Friday, May 27, 2016

Guest Blog Post: British Paranormal Author Catherine Green

Hello, Charlotte, and thank you very much for hosting me over here on your book blog! It is great to be here. I am a British paranormal romance author, and today I would like to introduce you to my novels. I am a married mother of 2, with a dog and two pet turtles, and have been writing now for around six years. My first novel was published in 2011, but because that was also the year that my eldest daughter was born, you might understand why I have been a little distracted and unable to devote much time to promotion and marketing!

Today I am launching my first independent novel, The Vampire of Blackpool:

The vampire, the witch, and the hunter battle it out in a contemporary Gothic adventure in Northern England.

Meredith Hanson lives in Blackpool, the former Victorian holiday hotspot of Northern England. She masquerades as a reclusive author, feeding on the blood of unsuspecting tourists without remorse. Her life takes on new meaning when she meets a young witch in a local pub one evening. Despite Meredith’s cold demeanour, she finds herself oddly fascinated with Samantha Morris, and falls into an accidental relationship with the girl. It is at this time that a vampire hunter arrives in Blackpool. He is tough, he is determined, and his next target is an ancient vampire that has been spotted in the tourist town. He intends to bring her down and destroy her to save the lives of innocent humans. Will he succeed? Or will the experienced vampire seductress be the cause of his undoing?

You can order The Vampire of Blackpool on all the regular websites, including Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Apple iBooks and more. The links are all on my author website, and a paperback version is available to order for those of you who prefer reading the old fashioned way. I admit I am a little bit of a Kindle convert, but nothing beats the feel of a good, solid book in my hands!

If you would like to sample some of my British paranormal romance novels set in Cornwall, England, please join my mailing list, and you will receive a free copy of my Redcliffe short story, It’s Complicated. I will then keep you updated on new stories and novels, share excerpts and teasers that are not in the public domain, and tell you about any new releases and my author events.

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