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Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner  is part of the SheReads Fall book selections.     SheReads is a community of bloggers that as a group help promote specific books.   We share reviews, thoughts, and our feelings after reading books suggested to us by the wonderful people who run the SheReadsOrganization. 

Hardcover, 388 pages
Published August 11th 2015 by Atria Books

Rachel Blum and Andy Landis are eight years old when they meet late one night in an ER waiting room. Born with a congenital heart defect, Rachel is a veteran of hospitals, and she's intrigued by the boy who shows up all alone with a broken arm. He tells her his name. She tells him a story. After Andy's taken back to the emergency room and Rachel's sent back to her bed, they think they'll never see each other again.

Rachel, the beloved, popular, and protected daughter of two doting parents, grows up wanting for nothing in a fancy Florida suburb. Andy grows up poor in Philadelphia with a single mom and a rare talent that will let him become one of the best runners of his generation.

Over the course of three decades, through high school and college, marriages and divorces, from the pinnacles of victory and the heartbreak of defeat, Andy and Rachel will find each other again and again, until they are finally given a chance to decide whether love can surmount difference and distance and if they've been running toward each other all along.

With honesty, wit, and clear-eyed observations about men and women, love and fate, and the truth about happy endings, Jennifer Weiner delivers two of her most memorable characters, and a love story you'll never forget. 

My Thoughts…

Wonderful characters, heart tugging emotions, and a love story are exactly what Jennifer Weiner gives her readers in Who Do You Love.  Rachel and Andy meet when they are too young to understand that bond between them.   Their lives change, their paths continue to cross, yet the timing is never quite right for them to become the couple they deserve and want.     The obstacles between them sometimes seem insurmountable.    The love they feel is bigger than anything else in their lives.    

I enjoyed how the story is told from both Rachel and Andy’s points of view.   The chapters alternate and the stories are sometimes similar and sometimes very different.    By writing in this format Jennifer gives the reader an unique man/boy’s view of love, friendship, and life.   I really enjoyed Andy’s side of the story.    Rachel’s side of the story was what I felt was typical for a teenage girl heading towards womanhood.     As she grew up she stayed typical to what a woman would feel or how they would react to the events going on around them. 

I am a Jennifer Weiner fan.   Who Do You Love is another shining example of why I am a fan.    I recommend checking out this book. 

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