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Book Review for Someone Just Like You by Meredith Schorr

 Someone Just Like You by Meredith Schorr

 352 pages, Paperback

Publication July 25, 2023


Taken from Goodreads:
  Sizzling chemistry and tender friendship develops between two childhood rivals in this hilarious rom-com from the author of  As Seen on TV .

New Yorker Molly Blum knows everything about her lifelong nemesis, Jude Stark. With their families so close, they should have been best friends. Instead, she thinks he’s a too-charming slacker, and he thinks she’s allergic to fun. After years of one-upping each other’s pranks (chocolate-dipped cat treats are not as delicious as they appear), one high school joke went too far, and they stopped speaking completely. But now that they’re supposed to help plan a massive party for their parents—together—there’s no better time to resume their war.

And it is on . Only somewhere between all the sniping and harmless hijinks, a reluctant friendship develops, along with an unexpected spark of sexual tension. It might have to do with the fact that she’s been dating Jude-lookalikes and he’s been dating Molly doppelgangers. Or the fact that neither of them is nearly as horrible as they thought. All Molly and Jude know is that they’ve mastered the art of hating each other. Falling in love, on the other hand, is a whole new battlefield.


My Thoughts:  Someone Just Like You is a fun book.  I laughed and cringed at the pranks between Jude and Molly.   When I realized they were dating other people who were just like each other I just shook my head and thought GET TOGETHER!   Guess what?  They did and then it got more serious between them.   


I really like the family dynamics in this book.   Jude and Molly’s families lived right by each other so growing up together does not always make life easy.   They fought, they laughed, they spent holidays together, and then they grew up.   When they are thrown back together as grownups, feelings change, and secrets come out.   I enjoyed watching them try to figure out their future, figure out how to not be mean to each other, and how to be a couple.   


Meredith Schorr wrote a fun book that was easy to read with relatable characters.  

Thank you Ann-Marie Nieves at GetRedPR for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


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Meet Meredith Schorr (taken from her website):  A born and bred New Yorker and lifelong daydreamer, Meredith Schorr fueled her passion for writing everything from restaurant reviews, original birthday cards, and even work-related emails into a career penning romantic comedies. When she’s not writing books filled with grand gestures and hard-earned happily-ever-afters or working as a trademark paralegal, she’s most often reading, running, or watching TV…for research, of course. She is represented by Melissa Edwards at Stonesong.  Meredith’s trade paperback debut with Grand Central Publishing/Forever, AS SEEN ON TV, was published on June 7, 2022.



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