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Book Review for Getting to Yes by Tim Hunniecutt

 Getting to Yes by Tim Hunniecutt

Published January 5, 2024 by Welling Up

Genre:  Romance, Coming of Age


Taken from Goodreads: 
  Florida, 1978. Nineteen-year-old Chris is inexperienced in the world of love, but that’s soon to change. In the summer between his high school graduation and his admittance into, he delves into his first foray with love—and comes out the other side burned. Yet he presses on, meeting Quentin…and Cathy…and Anna Lina…But it’s not until one night when he locks eyes with Chloe, that his world stops.Things are immediately easy with Chloe, and they fall into each other’s arms and each other’s lives. But where Chris is immediately smitten with tender love for Chloe, she guards her emotions, holding herself back from saying “yes” to his love. As time and distance separate the two, Chris must determine if Chloe is worth pursuing, and if he’ll ever get her “yes.”Sweet, tender, and nostalgic, Tim Hunniecutt’s coming-of-age romance story Getting to Yes is an ode to young love and commitment, and is not to be missed.


My Thoughts:  Chris is a college student who wants to fall in love but does not lead with his heart.  I felt like I was reading his diary.   His past relationships, I use this term loosely, were shared during each chapter and I felt like he knew from the first meeting of the girl that this was not the one for him.   Then he meets Chloe…  everything changes for him.  

Chloe has not been shown the love she deserves and wants so she is cautious with Chris.   She protects her heart but as she spends more time with Chris I can see her heart opening and her mind accepting that she is lovable.  I liked how cautious she was.  It was good to see her not just jump right in and risk getting hurt again.  

I  will give this book a solid 3.5 stars but that does not mean that I will put it on my bookshelf (yes, I am keeping this book) and forgetting it.   The rating of 3.5 stars comes from the writing style.   The conversations between Chloe and Chris were awkward.  Chris even comments on all the nicknames Chloe uses.  There were times when the writing just did not flow easily for me. 

Thank you Author Marketing Experts for a copy of the book via the author in exchange for my honest review.


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Meet Tim Hunniecutt:  Tim Hunniecutt’s earliest memories include a love of words which he expressed by writing poems and stories for family and friends.

Tim attended Florida State University, where he studied psychology and English. Home for the summer after his first year, he met a girl and fell in love. The love she gave him inspired this story.

Tim lives with that same girl, now his wife, in Lithia, Florida. He loves traveling, playing escape games, spending time with his grandchildren, and ballroom dancing with her.

Visit Tim at his website and on Facebook.

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