Friday, July 21, 2017

A Royal Affair Series: Book 1, 2, and 3: A paranormal, time travel, royal romance by Christina George

Kindle Edition, 372 pages
Published June 1st 2017
What if the love of your life lived 200 years ago? 

Emma was born with a gift to see past lives, but has no interest in reliving her own.

Until it comes back to haunt her.

When Emma meets Peter he seems like an average guy, albeit crushingly handsome, not to mention wealthy. Then he reveals he’s so much more, he’s the crowned Prince of Belgium, and Emma can’t shake the feeling they’ve met before. And when starts falling for him she suddenly realizes they’ll never be together in this life because of what happened in the past.

Two-hundred years ago Fitz and Anna-Maria ruled Belgium as King and Queen, but their heart-stopping love story ended in one of the greatest royal tragedies history has ever known.

Recalling the past is one thing, rewriting history is another.

Is Emma skilled enough for the task?

Battling unfinished business, navigating 19th century society, and evading enemies that are able to travel through time just to keep them apart makes Emma fear the worst, despite what her heart tells her.

Set in New York, Belgium, and 200 years ago, the Royal Romance Trilogy is a sweeping paranormal time travel saga about a love that will live forever, often just out of grasp, and the forces that are trying to destroy it.

My Thoughts…

The Royal Affair Series is a set of three books telling Emma and Peter’s story.     Emma is a publicist who is taking a break to help her grandfather out as his book story.   Peter is Belgium royalty who is residing in NYC.     Seems unlikely that their paths would even cross yet when they did wholly cow!! Sparks flew.     There was an obvious attraction that comes from more than just a physical attraction.     I was excited and anxious to see where their story would go and how they would get around royal protocols to ends up together.    

Each book is a short story.   I could read a book in a single day, almost a single sitting and then rush to read the next one.     Each book is a direct continuation of the one before it.    Where one book ends the next picks up without missing a step.      I liked that the books were all published together so there was no gap in reading time.    I could start and finish the story without having to wait for what seems like forever for the next installment to be released.   

The paranormal twist of Emma being able to see the history of people was fun.  I liked that she could see the why’s of a person acting or being the way that they are.   I also liked that she didn’t let it define her.    She was able to control it so that it did not control her life.   

This is a fun series that I recommend picking up and reading immediately.

Thank you Penny C. Sansevieri with Author Marketing Experts, Inc. for a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.   

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