First he’s willing to go back to Sweet Grove and earn an honest wage for her, then he’s ready to chance hauling illegal contraband just to make the kind of money she’s used to.
Madisyn doesn’t care about material things. She only cares about Nate. But her father’s plans and Reese’s schemes threaten the future she and Nate are trying to build. Can they reveal their secrets and work through all the issues keeping them apart, or will they ultimately push each other away?

My Thoughts…

Love’s First Kiss is a great novella.  It is short, fun, and has HEA (happily ever after).    Stacy Claflin put enough detail and background in the few pages of this story to make is amazing.    I got to know two sweet characters, learn about parents that were a tad controlling, and see a HEA happen.   

My favorite part of this story was how strong both Nate and Madisyn were.   They stood up to their parents and friends, went against the grain of society, and most importantly never lost sight of what they both wanted.    They did not take the easy road, but they did take the high road.    They didn’t get petty, didn’t get angry, they just stood tall, kept their pride, and knew what they both wanted.  

I have read a few of the Kindle World Novella’s and find that I look for more.  I like that they have the same setting and some of the same characters.    It is fun that different authors write them and give their takes on life in the towns.   

I would recommend picking up this novella and spending a hour or two with Nate and Madisyn.  

Thank you Stacy Claflin for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  
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