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Weekly Recap

Miss something this week on A Soccer Mom's Book Blog?   Here is a recap of what happened this week.  

Review of Meddling with Murder by Ellie Campbell.......My Thoughts…
Oh My Gosh… I love Cathy.    She has such a normal life, yet she has some interesting things happen to her every day.    Cathy is busy being a detective with her cleaning lady/partner Pimple while the rest of her family and friends go about life.   She learns many secrets of people she considers friends.      I love how she had to keep the secrets while trying to solve their mysteries.     As she confides parts of each secret to others she rushes to keep the rest. 
There are so many times I had ideas on how each person would have their mystery solved.  I tried to figure out how the stories go together.    There were times I had it right but most of the time I was off by a bit.    I love how Ellie Campbell keeps the reader guessing and intrigued throughout the entire book.    There were surprises, sweet romance, renewed relationships, and building on friendships. 
I love this series.   Each book is a standalone but the characters are consistent through the entire series.   
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The Long Night is a story of a soldier, Staff Sergeant Sam Brown, as he gets ready to deploy for the fourth time leaving behind a fiancée who is pregnant.     The feelings they both felt with his leave coming to an end pulled at my heart.    There was a promise made, although he tried not to make, that haunted him while he was deployed.     This one promise, the promise to come back to his fiancée, is what Sam’s nightmares came from.    Deployments without the nightmares are tough; add the nightmares and I cannot even imagine the hell Sam felt.    Although, the words and story that Jessica Scott use in The Long Night definitely let the reader get a feel for how Sam was feeling.  
There are so many sub-stories within the bigger story of Sam wanting to go home.    There is the story of missions going wrong, friendships made during rough times, losing fellow soldiers, fighting your own demons, and the love of a soldier and those he leaves home.    These smaller stories are just as important as the main story.    The details make the story one you will not forget.    When I finished reading I set the book down and just thought about it.   
The Long Night is not a story for everyone but if you are looking for a real story this is the book for you.   I recommend checking it out. 
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Release Blitz and GIVEAWAY...The law said I was a runaway.I preferred the term survivor.
After being broken down and emotionally tortured for fifteen years, I made a choice to change the path that my life was on.
It left me alone, homeless and scared, but alive.
The streets were where I found my family. A group of kids like me who society had failed to protect.
We weren't teenagers anymore – we were a statistic, a nuisance, the scum on the bottom of the city’s shoe.

When he showed up that night, I never expected to feel the things I did.
He was honest and protective and he saw straight through the hardened exterior that I had created.
He made me want to fight for something better.
I could run, go back to the street and continue risking my life just to live.
But now, being offered something more, I wasn't sure if I could go back without at least a taste of what it was like.
We came from two completely different worlds, but they were about to collide. And I was about to learn that maybe the grass really wasn't that much greener on the other side.

Review of Remember the Ladies by Gina L. Mulligan and GIVEAWAY...              My Thoughts… Remember the Ladies is a true historical fiction novel.     It tells the story of how the government works in the past and how it still works.    There is more than just taking a bill to the floor of Congress and the Congressmen voting.     What I found interesting is how Gina Mulligan focused on the right for women to vote.    
Lobbyists are typical men in the 1887’s until Amelia Cooke arrives in Washington D.C.      She becomes a women lobbyist and takes a special interest in many future laws and in many interesting lawmakers.     Amelia grew up in an orphanage and was always promoting equal rights, even as a child.   As she leaves the orphanage and is trying to find herself she realizes exactly what she wants to do and goes about accomplishing it.     I enjoyed how strong and self sufficient Amelia was portrayed as.    She has moments of weakness’ throughout the story but not often.      
Edward Stllman is an interesting politician.     I enjoyed the sparring of words between Amelia and Edward, while hoping that maybe they would find common ground and be a couple.    It was interesting to see the lengths that Edward would go to pass the laws he needed pass and stop the laws that would work in his favor.    I could have handled knowing more about his personal life as his wife and children were mentioned a few times but we didn’t really know much about them.     I also wonder what kind of a life he would have had if his father had been less in charge.    
I recommend checking it out.    This is a book that will stay with me and I cannot wait to share the story with my fellow book lovers.   
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Release Blitz of Heart Breaker by Erin McCarthy...Self-made singer/songwriter Jolene Hart loves everything about being on top in Nashville. Well, everything except her very public breakup with Chance Rivers, her sexy masculine other half. Once the hottest duo on the scene, they turned Music City on its ear. Now their careers are as cold as their relationship. Which is why their manager has practically locked them in a remote cabin with nothing but a guitar, a bed, and time to do what they do best: make some beautiful music together. 
As Nashville royalty, Chance has big boots to fill—and the pressure that comes with ’em. He fell hard for Jolene, but he couldn’t handle the spotlight, the crowds, and the fights that made headlines and killed any notion that love and success could go hand-in-hand. Still, Chance is more than willing to rekindle the one thing that worked: the wild passion behind their hit songs. Soon they’re making up for lost time, in the steamiest ways possible. But Chance finds himself wishing for the impossible: that their intimate hideaway could last forever.

I Let You Go is a book that I finished and I had to wait to write my thoughts on it.     I only had to wait because I was so invested in the characters, the storyline, and the outcome.     I put the book down only to have to pick it up again and start reading as soon as possible.   
I enjoy learning about Jenna.   I felt fear from the life Jenna was running from before I even knew what she was running from.     I felt sorry for Jacob’s mother as she comes to terms with the loss of her son.   The excitement I felt for what could be Jenna’s future was my favorite part, at the least the good part of her future.   
The story of this book was crazy.   I would definitely call this a thriller.   It was emotional, heart wrenching, beautiful coming into yourself story.     There is romance, secrets, heartbreak, and so much more.      The twists and turns kept me on my toes always having to think about what was coming next.   The characters were real and wonderfully developed.    
I recommend picking up this book as soon as you can.    This psychological thriller will not disappoint any reader.    

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