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Release Blitz for The Puck Arrangement by Trinity Lemm


The Puck Arrangement by Trinity Lemm is now live!

Bridget Bell has spent the past four years at Cedar University trying to find out the truth about where she came from. She's so close that she can taste it. Figuring it all out during her senior year is what she needs to make her past decisio

ns worthwhile. What she doesn't need is for the hot, overly sweet hockey captain and his crazy best friend to somehow end up in her and her best friend's lives-- closer than Bridget would like.

Lane Avery has been avoiding the NHL since he was eighteen, but the star hockey player is running out of time to make a choice. When he convinces his best friend to get a new apartment with him, the last thing he expects is for the leasing office to mess up their arrangement, giving them a four-bedroom instead of a two-bedroom. The worst part? He's stuck living with the girl he accidentally spilled his beer all over the week prior.

With Bridget's search for answers and Lane's impending decision, neither one can afford to get distracted-- or hurt. They both try to steer clear of the disaster waiting to happen, but will they be able to maintain a safe distance under the same roof?

My Thoughts:  Steamy, sexy, flirty, and fun.   This book is all about college romance.   They became roommates, not by choice, and tried not to like each other but close proximity and attraction pulled them together.   Trinity Lemm really embraced the college feel.   There were late night study sessions, papers to write, library time, and classes to attend.   

I love that Lane and Crew are athletes, so they had to work in workouts, coach’s meetings, and practice.   All of this is true to the college life.   Of course, there were parties and bars, so life was very busy for all the main characters.   The book was not all about college, there were family dynamics to work in and futures to decide.  I liked the fact that all the families were not perfect.   They were real and hard their faults.  

The  relationships were fun and the story moved quickly ( I read the book in 1 day). I was pulled into the story and even cheering for Lane and Crews hockey team.   The Puck Arrangement is a great sports romance book with family drama and great friendships.    

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Meet Trinity Lemm

Trinity Lemm is an award-winning romance author, best known for her novel Home. She's a recent college graduate of Western Michigan University, earning her degree in entrepreneurship with a minor in dance. She began her writing career in college and enjoys writing realistically flawed characters, along with fast paced stories. When she's not writing, you could find her dancing or watching scary movies.


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