Friday, July 28, 2023

Book Blitz for Eva by Diane Solomon with a GIVEAWAY

Eva by Diane Solomon
Publication date: July 15th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense


Eva possesses a unique and powerful gift. But is it a curse?

She plays down her beauty, to avoid attention. But it doesn’t work. She has a magnetic quality, a calm, a power of which she is unaware. Never having known her father and having lost her mother when she was young, Eva believes she’s better off alone. She only connects deeply with animals, they are her first love. But another great love is on the horizon, along with other life-changing discoveries.

When they learn of her gift, the media jackals gather, and Eva is forced into the limelight she’s avoided all her life. Facing challenges at every turn, including her own inner demons, she must fight to protect, even embrace, her newfound ability.

But someone wants her dead.

Diane Solomon has written seven books published by Eloquent Rascals Publishing, the most recent of which is Eva.

Diane began her career in the UK as a singer and songwriter on her own BBC TV show. Then, after 15 years of traveling the world as an entertainer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome destroyed her career. She struggled for almost eight years, wading through half a life. Finally regaining her health with the help of a homeopathic remedy. She wrote Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Guide to The Homeopathic Treatment of CFS/ME, hoping to help others afflicted with this dreadful disease. It quickly became the best-selling book in the homeopathy section in November 2015. 

Since then she has written and published the fantasy time travel  Ravenstone series, written with her husband Mark Carey. For middle schoolers, these are The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain and The Ravenstone: The Twain. She also wrote 88 Guys for Coffee, a humorous women's novel about online dating.

Now retired from practice and focused on writing, Diane lives in beautiful New Hampshire with her husband, Mark. She writes, edits, researches, designs and builds gardens, always seeking more knowledge, more understanding, and more creative flow.

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